The Borchardt Blame Game- Who Really is to Blame?

Who is to blame when it comes to a fatal dog attack? Bessie Flowers, 86 years old and brutally mauled by her daughters two “pit bull” dogs. Two dogs that have had numerous complaints about aggression issues.


“Neighbors told WCCB that the animals had shown aggressive behavior in the past and had warned authorities about them.

One male neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said: ‘There have been two incidents with those dogs. They attacked other dogs here. No one has done anything about it. I constantly told people that they are going to kill someone.’

Police records show that officers were called to the home once before in 2013 to reports of two aggressive animals, but the reports were not substantiated.”



Most “normal” people would look at the dog owner who obviously continued to own two dogs with previous aggression issues, however there is nothing “normal” when it comes to the bizarre behavior of Borchardt, the founder of Daxton’s Friends (the alleged “educational site” with zero educational material.).  Who does Borchardt blame for this horrible preventable tragedy?

A bunch of random strangers. Strangers that have absolutely no connection to the victim or the victim’s family. Strangers that had zero influence on the behavior of the dogs. That doesn’t matter to Borchardt, because it’s EVERYONES fault.  It’s YOUR fault! It’s that random person’s fault! It’s that homeless man’s fault! It’s hollywoods fault! It’s all of the veterinarians fault! The police departments fault! It’s Obamas fault!


Typical cowardly Borchardt fashion, he take the blame game a step further and encourages the online harassment of a woman (key word… woman) who dared to speak out against his childish tirade:


… and guess who is liking each disgusting and vile comment?


This is just another glaring example of why BSL is fundamentally flawed, because the focus is more about the humans and very little about the dogs and BSL advocates prove this every single day. They have made sure that breed specific legislation encourages discrimination (against the dog owners), it encourages racism (against the dog owners), it glorifies sexism and misogyny (against the dog owners) and educates unstable individuals in ways to hurt/kill/maim both animal and humans. The Breed Specific Legislation advocacy has becomes this festering cesspool of fear, hate and violence and that is the environment that they love.


Thank God we won’t stay silent and we will always speak louder than their hate… which scares them very, very, very much.

A Little Help Understanding Your Un- Friendly BSL Advocate


It’s no secret that BSL advocates are such twisted complicated creatures of hate, murder, mayhem and hypocrisy. Yet, they live among us and as a society we need help understanding just what that really means.


It’s Not Me, It’s Totally You.


Are you educated? College degrees? Have at least a semi functional working brain? Access to the internet? None of that matters according to BSL advocates.  If you are not following or Daxton’s Friends, you are brain washed and being duped by the GREAT BIG MEAN ‘OLE RICH PIT BULL LOBBY. Somehow, the Pit Bull Lobby has conspired with the FDA to slip mind controlling drugs in all of the food you buy to make you incapable of making decisions such as finding a family pet.

Observing, not Stalking.


Look, if you decide to post ANYTHING on social media that disagrees with an BSL advocate, you have given them unwritten and unknown permission to stalk investigate you. Even if you haven’t said anything but just happen to have caught their eye unknowingly, you still give them permission to message you and send you long emails telling you why you should kill your dog. Just remember, you are not allowed to respond, disagree, report or do anything that slightly resembles a response, because that would be harassing and considered stalking.

It all Adds up Eventually, Right?


They are 887% positive that it makes sense and for some reason, they just don’t understand why the majority can’t do the math.  It has to be all the mind altering drugs that the Pit Bull Lobby is contaminating the water supply with?


The Family that Hates, Kills and Stalks Together Stays Together


Who needs biological family? Not BSL Advocates that’s who! Many times, family members of BSL advocates find themselves on the attacking educating end of the BSL advocacy and find themselves disagreeing with the unhealthy obsession of their BSL supporting family member and slowly distancing themselves from that person.



Can Anything Be Done?

Of course! While you might never understand their craziness or their sheer stupidity, you can continue living your life just the way you want to!  Enjoy your family, play with your dog breed of choice, be a responsible dog owner and never be afraid to speak up. Be everything a BSL advocate can never be…. An awesome person.

“Just Kill them ALL”

Yes, that is exactly what Tony Solesky, Board member of Daxton’s Friends recommends for not just pit bulls- but ALL dogs sitting in shelters.


“Simply gas all dogs regardless of breed that wind up on shelters.. ALL OF THEM.”

I think this speaks volumes of their agenda…. “Just kill ’em all”.

Sending a Message

This city council caved to the 1% who own pit bull type dogs in the U.S. and who could care about public safety. These are elected officials that are supposed to have the best interests, of the people they serve, at heart. Instead they are raising the importance of pit bull type dogs above that of their constituents.”-Julie Wall Volunteer at

Despite the emails from Colleen Lynn, despite the emails typed by Jeff Borchardt, despite the attempts to influence the counsel from Carol Miller (Yet, another Board Member), despite the call for a flooding of emails, letters and harassing phone calls, Shaker Heights Ohio sent a clear message to BSL Advocates…

sdahker heights.jpg

All but 2 counsel members voted AGAINST breed specific legislation, shutting the door in the face of out of state BSL advocacy groups that are attempting to force their unwelcomed views on communities.

After five public hearings over four months for three readings on a proposed pit bull ban, City Council voted it down 5-2 on Tuesday.-Thomas Jewell,

Armed with the usual out of date and inaccurate statistics provided by disgraced and debunked statistical failure Merritt Clifton, BSL Advocates went to bed the night before satisfied that this vote would be an epic and monumental win for them and it was anything but that.

“And I don’t want to see us join the remaining list of communities” that still have the breed-specific ban, Zimmerman said, mentioning Garfield Heights, Lakewood, Parma, and Warrensville Heights.

Zimmerman is absolutely right, more communities are turning away from breed specific legislation in favor for an all breed legislation. Placing the responsibility on owners of dogs which is exactly were it should be. Irresponsible dog ownership is not breed specific and this is what communities are telling BSL advocates and it’s a message they don’t want to hear.

According to Lori Whelbourne, “If all pit bull type dogs were included in their ban, Matthew Brigmantas may be alive today.”, however, if she was being honest in her recent post in the Province, she would have stated exactly what the “pit bull type dog” was exactly, Shar Pei/Fila mix with known aggression issues and that had a history  of biting other people.  Breed Specific Legislation and/or bans have not prevented one dog attack or dog bite fatality, even concerning those dogs that fall under bans. Why is that? Because BSL/Bans only really affect law abiding citizens, which is the majority of all pit bull “type” owners

The death of Javon Dade Jr. shows just how ineffective bans are, once again showing that breed specific legislation has absolutely no affect on those that are purposefully breaking the law in the first place. Criminals, dog fighters and back yard breeders will not be affected by BSL/Bans, if anything, BSL/Bans will flood the streets with off springs’ of unethical back yard breeders with unstable temperament.

“The only thing that ban did was increase the value of (pit bulls) from $1,000 to $5,000.”Gary White, Former dog fighter 2013

We can look across the ocean to see yet another example of how ineffective pit bull bans are when we look at the sky rocketing dog attacks in the UK and in 2010, “Toronto itself backed up the claim that BSL doesn’t  reduce dog bites when in May 2010, the Toronto Humane Society released statistics from a survey they conducted which showed that “the number of dog bites in Ontario had changed little” since Ontario’s 2005 ban on “pit bull” “breeds” was instituted (”

Contrary to the myths told by the pit bull lobby, it is less expensive than what taxpayers pay out when attacks happen. In addition to that, lives are saved and severe injuries are prevented- Lori Whelbourne, member, Blogger for the Province

Not one single life has been saved and not one severe injury has been prevented due to BSL. In fact, it shows just the amount of damage yet another breed can do when it attacks.  According to many cities, BSL is not cost effective, in fact, the price tag for enforcing BSL is rising every year.

The Prince George’s County task force findings are typical of findings in many other locations.

  • In 2001, a Baltimore, Maryland, auditor estimated it would cost $750,000 to enforce a breed-specific ban.
  • In 2008, Omaha proposed BSL that would cost over half a million dollars to enforce.
  • The U.K.’s Dangerous Dog Act, which includes a ban on certain breeds of dogs, is estimated to have cost well over $14 million to enforce between the years 1991 and 1996 (no more recent numbers are available). It has come under fire lately as dog bites (committed by non-targeted dogs) rise despite the ban.
  • Even small cities and communities can spend tens of thousands of dollars annually to uphold their BSL-

Although the battle will rage on, Shaker Heights is just another community that turned a deaf ear to the fear and hate propaganda being offered to them by BSL advocates and decided to work this as a community. They won’t be alone this year and many communities will be working towards throwing out the out dated breed specific laws and start focusing on laws that will actually help communities become safer just like many did in 2015.

Toddler hood and Pit Bulls

Toddlers. I have no idea why toddlers are not named as one of the “wonders of the world.” There is no other person, besides a toddler who morph through so many conflicting emotions in a 5 minute period than a toddler.  Having a sane and safe household with a toddler takes work, throwing a family pet in the mix takes even MORE work but it can be done and done successfully.


It really does break my heart when I hear about dog attacks involving children, especially toddlers. It breaks my heart even more when I find out just how preventable those attacks were. Two lives ruined and possibly years of physical and emotional trauma inflicted on the child and in many circumstances, could have been avoided. When it comes to a toddler, any size dog has the potential to be dangerous and deadly. From the fearless Chihuahua and to our beloved pit bulls, you can never look at them and feel that they can not inflict harm, because that is the first step into a dog bite waiting to happen.

Dog bites are a big health problem, but one that is largely preventable

Regardless of the breed of dog a family chooses, the same rules apply across the table for all family pets in the household. In my household, we have two dogs, Gustavo (Jr.) a small mixed breed and Scrappy, a pit bull mix and the same rules apply for both of them. My toddler, like any other toddler is all about touching, poking, prodding, looking, hugging, touching, climbing and jumping on pretty much anything in her path, dogs included if it was allowed.  Teaching her to respect Gustavo as much as Scrappy is important, because I want it ingrained in her mind that regardless the size of the dog, it is important to respect the animal. I know I am not the only one that see’s videos and pictures of toddlers carrying around small dogs, parents oohing and awwwwing in the background and I know I am not the only one that physically cringes when I watch those, but I don’t think enough parents are cringing enough.

Preventing dog attacks on our children starts by wanting to prevent ALL dog attacks and not just certain dog attacks by certain breeds and I’m amazed at how BSL advocacies just skip over that, but it’s refreshing to see how many non-profit advocacies are picking up the ball and working on preventing just that.

Most experts report that about half of dog bites are from a dog that the child may be familiar with, either the family’s own dog or that of a neighbor.

Out of the Pits, a non-profit out of Albany New York offers programs to help reteach families just that. Elementary and Secondary school programs and owner counseling that can help families help and their pit bulls succeed.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that pit bulls, just like toddlers are a lot of hard work, but as we watch our children grow up with their family pit bull, installing education and training for both of them, we are sending out a better human into the adult world when they move out to conquer the world, at least that is what I’m doing and I know I’m not alone. My children and my dogs are not a statistic, because I refuse to let that happen. I refuse to be the parent that stands behind a camera and videos a dog being a jerk to my child and I refuse to be the parent video taping my child being a jerk to a dog.


Dog bite prevention begins at home. It begins with  common sense and a non profits like Out of the Pits reaching out to the community to help provide education, training and help for families. At the end of the day,  it all depends on what is most important to you. As for myself, keeping my family safe and watching them grow up and be amazing adults as they take over the world is what is important… and that goes for every member of my family, from the two legged to the four legged…. and the dinosaurs in between.




Who Failed Tyler?

“Boy Mauled to death in Linda Trailer by pit bulls”.

by Monica Vaughan

A 9-year-old boy was mauled to death by three pit bull dogs when he was left alone in his sister’s trailer home, the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department said Monday

Who failed Tyler? Obviously, it’s easier to focus on the dogs, because this tragedy is so horrific.  The very idea of a 9 year old boy being left alone trying to fend off 3 attacking dogs makes anyone sick to their stomach. As usual, when information starts to trickle onto the internet, as with most dog bite fatality cases you start seeing just how preventable this horrible death was.

Who was Tyler?

Tyler Trammall-Huston, 9 year-old foster child, who lost his mother in 2011 and has been moving through foster care separated from his siblings. tyler-griffin-huston-killed-by-pit-bulls.jpg

He was dealt an unfair hand and paid the price of the poor choices the adults in his life have made, but according to his foster mother, Gloria Hudson, he seemed excited to be able to be with his older sister.

Tyler Trammell-Huston, had been staying with his sister on weekends with the permission of Sacramento County Child Protective Services. During his winter break from school, he had spent two or three weeks with her, in her small travel trailer south of Marysville. Hudson said a judge was supposed to decide later this month whether he could move in with his sister full time, provided she got an apartment.


A Broken System?

What child wouldn’t be, but was it the best and safest choice for Tyler? Obviously it wasn’t. Even though CPS was notified that the sister was considered “unstable” and the living environment, a small trailer with no working bathroom and according to reports from relatives that one of the dogs, had a history of aggression that included attacking other people screams negligence by all the adults involved in this case.

This isn’t the first time that a Child Protective Service have fallen under fire after a child has died while under their care and supervision. “Between 2008 and 2011, more than seventy children who passed through the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services have died due to child abuse or neglect.” writes the Invisible Children Website

In 2014, Sacramento CPS were repeatedly warned about the abuse that 3 year old Airabella Mello lived with before she was drowned in a back yard pool. Just like with Tyler, CPS was notified multiple times and they failed to act in the best interest of the child and it isn’t an isolated incident. The Case of William Philya, which includes 10 reports of abuse and neglect that was filed with the Sacramento County CPS, Jadianna Larsen,  which had reports starting back from just 2 days after her birth in 2008 and continued until her death in 2015 where her body was found burned in Glenn County on the same day she was reported missing out of Sacramento County. Sadly, this isn’t something new or rare it seems with the Sacramento County CPS, in 2009 the Sacramento Bee wrote an article about the CPS being slammed in an audit showing that at least four children have died after CPS “bungled their cases and misses clear opportunities to remove them from danger.”



(Jadianna Larsen Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee)

There is no question that ultimately,  Alexandria Griffin-Heady, the dogs owners and half sister of Tyler is responsible for the death of her brother. Considering that she had been breeding her pit bull mixes (mutts) and still had plans on breeding her dogs, knowingly kept aggressive dogs that supposedly attacked other people (according to relatives) and leaving her 9 year old brother in unsafe conditions it’s a no brainer that something tragic was bound to happen and yes, she should absolutely be tried, convicted and sitting in jail.  How the Sacramento CPS could not see this, I have no idea, but it’s not surprising considering how easily they turned a blind eye to the previous children that have died in their care.

Sadly, Tyler is yet another statistic for the Sacramento CPS and it will be far easier and beneficial for Sacramento CPS and BSL Advocates  to turn this into a dog issue and not focus on the real issue, the obviously broken Sacramento Child Protective Service. The bottom line is: Tyler would still be alive if CPS had done their job, not just Tyler but so would countless of other children under their care who have been killed in horrific manners.





National Fear Mongering Awareness


As 2016 rolls in, I think it’s time to recognize the faces behind the National Fear Mongering Awareness, otherwise known as the BSL Advocacy. I think it’s important that we recognize the cycle that the BSL advocacy promotes to propagate fear and hate which eventually leads to irrational violence towards pets and families. In 2015, we where blown away by the sheer cruelty and violence directed at family pets based off the fear mongering regurgitated by the BSL Advocacy.

In 2015, the rise of a new Pro BSL Advocacy website popped up and started a campaign with the intent to promote fear and hatred, even holding hands with the notorious PETA who has openly declared that a happy pit bull is a euthanized pit bull.


National Pit Bull Victim Awareness is founded out of Canada by two women, Mia Johnson and disgraced Canadian topless reporter, Lori Whelbourne.


In attempt to bolster their campaign, Johnson and Whelbourne boast of OVER “50 organizations and social media groups” that support breed specific legislation. As impressive as that sounds, they are deliberately misleading the public. When you start looking at the “organizations” and pull back the curtain that they use to obfuscate the truth from the public, the truth becomes apparent.








 There are only TWO recognized non-profit groups out of the supposed 50,, created and ran by Colleen Lynn and Daxton’s Friends, created and ran by the Jeff and Kimberly Borchardt. The majority  of the “groups and organizations” have at least one of the board members of both non profit organizations involved with the social media groups. Basically, all of these “50 groups and organizations” are ran by a small group of people.



Jeff Borchardt alone created and runs at least 12 Facebook pages & groups, with board member Carol Miller owning and running at least 3 of pages herself and Daxton’s Board member Dennis Baker running around 4 pages himself.


What is alarming, is the dedication these individuals have in padding their numbers. How many fake profiles do each of them have?



One person alone has over 8 fake profiles, while it’s common knowledge that Jeff Borchardt as many as 6 profiles himself. Just by taking a look at the member list of their group The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine, it is filled with duplicates and fake profiles.

The BSL Advocacy has failed at any attempt in making our communities safer and have not prevented one single dog bite. What they have done with their fear mongering, misinformation and their flat out falsifying  information is making our communities even more dangerous. Their encouragement of sharing killing methods including poisoning places pets AND children in danger.

The fear mongering that Colleen Lynn, Jeff Borchardt and his small group of BSL Advocates promote and spread has proven to be dangerous but each and every day, their lies and misconceptions are being dispelled with hard workers within our communities. Millions of dog owners have spoken and their collective voices ring louder than the supposed “silent majority” that congregate among a handful of Facebook hate groups.