The Sunday Wrap Up

Sometimes ending the week is a great thing, but to make sure we close this week down with a bang- we are going to showcase this weeks stupidest and controversial comments from our favorite BSL Advocates.

1. Get yourself some sociological help STAT!


Does your insurance cover sociological help?

2. The largest outbreak EVER

So, 4 people…that were cured compared to the The San Francisco plague of 1900–1904 where 113 people died…. Yeah… Just not seeing the comparison, especially since the plague virus is still alive and thriving in cute little prairie dogs.

3. Well, Well, Well- looks like Facebook is knee deep in the conspiracy to hide a story over a year old.


Breaking news…. from 2014. Way to keep up with the current info Lisa.

4. Rockin’ the double standard.

 Wait- according to DBO, a Catahoula is a pit type dog… Sooooo….. Beasly is just another classy guy throwing his dog under the bus? 
5. So… You are saying they are wrong yet……


No mention of Catahoula Bulldogs in their breeding line?  Really? One theory posits that the Catahoula is the result of Native Americans having bred their own dogs with molossers and greyhounds brought to Louisiana by Hernando de Soto in the 16th century.” Don’t they categorize “molossers” as in the pit family?

6. Well, it’s obvious John might need some “sociological” help..

 Gotta give him two thumbs up for brain storming…👍🏻👍🏻

7. Toooooo late


I’m more than happy to help this pit addicts see this message.

8. Uhh….you will not solve world hunger by eating my dog.


Nope. Just Nope.

9. Great- I’m giggling with anticipation !


Uh… I’m sorry, but wasn’t BSL advocates talking about killing and eating dogs? Maybe Beasley should look at the psychological issues of his new buddies.

10. The back door is not the way to go….


I’m sorry but who the [email protected] would think that’s a great idea?

Just can’t make this stuff up…

His Heart grew Two Sizes Bigger…

I honestly never ever EVER thought I would be writing a positive post about James Hassinger. You remember him- he’s the guy who would take images of kids and write disgusting anti pit bull memes. I’m not sure if becoming a new father has caused this grinch’s heart to grow two sizes…

But I’m honestly shocked and a bit hopeful for humanity by his reactions to a dog- not just any dog– but a pit bull that was shot and killed by the police.

Be still my beating heart. I can’t believe I’m saying this but- OHMYGAWD, you go James Hassinger! Now, this doesn’t excuse his past behavior but I have to give that white man a fist bump with a thumbs up at the end… “You can’t go around shooting things because they might do something.” Preach it, my brother from some other motha’!

Wait- wait! He’s not done yet. James continues:

Is the world ending? Hold on- I’m checking the news to see if the apocalypse has started. Could I be wrong about BSL Advocates having the ability to change? That they can show compassion? I don’t care if he’s the only one- because it’s one and even one makes a difference. It shows that yes, he may not care for a breed of dog but he refuses to stand by and allow cruelty run amuck.

 Right? Right?!! What the heck is wrong with people? James, I’m woman enough to admit that you are more than the asshole creating disgusting anti pit memes featuring children – you might have some decency deep deep down inside.

The fact that James can reach across and unite with pit bull owners to stand against cruelty shows that minds can change. If the grinch changed, why can’t James?


A Book all about [email protected]


Mr. Beasley- the new laughing stock of the legal community has penned copy and pasted anti pit bull book filled with the usual verbal vomit of For days everyone heard him state he created this book with over 100 different unbiased sources and it’s just one of his many lies.

Aviary Photo_130736928584718079

Critical and objective? That’s hilarious. Now, if you actually read this book and it seemed vaguely familiar- it’s probably because it’s the webpage wrapped up and printed in this self published book. The fact he was advertising that 50% of all sales go directly to Colleen Lynn should have been the first warning. Sadly, this book is just another attempt to spread fear and propaganda with half truths and debunked sources.

Aviary Photo_130736932279336893

The very first source…. Debunked Clifton.  I kid you not folks, his “sources” just go down hill from there.

Aviary Photo_130736944277405766

Now Maul Talk is credible? I love New Orleans and many great things have come from New Orleans, but this lawyer is not one of them. In fact, he couldn’t even take the time to accurately report the correct information when pimping out the dead to further Colleen’s hate agenda.


In fact- he’s proud of spinning half truths and even challenges people to challenge his research skills. What research skills?! Well, maybe it took some time to copy and paste the content of DBO? I’m really not even sure what the purpose of this book is but to further their hate filled propaganda. His pathetic attempt to try to school Jon Stewert and Tia Torres reeks of the usual DBO desperation.


Awww… he even steps up to defend the unfairly denigrated Colleen Lynn and her self admitted biased website. Rewind- repeat-rewind. There is nothing new or original about this book and if you honestly paid for this book – you should really demand a refund ASAP. The truth is out- This lawyer is just another DBO failure… Christ, those failures are starting to stalk up aren’t they?


At least he doesn’t hide his new buddies…. Sorry, Beasley- but I’m going to give this book 2 thumbs down, next time at least try to sound original.


Duly noted…


Point made…


“Next time someone dies via drunk driving, let’s start blaming the drink companies and the auto manufactures , cause it’s their fault, not the drunk driver. If that sounds stupid, then it’s exactly the same logic pit nutters have.”- Aaron Wood, BSL Supporter

Do you they even realize that they contradict themselves every time they type? Let’s see if I can break it down for them to understand….


That seems pretty simple, right? For normal people, yes… but for BSL advocates like Aaron, I will need to go a bit more in depth- Since dogs are considered property, when a dog attack happens, where does the responsibility of the attacking fall? On the owner right? Well, most normal people would assume so. Dogs are not capable of irresponsibility, that is all on humans. If there is any issue with a dog, 100% of the times a human is behind it. Whether it starts with the breeder or starts with the owner- humans have a hand in every dog attack and it’s time we start shining the light on the real issue. Human Irresponsibility.

It’s not breed specific but it’s obvious some breeds seem to be highlighted more. I can do a simple google search right now and find hundreds of cases of irresponsible dog ownership that have nothing to do with pit bulls and this is where BSL fails our community.  BSL tells you- that as long as you are irresponsible with any breed of dog EXCEPT pit type dogs you will be fine. IF BSL advocates want to keep placing 100% blame on a breed of dog then they have no legal stance to be able to sue or require any sort of financial/legal judgments on pit bull owners because it’s always the dog and never the human.


The best way to prevent dog related tragedies is to promote a community based program with local rescue groups to teach families Dog ownership 101. Squash the myths and make dog owners step up and take the leash in being responsible dog owners. It’s not rocket science folks… just takes some effort – which might be why BSL advocates fail miserably at it.


Cindy Jean wants YOU to give her money….

Cindy Jean is back and she’s ready for you to give her 5,000 bucks. I know, you have to think I’m jesting but sadly, I’m not.

Last time I wrote about this twisted woman, I had written a three part segment on her crazy intractions with her neighbors and how she continuously stalks and harasses the other family involved in the dog fight in- The Twilight Zone , The twisted Tale of Cindy Ryder and The Never Ending Tale of Hope and Love. It’s obvious her train to crazy town is up to full steam and has no intention of slowing down.

Not only is she still stalking a single mother and her child, she is publicly wishing harm to this mother and child.


She wishes for her neighbor to be taught a lesson and not just any lesson- one that will stick in her mind for the rest of her life. One can only assume the obvious and the fact that Cindy is across from this woman and her childish plotting some sort of violence is scary.

To help with Cindy with her vegence, she needs money. How much? 5,000$ worth and she feels like she deserves it…. for free.


What will this 5,000$ cover? Well, let’s see… She wants a new car, wants to move, wants a housekeeper and personal shopper- oh yes, and natural pain treatment because her doctors refused to feed her pain killer addiction with more Vicodin and Oxy Cotin prescriptions.

Why does she think she deserves the 5,000$?

Because she was never offered help from her city or the churches after a dog fight involving her dog. She deserves the 5 grand because- the cremation services for her small dog were donated and the owners of the other dog in the dog fight paid her restitution but it just wasn’t enough for poor old Cindy. Thankfully Cindy’s mom (who’s like 80+ years old..) came up to help Cindy or she just would have never survived. Lord knows you never have a spare hand when you injure just one hand, right?

What else would that 5 grand cover?

The continuous harassment of her neighbor. Since the courts were wrong and didn’t make her neighbor pay Cindy what Cindy felt like she  deserved- she’s going to attempt to take justice into her own hands.

As Cindy says- “God will take care of her.”  and he must be taking great care of Amanda and her family because they are thriving happily! Amanda is happily working and supporting her family and moving on in a healthy fashion- especially considering her dog was euthanized for her part in the fight and has dealt with non stop threats, stalking and harassment from Cindy.

I can’t say the same for Cindy…. It didn’t seem like she had any issue using her hands and wrists as she pounds away on her keyboard in her hate groups…. But maybe that was just the pain pills kicking in?

Check it out here

Monday Musings from Morons…

“Even, even if anyone was warped enough to believe that pit bulls are not genetically geared to kill humans, then just the news and the statistics and the annual countdown of victims and the police reports and the news media true stories would be enough to convince someone to not entertain the thought of getting a killer dog for a pet.”- Linda Perry, Supporter


Pit bulls are now genetically engineered… in some top secret AFF lab… In an undisclosed location.

Oh- the conspiracy deepens, when Colleen Lynn is asked how many DBF’s are not recorded or noticed:

“I “generously” estimate we capture about 70%.”- Colleen Lynn, Founder of

Well, what happened to the remaining 30%? Maybe Borchardt can harass Karen Delise and Animal Farm foundation into making them give up the secret location of the remaining 30%? 


“It is it seems that the pit bull advocates intent and motivation is for pit bull type dogs to take over the canine world and replace all normal mid to large sized dogs, it is like they are trying to raise some canine army for the coming  armageddon on the plains of Abraham.They read like a script for the recent Mummy series of movies.!”- Thomas McCartney, Supporter & King of Spam

From genetically engineered pit bulls to now trying to take over the world for an Armageddon… What’s next? Pit Bull zombies rising from the dead? 


“I saw that. Stun guns, pepper spray, bats, bullets….are they vampires?”- Sarah May, BSL Supporter

“omg. Nightmare; Pet Cemetery reboot.”- Jane Brown, BSL Supporter

“Oh great–the Zombie Apocalypse just got that much worse.”- Lisa Black, BSL Supporter

…. Genetically engineered zombie dogs. Could it get worse?

Yep,  pit bulls are just now warping into other breeds magically.


Meet the Bull Arab– according to BSL advocates this breed is now a pit bull. Why? Because it looks like a pit bull! Well- Duh! Makes TOTAL sense. Never mind that the Bull Arab is a mosh of several different breeds that no one is totally sure of the linage:


Genetically engineered dogs with the ability to change breeds planning the Armageddon– Folks, this is only Monday.