They can’t help it….

No, really- they can’t help themselves. Their toxicity is just eating away at them and it all comes pouring out:

Now, we all know BSL Advocates won’t leave this family alone. This father just lost his son- has no clue what’s going on and what does Mr. Baker, Board member of the pseudo victim’s advocacy DBO INFLUENCED group Daxton’s friends can’t stop himself from grilling the grieving father.

“Sorry for your loss buuuuttt….. Tell me what the breed of dogs they are and go ahead and send me some pictures.” I shit you not- oh, DBO members are not yet done. EVEN AFTER the father says he has no information, they don’t stop:

  Seriously, how about Lucy just shut the [email protected] up. This grieving family doesn’t how these bottom feeders any kind of explanation, but wait- wait- they still are not done.

  …… Someone told her cousin and her cousin told someone “rumors”. 


Not interested in personal issues buuutttttt……

And they call me cruel- “No one is getting custody of that child now…”  Seriously folks- the honest to God can’t help themselves. Of course good ‘ole Colleen Lynn has to make her speculations-

I’m sorry but all I see is a wooden platform- how is this not a normal dog owner? 

Now, I’ve heard whispers that BSL Advocates are scrambling around trying to cover their butts after their comments are being blasted over the Internet. “Deleting any comments which are likely to end up on pitter hate sites and damage our credibility.”

Good luck with that- the world sees you losing your battle and their own words are doing allllll the work for us. 

Can’t save them all….

I’ve gone round and around with myself trying to figure out what is the best way for me to write this post and I guess, just like any other post I have to just write it.

People- you are killing innocent dogs and helping the spread of BSL with your need to save dangerous dogs. I get it- no one likes to hear about dogs being euthanized but myself- I hate to hear about children being horrifically mauled and people rallying to force a rescue to save it.

Last weekend, a dog bit a 8 year old girl in Pa. in the arm. Now, it wasn’t just a bite and release- this dog bit that child and it took people with a metal bar to pry him off her. We all know if this dog had been any other breed but a pit bull type dog it wouldn’t have made the news, but it did and this is the opportunity for a community to stand together but as usual people had to ruin it.

Hello Bully couldn’t have spoken truer words when it stated: 


To rescue that dangerous dog would be sending a message to society that we don’t care about the entire breed or our communities. To rescue that dangerous dog, innocent- non biting, healthy pit bulls would be euthanized. Would it be worth the cost? No. Because when that dangerous dog bites or god-forbid kills a person guess who pays the price? Millions of innocent dogs. 

Say it with me: Not every dog can or should be saved. Not every dog can or should be saved.  I love my dog, I fight for my dog and I know that means I have to understand that some of these dogs- like the dangerous dog in this story should be euthanized. 
Wake up people, you are killing our innocent dogs with bullshit like this.


…. I’m sorry, I’m fighting the urge to mentally punch Marci in the throat. Children deserve to be safe– like, they deserve not to have a dog that had to be pried off a girl’s arm with a metal bar in their neighborhood. Marci- you have issues. Get help ASAP.

Linda, sorry- you fail at being a human being with a soul. You know who the real dangerous threat to our dogs besides BSL Advocates? People like Linda.

  Any rescue that knowingly chooses a dangerous dog  over non dangerous dogs cares nothing about the bully breed. Any rescue that stands up says that it’s irresponsible to put a dog that had to be pried off a girl with a metal bar in a home are doing far more for the bully breed than those that will rescue that dog.

I hear BSL advocates [email protected] and moan that pit bull rescues jump at the chance at rehome get dangerous dogs- well guess what, Hello Bully is proving them wrong, but seriously- I know pretty freaking awesome advocates that move mountains for their dogs and their beloved breeds (s) and I know they would be horrified if they felt that people like Marci, Linda & Heather were representing the pit bull advocacy, I know I’m disgusted. BUT- this is the problem, it’s people like those three stooges that BSL advocates will use to portray each and everyone of us. 

So, yeah. If your train of thought follows the path of the three stooges do me a favor, do my dog a favor, do millions of responsible owners and their dogs a favor and sit the [email protected] down, shut the [email protected] up and leave rescuing to the people that truly want what is best for everyone.

Circling Sharks

The family of a 7-year-old boy is grieving after he was attacked and killed by multiple dogs at a home in the Canyon Lake area on Saturday evening.

Smith said although the dogs were unspecified breeds, none of them were pit bulls.

Read more here-

Heartbreaking but the DBO sharks are circling the waters. 

A 7-year old boy died and all of these “victims advocates” more concerned with trying to prove the dogs are pit bulls- even though the story says they are not. Not a care about the grieving family…

Yet again- not a story about pit bulls but a family losing their 7 year old child yet DBO/BSL advocates can’t help themselves.

I’m amused by their arrogance- they demand to stick their nose into this families tragedy. Why? So they could terrorize this family.  


Let me guess- Borchardt feels he can be the unbiased 3rd party? Yeah, right. You would think as a victims advocacy their first step would be compassion and respect- but nope. That’s not how BSL/DBO victims advocacy works. If they can’t somehow spin these dogs into pit bulls this family won’t even matter to them.

And trust me- they are trying everything to turn this tragedy into a pit bull issue- in their desperation they are already trying to get people to call it a pit bull attack.

Like sharks circling their prey- the stalking has began.


  Although- they should be careful when stalking this family, the people in blue don’t take kindly to extremist stalking their own.  

Challenge Issued

Are you a Pit bull Advocate? Owner/Founder of any Pit bull Rescue? A public Anti BSL Advocate? According to BSL advocates- they are ready for Colleen Lynn, their supreme leader to start going toe to toe in debating facts and statistics with you!

I know I’m ready to see Colleen debate real facts and statistics with actual experts and I know thousands of people who would love to see this go down.

I’m sure Borchardt would love to listen but that’s because he’s to much of a coward to debate or discuss anything that differs from his kill all pit bulls rant. Remember the no-show on a popular pet program because they were anti BSL? HILAROUS.

I am interested in seeing how this goes down on the pro-pit pages.”- Lynne Smith

Well… I’m not sure about everyone but I’m ready for a round table discussion between the two sides. Lay it all out on the table- Facts vs. Myths, community safety, dog bite prevention, Breed specific legislation and what it really means, responsible dog ownership, the real numbers,  let the public decide. Isn’t that what Borchardt says? Let’s let the public decide? 

Fred, Brent Toellner, any takers? Although- don’t get to excited, I have this feeling Colleen will do what Colleen does best…. hide from the truth.

Dusty Brown

“Rebecca and Scott Harrington said their world was turned upside down when their daughter made a gruesome discovery of the family pet’s body without its head.”-

Now, the majority of normal folks would read this story and be like “What the [email protected] is wrong with people.” But… we know from experience, BSL advocates are not normal by any means.

Although, what’s frightening is…. These people assume their own BSL Members are in the area where violence against pit bulls is happening.


I don’t know Penny… is there? Also, I have to point out that she might even think fellow BSL members would be capable of this vile act.

Lol,  stop making me laugh!  No doubt some body’s beloved pet was killed by a Pit Bull,  now it’s time to pay the piper.”- Dusty Brown, member

A young child finding the body of her headless dog is something to laugh out loud at? 

My 8-year-old daughter walks back here and sees her dog with no head,” Scott Harrington said.

I think the police should start looking at members & Daxton’s Friends supporters to see if any live in that region- especially since this isn’t the only pit bull killed in that area. According to other neighbors, one family had their pit bull shot & killed and another neighbor had one poisoned. 

None of these dogs have any history of attacking or being aggressive and the fact that an individual is obviously escalating in his violence when he/she is killing makes me wonder if he’ll progress from the dogs to the owners?

I am going to guess that it is someone in the neighborhood who has either been attacked by a pit bull or had a pet killed by one. Funny thing that so many neighbors have this potentially dangerous breed of dog.”-Dusty Brown, member

Once again, there is no excuse ever to kill innocent dogs- but we know members can always excuse violently killing pit bulls.

Cindy Jean wants YOU to give her money….

Cindy Jean is back and she’s ready for you to give her 5,000 bucks. I know, you have to think I’m jesting but sadly, I’m not.

Last time I wrote about this twisted woman, I had written a three part segment on her crazy intractions with her neighbors and how she continuously stalks and harasses the other family involved in the dog fight in- The Twilight Zone , The twisted Tale of Cindy Ryder and The Never Ending Tale of Hope and Love. It’s obvious her train to crazy town is up to full steam and has no intention of slowing down.

Not only is she still stalking a single mother and her child, she is publicly wishing harm to this mother and child.


She wishes for her neighbor to be taught a lesson and not just any lesson- one that will stick in her mind for the rest of her life. One can only assume the obvious and the fact that Cindy is across from this woman and her childish plotting some sort of violence is scary.

To help with Cindy with her vegence, she needs money. How much? 5,000$ worth and she feels like she deserves it…. for free.


What will this 5,000$ cover? Well, let’s see… She wants a new car, wants to move, wants a housekeeper and personal shopper- oh yes, and natural pain treatment because her doctors refused to feed her pain killer addiction with more Vicodin and Oxy Cotin prescriptions.

Why does she think she deserves the 5,000$?

Because she was never offered help from her city or the churches after a dog fight involving her dog. She deserves the 5 grand because- the cremation services for her small dog were donated and the owners of the other dog in the dog fight paid her restitution but it just wasn’t enough for poor old Cindy. Thankfully Cindy’s mom (who’s like 80+ years old..) came up to help Cindy or she just would have never survived. Lord knows you never have a spare hand when you injure just one hand, right?

What else would that 5 grand cover?

The continuous harassment of her neighbor. Since the courts were wrong and didn’t make her neighbor pay Cindy what Cindy felt like she  deserved- she’s going to attempt to take justice into her own hands.

As Cindy says- “God will take care of her.”  and he must be taking great care of Amanda and her family because they are thriving happily! Amanda is happily working and supporting her family and moving on in a healthy fashion- especially considering her dog was euthanized for her part in the fight and has dealt with non stop threats, stalking and harassment from Cindy.

I can’t say the same for Cindy…. It didn’t seem like she had any issue using her hands and wrists as she pounds away on her keyboard in her hate groups…. But maybe that was just the pain pills kicking in?

Check it out here

Form Follows Function

I swear to all that is unholy, if I read Rachel Simas attempting to sound semi intelligent one more time- I just might have to mentally punch her in the throat.


First off- what is Form follows Function? (Pay attention Rachel.)

“Form follows Function is a principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.”

Basically, Form follows Function effects everything from buildings, athletes, animals, cars… IF they are built/designed for said purpose.

Now, let’s explore why the majority of “pit bull” owners have an a issue with Rachel rambling on about this.

Just because something IS something doesn’t mean it will do what it COULD be capable of doing.

By converting this example to Form Follows Function, a woman’s body is built to have the capability of conceiving children. However, because nothing is absolute- millions of women are unable to conceive and/or carry a child full term.

 Now, I know Rachel is sitting behind her computer saying, “Ohmygerd- I’m talking about dogs, duh!” – I’m getting to that part right now, sit tight.

When it comes to dog breeds, purebreds are bred with the intention of looking and behaving a certain way (I covered this topic briefly in a previous post. ) – and because nothing is absolute when it comes to genetics and hereditary the form follows functions formula can be a hit or miss all thanks to the Bell Curve.


When this applies to dog breeds, dogs have the potential to look and behave in so many different ways. Behavior/Temperament can be based off all genetics, genetics & environment or strictly environmental. Simplified-

Physically- every single dog’s physical form has the inherent capability to kill. Dogs are carnivores and each dog have the capability of maiming and/or killing. Every dog has jaws- “The function of the jaws and teeth is to grab, hold, kill, and consume prey. All dogs have jaws and teeth. ”

Form follows Function tells us: Every dog has the capability to injure or kill you. Common sense tells you: larger and more powerful breeds has the capability to injure or kill you far easier than smaller dogs. History tells you that it’s not breed specific.

It’s not that we don’t understand Form follows Function Rachel, we just don’t understand why you keep going on about something you obviously have no clue on.