Nobody likes a Rainbow over in BSL land….

Yesterday the SCOTUS legalized marriage for every single consenting adult. Who marries who never really bothered me because it doesn’t affect my marriage- but the hate that radiates from the BSL community towards anything they don’t agree with, from pit bulls to gay marriages is just so toxic.


I wonder if Patricia realizes “drug adled sodomites” are not gender or ” gay” specific, I mean… It’s people like Patricia that cause pre teens and young adults to commit suicide.

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.    

LGBT youth are 4 times more likely, and questioning youth are 3 times more likely, to attempt suicide as their straight peers

It’s people like Patricia that encourage and promote hate crimes against fellow humans based on someones personal choice that doesn’t have anything to do with Patricia. It’s people like Patricia that create laws that prosecute homesexuality, feeding off the unfounded fear of labeling them pedophiles and creating this image that the LGBT community are this growing community of perverts trying to rape your children, you and some goat.

According to the American Psychological Association, “homosexual men are not more likelyto sexually abuse children than heterosexual men are.” Gregory Herek, a professor at the University of California, Davis, who is one of the nation’s leading researchers on prejudice against sexual minorities, reviewed a series of studies and found no evidence that gay men molest children at higher rates than heterosexual men.

Studies have shown pedophilia and homosexuality are two different things and if Patricia figured out to research actual facts she would know the difference… but she’s a card carrying member and we know facts are not relevant to them.

I wonder how Patricia feels about those heterosexual female teachers molesting and raping young boys in their classrooms… Or the adult heterosexual male teachers molesting and raping their female students? That’s perfectly normal, right?

Nope- sorry…. Just like pit bulls car jacking pintos and going on mass killings sprees will never happen, gangs of homosexual men will not be roaming the ‘hoods raping poor unsuspecting heterosexual men weakened and emasculated by being stay at home dads while those silly weak minded women fall for the devious gay mind washing propaganda and let it allll happen…

I mean, according to Patricia- men are already naturally superior and logically intellectual but if you add homosexuality to that combo…. It sounds like you have the terminator version of the gay man….

Look- you can dislike homosexuality, you can be against gay marriages, you can hate pit bulls, rainbows, cheese, unicorns, porn stars, Jesus, your neighbors until your heart is shriveled and black BUT you don’t have the right to persecute them. You don’t have the right to attempt to invoke hatred and fear…. all because you think they should burn in hell.

The World is going to Hell in a Hand basket Thanks to Vengeful Lesbians, Same sex Couples and Pit Bulls….

HAH- seriously folks. According to active BSL Advocate bible thumping bigoted A.J Ravinsky the world is going to hell because of vengeful lesbians, same sex parents and pit bulls. 


Vengeful Lesbians are at fault for the Dugger boy molesting his sisters and other girls and vengeful lesbians are at fault that the Dugger boy & his parents are being held responsible. Those darn vengeful lesbians and gays. I mean, how dare they protest against discrimination. According to A.J, those vengeful lesbians and gays just need to repent and straighten their act up.

Yeah, that pooooor child- hold on, I need to refocuse my eyes after rolling them so far back in my head. According to A.J, the next generation is being [email protected] up because many of them are being raised by same sex couples. I mean, because like how many of the American serial killers came from a same sex marriage? What’s that? How many? I’m sorry- I can’t hear you…


As long as children are growing up healthy and happy in loving homes, who cares if the parents are Jim and Alice, Alice and Anne or Jim and Tim? Seriously- how many children are sitting in foster homes? How man children are in waiting for two parents that will love the? Nationwide, more than 463,000 children live in foster care. In California, which has the largest foster care population than any other state, the number of foster youth has tripled in the last 20 years (Source: AFCARS Report 2009).  I know there are many, many, many same sex couples that would step up and have stepped up and are doing great jobs as parents with the children thriving in a same sex household.


Seriously? This is the same woman who sits on her ass and makes excuses for a man who molested his sisters. The fact that according to A.J- somehow children need both genders ONLY when it involves gay marriage is ignorance at it’s finest. How is it different when a single parent raises their child on their own? OH, well that’s just dandy cuz’ that parent isn’t gay?

Funny- I’ve only seen straight white bible thumping Christians defend the Dugger boy and his admitted molesting of his sisters.  I mean, in what world does it make sense that not allowing your son to check out playboy and porn will evoke a need to fondle their sister? Listen up parents- better subscribe your teen to some porn channels so they don’t run around molesting girls…

I’ve found that A.J’s homophobia is a normal thing in the BSL advocacy. I remember the BSL propaganda art exhibit that took place in Michigan and BSL advocates brutally verbally attacked a woman because of her lesbianism. Another example is Jeff Borchardts tirade and stalking of founder of Colorado Dogs- plastering images of her spouse and her, making derogatory comments about them being a same sex couple. I mean, according to Borchardt and Daxton’s Friends- female pit bull owners are mostly big, steroid pumping lesbians anyhow…

No matter how you look at it, hate is hate and BSL advocates have a truckloads of it. Well, we know they can’t blame vengeful lesbians and same sex couples for global warming-that’s alllllll on pit bulls, remember?

According to BSL Advocates

According to BSL Advocates, if you are a woman and you are a pit bull type dog owner than you must be a whore, skank, slut, bitch, dyke or a 


According to BSL Advocates, if you own pit bull type dogs and have tattoos, piercings, own a house, rent a house, ride motorcycles, drive a car, college student, college graduate, college drop out, rich, poor, middle class, employed or unemployed than you must be:


According to BSL Advocates, if you are a responsible pit bull type dog owner and you refuse to be blamed for the actions of irresponsible owners- you must be:


According to BSL Advocates, if you are child who has a pit bull type dog for a pet than you deserve to be mocked and have your image plastered on hate pages. BSL advocates have no problem turning children into a


According to BSL Advocates, they are God fearing, worshiping, loving, faithful and a great example of an honest:


Last time I checked, there was nothing christian about degrading, stereotyping, victimizing and blaming innocent people… but what do I know? 


Fair Weather Friends


Friendships among Foamers only last so long- usually until they turn on each other, which history has shown happens early into the relationship. Especially if you dare question Jeff aka “Jesus” and poor Ryan McCabe learned the hard way.

A simple question. All Jeff had to do was say “yes” or “no”-but we know how Jeff avoids answering anything and let’s his minions fight his battles for him. What was the question, you ask?

“I simply asked Jeff on his post if he indeed told a female to have a pit bull lick peanut butter off her vagina. Jeff never responded, but Christy attacked me for asking the question. Apparently, you don’t question Jeff or call him out on anything.”

Uh oh Ryan. Didn’t you read the DBO/Foamer rule book that Colleen and Jeff hand out after joining their group of morons? Never ever EVER question them.

Now- thanks to Ryan having a brain and the ability to question disturbing behavior- he is a marked man.

Now- “hating on Jeff/William” means he dared ask Jeff to explain his perverse comment. Now- could Ryan be the master mind behind the notorious Pit Bull Einstein? The page that went rogue and refused to bend over and let Colleen and Jeff have their way with them?

Well, according to his former friend- Ryan just is not clever enough.

See, that’s what I love about Christy, the blind, delusional little sheep that has her head right up Jeff’s glorious ass- she is wrong like 99.99999% of the time. Now, what I do know about Ryan is- he would be clever enough and he doesn’t play favorites.

Just emphasize it’s funny “they” crticize pit bull advocates for being immature and “trashy”, but it’s okay for them to say vile things as Jeff stated. It’s hypocritical.”– oh I totally agree with Ryan. But, when one’s claim to fame is the forever victims with a bunch of twats worshipping you- being a hypocrite is just part of the package.

Of course, Ryan has said some pretty gross stuff- but one thing I actually respect about him is- he stands behind what he says & he’s not above poking fun at himself. BUT- the one thing above all of that is he just doesn’t give a shit. “And because I disagree with that, I’m unpopular. This is the impression I get: Jeff is the master of a cult. You obey him.”

I suppose- Ryan McCabe is the only one in that circle that had a set of balls. Guess Willy Billy, Jeff and the other sewer rats were just jealous.

Plus- it didn’t hurt that his dog Onyx was freaking hoot to use when making meme’s… With his permission of course.

“I don’t play favorites & I’m different.”

– and that’s why he’s my favorite frenemy.


Daxton’s Friends Founding Board Members War on Women


Jeff Borchardt & Board members have never hidden their war on female pit bull, pit type owners and they are upping their attacks daily.

According to Daxton’s Friends founders- the majority of pit bull owners are childless women, childless lesbian butch dykes, whores and sluts.

After stalking Karen Delise via Twitter – the founders of Daxton’s friends finds it offensive that a woman speaks out against msyoginic comments from the controversial Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately- Ms. Delise is not the first nor last case of degrading and msyoginic attacks. In fact- Mr. Borchardt, the founding Board member of Daxton’s friends continuously supports, advocates and solicited information of female pit bull owners with the sole purpose to scare, harass and stalk into silence.

Now- this is where truth shoots Daxton’s verbal onslaughts right in the ass. According to Daxton’s Friends, the majority of pit type dog owners are childless women owners. However, it seems the opposite. Millions of women, such as myself are mothers. Millions of women like myself are mothers and owners of pit type dogs. It is women like myself that Daxton’s Friends is supposedly wanting “educate” about the dangers of our dogs.

From the mouth of Jeff Borchardt and Creater of Daxton’s Friends-

Basically- if we shut up, don’t speak out, fight against him, kill our dogs and let him force his way into our lives than we deserve to be stalked and harassed. Jeff Borchardt- verbally raping women daily and acknowledges it proudly.

The stupid over flows


Once again-


The dog was not a pit bull of any sorts- but that doesn’t stop these two senile bats from dribbling their usual nonsense.

Will someone please tell Linda to put the pipe down?

Joanna’s daughter needs to throw her crusty tush into a nursing home already. A meth user? OH- you mean the mother shot & killed in front of her son?

FYI- this is the dog-

Even though- the actual heartbreaking part is- this mother was shot & killed in front of her child. Killed. Dead. Never coming back. But we know they don’t care.

Peanut Butter and all the Jazz


I swear to God, I can’t even buy peanut butter without seeing the creepy face of Jeff Borchardt floating around like a huge peanut butter loving pervert.
I’m not sure why BSL advocates sit around and contemplate beastality with peanut butter but it seems like it’s a weekly thing.

Yikes! These people are always rambling about just what moral pillars of community they are- that they ooze responsibility and sanity. I’m just going to suggest they crack open a dictionary and look up the definition of responsibility and sanity- I’m pretty sure obsessions about beastality are not one of the characteristics or definitions of both.

Honestly, Willie Billy- are you not a father to a girl? Getting rather creepy and I really question your ability to be a role model for a girl. I mean, if you can degrade women so easily as you do- what does that say about your ability to be a a great example for your daughter? Just food for thought…..