Shaming a Grieving Family

Once again- BSL advocates harassing and demanding that a grieving family bow to their twisted demands.

Lovely, the little lad deserves to be remembered by those who loved him BUTTTT….” – Funny how BSL advocates complain if anyone uses that exact word…. But I guess that doesn’t apply to anyone outside their twisted cult.  

Isn’t that sweet of these BSL advocates? Harassing a grieving family?

  Why do these people think they deserve a single thought from this family? Honestly Gail, we know you don’t care about “abother” child much less this child.

Has James been visiting the psychic gerbil again? I mean- no one has said these dogs were pit bulls but we know that’s what it’s really about- it’s not about respecting this grieving family or honoring this child’s memory. It’s about being depraved vultures with a single mission.

Wow- calling a grieving family frauds? 

Riiiiiiiiight- thumbs up on the victims advocacy BSL advocates. Can you stoop any lower?

Ah yes- complaining that someone won’t support her and obviously shouldn’t even have any other animal is she can’t even afford the necessities.

Keep it classy BSL Advocates.

Can’t Fix Stupid

People amaze me. Yet, the stupidity that seems to flow off certain people amaze me even more.  

Suzette had a pit bull. 

See Suzette’s well taken care of non “viscous” pit bull attacked a dog out of nowhere.

See Suzette do nothing about it.

See Suzette’s sweet gentle pit bull who just attacked another dog bite her son.

See Suzette still do nothing about it.

See Suzette surprised when her non “viscous”, well taken care of, sweet gentle pit bull attacks yet another dog.

Honestly, Suzette probably wouldn’t even be able to figure out if her dog was having issues during those 4 years- especially considering she ignores the escalating rise in aggression in her dog.

The only mental defect I see, and I’m sure millions of others see is that Suzette kept a dog that bit her child. So yes Suzette Teich Donnelly- it is your fault that you didn’t take care of your dog’s escalating aggression. It’s your fault for not being attentive and letting your dog bite your son and it’s absolutely your fault that you still kept a dangerous dog with obvious aggression issues the chance to attack another dog.

Now hold still so millions of people can cyber smack the stupidity right out of you.

Spam by any other name is still Spam

Sorry Borchardt- nobody is trying to censor your usual [email protected],  but if they are- Pame is on the case!

  Ladies and Gentlemen, please excuse Pame- she’s twacked out on craziness. This is exactly the reason why these people needed to strapped in straight jackets and thrown in a padded cell in Hell. 

Although I do agree with one thing- my dog’s gas could be considered a WOMD. Bottle those fumes up and throw it in Pames house- probably knock the bat [email protected] craziness right out of her.

Monday’s WTF Moment

Ladies & Gentlemen, today’s WTF moment is brought to you by your local BSL advocate and the letter I for ignorance.

Blah blah blah KILL ALL PIT BULLS blah blah blah Penis and testicles blah blah blah it’s Oboma fault blah blah ‘Merica blah blah blah you ain’t my momma blah….

Land Shark

I, (insert name here), do solemnly swear that my Land Shark (otherwise known as a Pit Bull.) has no intention of eating me while I sleep.

 My Land Shark has never partook in any criminal activity such has:

A) Smuggling crack, meth, heroine, pot or illegal immigrants into the United States.

B) Robbed any banks, grocery stores or gas stations.

C) Gang banging in the suburbs in recalled Ford Pintos

My Land Shark prefers sleeping upside down on the couch then beating up 6th graders and taking their lunch money. My Land Shark does bark daily at the mailman to thank him for the milk bone he leaves in our mail box daily because it’s just the polite thing to do. 

I am obligated to warn you as a responsible Land Shark owner that my  Land shark passes horrific gas. I apologize before hand if you become enthralled with my Land Shark and all of his awesomness and you run out and get one for yourself.


Responsible Land Shark Owner


Let’s help Jeff Understand…

I get it- legal definitions may be hard for a part time DJ to understand. 


Let’s help Borchardt-

Moral Turpitude 

Phrase used in Criminal Law to describe conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals.

Crimes involving moral turpitude have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, or depravity with respect to a person’s duty to another or to society in general. Examples include rape, forgery, Robbery, and solicitation by prostitutes.

Many jurisdictions impose penalties, such as deportation of Aliens and disbarment of attorneys, following convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude.


They can’t help it….

No, really- they can’t help themselves. Their toxicity is just eating away at them and it all comes pouring out:

Now, we all know BSL Advocates won’t leave this family alone. This father just lost his son- has no clue what’s going on and what does Mr. Baker, Board member of the pseudo victim’s advocacy DBO INFLUENCED group Daxton’s friends can’t stop himself from grilling the grieving father.

“Sorry for your loss buuuuttt….. Tell me what the breed of dogs they are and go ahead and send me some pictures.” I shit you not- oh, DBO members are not yet done. EVEN AFTER the father says he has no information, they don’t stop:

  Seriously, how about Lucy just shut the [email protected] up. This grieving family doesn’t how these bottom feeders any kind of explanation, but wait- wait- they still are not done.

  …… Someone told her cousin and her cousin told someone “rumors”. 


Not interested in personal issues buuutttttt……

And they call me cruel- “No one is getting custody of that child now…”  Seriously folks- the honest to God can’t help themselves. Of course good ‘ole Colleen Lynn has to make her speculations-

I’m sorry but all I see is a wooden platform- how is this not a normal dog owner? 

Now, I’ve heard whispers that BSL Advocates are scrambling around trying to cover their butts after their comments are being blasted over the Internet. “Deleting any comments which are likely to end up on pitter hate sites and damage our credibility.”

Good luck with that- the world sees you losing your battle and their own words are doing allllll the work for us.