The Nanny Myth Kills

That blasted myth is killing the things that we love most, our children and our dogs. The sad thing, it’s not a myth created out of ill intention. It’s a myth that took a statement, twisted it, was retold and retold again. Advertised, promoted and became this huge belief that gets repeated over and over and over again. I’ll be honest, the idea of taking on the Nanny dog myth is daunting and intimidating.  Have you googled “Nanny dog”?

“But not so long ago, pit bulls were brought in as “nanny dogs,” the trusted caretaker pups to watch over kids”-Claudine Zap, 2011

I can’t even count how many times I’ve come across that quote… God bless her, even Martha Stewart quoted it in her 2014 article written by Dr. Pia Salk.  What’s that quote? The road to hell is paved with good intentions? That is exactly what the promotion of the Nanny myth is among pit bull owners.  I get it, our dogs are AMAZING. Our dogs can do AMAZING things. Our dogs can clear a room with one single fart and lay there like nothing just happened. Our dogs can save lives, our dogs can make people laugh, our dogs can comfort us and others when we are ill, our dogs can somehow morph into these blobs that can over take furniture.  They come in different colors, shapes, sizes, from different backgrounds, personalities and temperaments.  Some are athletic, some are lazy, some like water, some hate water, some are the very best dogs we will ever have and sadly, some will be the worst dogs they might ever have.  Our dogs are many things but the one thing they will never be is a “Nanny Dog.”

The best way that we can honestly help our dogs and our advocacy (not to mention shut down the steam behind the BSL advocacy) is to clear the air. A dogs purpose from way back to now are completely different UNLESS it comes from a specific line. Back in the old days, dogs had jobs, they had work to do unless you were rich enough to be able to afford the well known lap dog and many families from that era were not that lucky.  A working dog that wouldn’t/couldn’t work would be culled. It’s a harsh reality.  In the past, our beloved breed type (and the multiple breeds that fall under the “pit bull” breed label) had multiple jobs, none of them very pleasant and none of those jobs were to be a babysitter.

The Birth of a Myth

At some point, according to the myth,  at the start of the 20th century (allegedly), “pit bulls” are declared as the famous Nanny Dog.  That these dogs (who had some of the most brutal of jobs) were somehow AMAZING with children and possessed the delicate nature and intelligence to “care” for children. The point of the campaign was simple: garner public support for these dogs after the era of dog fighting was losing favor, transitioning the breed of dogs from that era into another role. Even Charles Dickens, who wrote about a bull terrier in his famous Oliver Twist failed to bring that label into the story.

Fast forward and the myth grows. In 1971 “Nursemaid” hits print for the first time thanks to an article written in the New York Times by Walter Fletcher.



It wasn’t until 1987, that the term was printed again in an archived Toronto Star article entitled, Move to Outlaw Pit Bulls Under Study in Several Cities, that breeder Kathy Thomas, president of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Association, mother of two young children, said her eight Staffordshires are “wonderful with children. In England, our Staffies were called the nanny-dog because they were gentle with kids.” Fast forward 4 more years when Lillian Rant uses the term “nursemaid dog” three times in her book Staffordshire Bull Terriers: Owner’s Companion : “He has a great affection for children, having earned the title ‘nursemaid dog’ many years ago.” In this instance, “many years ago” means about 20 years when she first used the term in regards to her own dogs.

Look to the Future

At the end of the day, we know our flaws and our strengths in our dogs. There is no hiding the fact that MANY (not all) of our dogs are amazing with kids. The tolerance that MANY (not all) have for kids is amazing and what makes them great family pets, but they are still dogs that don’t have the reasoning capability as we do. They don’t look at the world like we do and we can’t expect them to fulfill a role that they were never meant to be. No animal, dog or not was ever made to babysit our children. Our dogs are super stars, our dogs are our companions, our best friends and family members, they deserve to be defined by what they do today not what a handful of people labeled them years ago.  


Deliberate Homicide

“DETROIT, MI — The Wayne County Medical Examiner on Thursday ruled the death of a 4-year-old boy, killed after being mauled by pit bulls, an “accident” caused by “multiple puncture wounds (Burns, 2015)”.

I can honestly say I am stunned….and angry. We, as a community should be standing up yelling “Hell, the f@ck NO.” We as a community should be demanding that the death of that child should be ruled a homicide and the owner of those dogs should be thrown in jail and charged with AT LEAST 2nd degree murder or involuntary manslaughter w/endangering children, of course I would prefer 1st degree charges.

Xavier Strickland was 4 years old. Xavier was heading to school, probably excited for what was going to go on in his classroom. Xavier Strickland never made it past 15500 Baylis in Detroit.


Reports of those dogs having been running at large, aggressive and previous issues with the neighborhood children and the medical examiner declares the child’s death an accident? Nope. Sorry, that’s wrong. Those dogs hurting or killing someone wasn’t a if but a when. The brutality of the mauling was deadly which is not surprising the victim was a 4 year old child, if the victim had been an adult, he might have stood a chance.

“He appeared irritated with police after learning they’d shot and killed one of his dogs (Burns, 2015)

The owner of the dogs seems irritated? He probably was, considering he probably was a back yard breeder (which explains the pregnant female dog.) and he just lost his profit. None of his dogs were vaccinated, registered or obviously fixed and he just had them contained in a poorly fenced yard. Again, how is anything about this child’s death accidental?

“The dogs were not registered and the owner could produce no proof of rabies vaccination, said Dan Austin, a spokesman for Mayor Mike Duggan’s office. He said the owner will be cited for those violations (Burns,2015)”

What they need to do is take those citations and tear those up and draw up murder charges and as a community we need to demand that. We need to force our justice system to take a tougher stance on negligent dog owners like the owners of these dogs.

For the medical examiner to call this child’s death an accident is insulting. The very definition of accident is:

  1.  An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
  2.  An event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.

The owner of these dogs were deliberately negligent. This child’s death wasn’t accident. The harsh reality is, if it wasn’t Xavier, it would have been someone else… How is that not murder?  This is why we as a community of pit bull “type” dogs need to speak up and our voices need to be louder than the BSL Advocates.  We have to demand that law enforcement step back and really look at the cases that involve fatal dog attacks.  Over and over again, with cases like Daxton Borchardt, Levi Watson, Beau Rutledge where there were apparent negligence that resulted in a child being killed are swept under the rug and labeled just a terrible “accident”. Sadly, many law enforcement officers have to take the word of those at the scene, since many times there are no witnesses, much like the case of Daxton Borchardt, Levi Watson and Beau Rutledge and we need to make it stop and if we don’t, our innocent dogs will always have a target on their back.

We, as pit bull/bully breed type dog owners will always be facing discrimination and forced to pay for the crimes of Susan Iwicki, Angela Rutledge and the irresponsible owner of these latest dogs if our voices are not heard. We have to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and start forcing our Law Enforcement and the Judicial System to do their job and the first step would be changing this child’s autopsy report to murder.

  1. Intent- Leaving the known aggressive dogs intentionally unsecured
  2. Deliberation and Premeditation – Deliberately keeping aggressive dogs and knowingly breeding known aggressive dogs.
  3. “Malice Aforethought”- More irritated that the police shot his dogs than the fact that his dogs just killed a child.
I don’t know about you…. but sounds like it fits a homicide charge.


A Mother’s Lies…

Who hasn’t been on the receiving end of some nasty incoherent messages from BSL Advocate Gail  Benford Sizemore?



Pretty much every one who has had the displeasure of encountering her on any discussion pertaining to BSL and pit



It makes sense why she is filled with such self hatred and nastiness…. Gail is hiding some pretty dark secrets concerning the death of her 4 year old son and Dogsbite.org is helping her.


What Colleen fails to mention is that Justin Corbit is Gail’s older son. According to the report, Gail and Levi went to visit her older son and girlfriend. Somehow they forgot to keep an eye on the 4 year old.


It’s no secret that Corbit was breeding his dogs, but that was something he picked up from his mother Gail. Gail herself was a backyard breeder of “boxers” during 2011-2012- even their containment methods were the same, dogs kept in a pen outside the house.

Gail, Justin and his girlfriend were inside when the fatal attack happened and it wasn’t until later that Justin went outside and found the lifeless body of his younger brother in the dog pen.  Gail claims on multiple posts she was the one who attempted to help the dying child and not a single mention of the dog owner, her son Justin helping. Why is that? According to reports, Gail let him flee the scene because Justin had a warrant and feared being arrested.


I’ve yet to see Dogsbite.org correct their blog post about what really happened that night and what is still going on. According to Justin’s own Facebook page, he was back to back yard breeding almost a year AFTER his brothers death at his home….



…. and is still going strong with a new litter in March.


It seems as if Gail and Dogsbite.org are desperately trying to keep these secrets buried but we know that eventually secrets don’t stay secret for very long….




You know, BSL advocates are some really low class pieces of sh@t. I kid you not-

Good ole Clarice Larson. Proud disgusting pro BSL meme maker is a honest to goodness piece of sh@t.


What kind of woman flies to California to rescue a dog from a puppy mill rescue ONLY to bring the dog home with plans on BREEDING that dog?

I sh@t you not, folks.


She flew from Alaska alllllll the way to California…. for this dog. Why?


So she can breed the dog that she rescued who was overly bred in puppy mill. But, you know… In her eyes she’ll be a WAY more loving breeder than the previous breeders that abused the poor dog.

Why would she do this, you ask?


….. All for some spending money.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are your BSL advocates.

Come on…..

Come on. Come the f@ck on. Alright, I get there are legitimate breeders out there. Legitimate, ethical breeders that want to better the breeds of dogs that they love. Whatever-  I don’t hold anything against you… but then- you have people like… the Toadline and Iron Mitt Kennels.

You know what, let me just give a great big F@CK You shout out to Iron Mitt Kennels. Seriously. First of all… your over priced mutts (Yes, you read that correctly- over priced mutts) are not a pure bred anything much less an American Pit Bull Terrier.


Hello to the next generation of seemingly legitimate back yard breeders (Yes, that was a purposeful oxy-moron.). Who the heck knows what those dogs are mashed with.  Some American Pit Bull Terrier? Sure! How about some American Bulldog? Well Duh…. Sprinkle in some Mastiff to reach that whopping 155 lbs? Why the hell not? Maybe some…. Mini Schnauzer? Who the hell knows? Great Dane? Could be?!!



You know what I see when I read their “resume” of pedigrees? Blah, blah, mutt, fancy mutt, American Bully, mutt, over priced mutt, American Pit Bull Terrier x with what ever, mutt, some more mutt…. and then the “Top Producing American Pitbull Terriers in the country” nonsense. Gee- Where have I heard that before? Oh riiiiiight… from every backyard breeder EVER. Every back yard breeder will tell you their mix mashed mutts up are top of the line!  I wonder how well that line of bullshit worked out for back yard breeders that created Niko- the over 130 lb mutt who killed a young 4 year old girl in Louisiana.

The scary part is…. they inbred these bad boys. They want bigger. Bigger head, bigger body, more mass, deeper chests, bigger, badder and not one single thought of the damage they are doing to millions of innocent dogs.


One thousand dollars as a deposit….


… and the break down of prices…. but HEY! If you can’t afford that, not a big deal! Iron Mitt Kennels out of Michigan offers a swip swap trade for these puppies.


Let’s talk truth for a moment- As long as we (As pit bull, Bully breed or whatever owners) allow this shit to keep going on, we will be fighting Breed Specific Legislation for the rest of our lives and our children and their children will be doing the same thing. What is the solution? I don’t know- but I do know, that as a community that loves our dogs and know just how awesome, strong, hard working and inspiring they are and can be, we are going to have to be the ones that demand some sort of something to protect not just our dogs, but all dogs from this type of greed.

I know that back yard breeders affect every breed out there, but when something goes horribly wrong with back yard breeders breeding dogs like this, like the case of Mia DeRouen– it becomes deadly and horrific. People like Iron Mitt Kennels are the gas that fuels Breed Specific Legislation.


I mean, are these the people that we want representing our dogs? How many times has this dog been bred? How many people have bought or traded jet skis and what not for her puppies?


What happens if that dog from their “purebred American Pit Bull Terrier” line gets tired of being sat on and bites the child? I can tell you what will happen….millions of families and innocent dogs will pay the price for it. Is that what you want?


Say What…

Genetics. Sometimes they kick in…. Sometimes they don’t.

According to BSL Advocates, genetic and hereditary traits in the dog world are an absolute deal. All labs will love the water, all border collies will herd, all guardian live stock dogs will guard and all pit bulls will eat you like a thanksgiving dinner.

Pam had some live stock guardian dogs- like a day ago.


So, these two “guardian live stock dogs” have been ganging up on things and attacking but for some reason, Pamela- our favorite ISIS, African american, mexican, liberal, pit bull hating BSL Advocate, decided it was a great idea to leave those dogs to “guard” her precious goats.


What’s that? Her full bred “goat guarding dogs” didn’t fulfill their genetic purpose? How can that be? How is that even possible? I’m sorry- what’s that? Oh…. Because genetics aren’t everything? Well- duh… Millions of pit type/bully breeds prove that daily.

I wonder, when Pamela took two of her dogs out to the field to put a bullet in their head- if she took a moment to realize that she is a failure in dog ownership. I doubt it- especially since she “spared” the worst out of the bunch in her words.

Leaving aggressive guarding live stock with your nanny goats…. What could go wrong?


Reality versus The BSL Advocacy


Gee…. I wonder what the pit bull was doing? Let’s break this down into two scenarios. The BSL Advocate version versus Reality.

The BSL Advocate Version

The day started out like any other day. An unsuspecting guy decided to go for a drive, but as he was grabbing his car keys a suspicious pit bull stepped from the shadows with some booze and a bazooka.

Armed with booze and a bazooka, the mean ‘ole pit bull threatened to poor guy- ” You drink this booze until you are shit faced drunk or I am going to blow you to kingdom come.” The man, obviously not wanting to get mauled by a bazooka armed pit bull- starting double fisting that booze until he was good and drunk. After the bazooka carrying pit bull made sure the man was good and drunk, they all climbed into the vehicle to cruise for some people that the bazooka armed pit bull could harass.

While the drunk man was drunk driving, the notorious bazooka carrying pit bull forced the drunk driver to drive off a steep embankment and roll his Ford explorer multiple times.

Police were heard muttering “if only they had a Daxton’s Friends flyer…it could have prevented this….”


SANTEE, Calif. – A 31-year-old motorist was arrested for felony drunken driving after his Ford Explorer careened off a steep embankment in Santee where one passenger was critically injured and two others suffered serious injuries.

The white Ford Explorer, occupied by four adults and a pit bull, had gone of a steep embankment, rolling over several times and ending up in a ravine in harsh terrain, Morsch said.

All four occupants and the dog were injured. The critically injured occupant was lifted via hoist and rushed to Sharp Memorial Hospital by a sheriff’s helicopter, he said.

The other three occupants were also airlifted due to the remote area and were taken to a nearby landing zone. They were then transported via ground ambulance to various hospitals for treatment, he said.

Read the actual story here…..

Bazooka smuggling Pit Bulls forcing average folks to drive drunk…. Is there nothing these dogs can’t do?