He Will Give You One Chance to Say Exactly What He Want’s You to Say…



Borchardt is just so kind to us “willfully ignorant pit bull activists”. Just how is he so kind to us? Well, he takes time from his usually non-busy day to write a blog post about how he will give you a chance to make ONE comment on his one of hundreds of facebook pages and not get banned. What’s the catch ( because, we know there is always a catch…) ? You just have to say exactly what he wants you to say.

Seems rather simple, right? WRONG!  First, you have to listen to the barrage of names that you have to agree to be called. Nope, it doesn’t matter just how inaccurate they are, you just have to roll with the names. What are the names? Let me list a few:

You have to agree that YOU are:

  • Willfully ignorant
  • Brain washed
  • Ill- informed
  • Uneducated
  • White trash
  • Hood rat
  • Criminal
  • Uneducated
  • Poor
  • Welfare recipient
  • Prostitute
  • Drug Dealer
  • Murderer
  • Child-hater
  • Cee U Next Thursday
  • Piece of [email protected]


If you agree to the names, then you can move on to the next step. Borchardt being Borchardt kindly jotted down the things that you CAN NOT say, that list doesn’t seem tooo bad…..

  • “Any dog is capable” ( Duh… because NO other dog can bite or kill…..right?)
  • “All dogs bite” ( Nope, only one type of dog can bite, like ever.)
  • “Sorry for you Loss, but or Sorry for you loss, However…” ( Don’t even try to point out the common sense factors in a news article….)
  • “You’re Ignorant” ( Because BSL Advocates ARE NEVER ignorant…)
  • “Educate Yourself” ( Dogsbite.org and Merritt Clifton are the only education they need.)
  • “Back in the 70’s,n 80’s….” ( Because those days and those breeds just don’t matter.)
  • “According to the NCRC, AVMA, UKC, AKC, etc….”( No use for those stinkin’ experts at all…)
  • “My pit bull is sweet and would never hurt a fly.” ( Like Millions of them…)
  • “All dogs show warning signs.” ( Even though they do, it doesn’t matter, right?)
  • “It’s the owners.” ( Even though it is most of the time…)
  • “Pit bulls pass the ATTS test.” ( Even though they do…)
  • “Petey was a pit bull, or Sgt. Stubby.” (Even though they were…)
  • “Pit mixes are not pit bulls.” (Most normal people call mixes “mutts”.. but who cares?).
  • “BSL doesn’t work because it doesn’t stop all dog ‘bites.” (Even though that statement has been proven correct..)


Now the important part: The things that Borchardt will ALLOW you to say:

“Wow, I didn’t know that.”

 “I had no idea it was so bad.”

 “I will take extra precaution with my fighting breed from now on, especially around children.”

 “I will look into a break stick and how to use it.”

 “I’m so sorry for your loss.” (no BUT’S)


We have created these pages in an attempt to spare other families and friends of the pain and suffering we have had to endure by giving you HONEST information. Not DISHONEST information from the countless organizations and TV shows whom are OWNED, CONTROLLED, or FUNDED by dog breeders, owners, veterinarians or animal welfare groups that have a vested interest in keeping the status of pit bulls unregulated, but HONEST information from people that have nothing to gain from this position. – Jeff Borchardt


(Just a small sample of those honest and educational groups Borchardt offers to the public…)

Who is ready to test out Borchardt’s  offer? I will be honest, I will have to pass…. I have way to much fun proving their bullshit wrong.

2000 and Counting…

How would you feel knowing you’ve pissed off over 2000+ people? I would imagine a normal person wouldn’t feel that great, nor would they want to brag about it, right?  I mean, what kind of person pisses that many people off on a social media setting like Facebook?!


Well…..  Somehow I’m not surprised. What I am surprised about is the dedication that man gives to obsessing over “stupid people”.   I kid you not, this is only PART of his block list, I honestly was going cross eyed trying to keep up with his every growing list….

jeffs block party

That’s not even 1/3 of his infamous growing list of people that he has blocked because they have disagreed with him. Although, the crazy part is, he literally stalked everyone of those person’s Facebook pages and linked them to each and every name. Then, he created a blog post to share with his stalking hate mongers SO they could stalk them, pillage their Facebook pictures of their families, send them nasty messages and THEN block them like some cowards. Over 2000+ people…. Who has that much time on their hands to stalk over 2000+ people on Facebook allllll because they are pit bull owners and non pit bull owners who have dared to disagree with him?

By no means am I a Psychiatrist, but I dare say that their is something unhealthy about this behavior.  Since people always say that past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior, it’s safe to say that if you have had the fortunate pleasure of pissing that man off, you probably will be added to his list… and for good measures, he’ll probably add you to it a few times, just in case he somehow forgot to add you the first time, or second time….



Ladies and Gentlemen, do not adjust your screen. What you are about to see is scientific verifiable proof that pit bulls are every freaking where. 

Even though, according to Dogsbite.org mathematical genius Merritt Clifton tells us that the pit bull population is the minority- 6% to be exact–   it seems that 99.97% of all dogs that are unidentifiable all seem to have over whelming pit bull genetics tainting them.


Pug and Pit mix….. Of course, the ears were a dead give away. OH, I should point out the coat of fur. A coat of fur are a pit bull breed give away. Let’s go over the visual pit bull identification checklist:

1. Fur (various colors, texture and length) ✔

2. Ears (Floppy, erect, small, large) ✔

3. Teeth ✔

4.  Legs ( short, long) ✔

5. Eyes ✔

6. Body (square, long, short, fat, skinny, muscular) ✔

How can you not see the pure bred pit in that dog?


They are everywhere…. You have been warned.

Why don’t you feel sorry?

“Why aren’t you sorry? Don’t you feel sorry? YOU BETTER FEEL SORRY OR WE WILL MAKE YOU SORRY!”- says Every BSL Advocate/Daxton’s Friends/Dogsbite.org member


I always feel sorry for the fear mongering morons over in the dismal land of the BSL Advocacy. I’m sorry that they willingly chose to live in such a sorry state of mind.

I mean, I get that they feel such a surge of manic excitement when they search out dog attacks or that they google pit bull owners over and over (even when they swear up and down they never ever care about what they have to say or do…) just to watch with rabid devout secret longing of the normality that their obsessions thrive in.  I feel sorry that they live in such a sorry pitiful state of suspended sorryness


…. No, seriously…. I just kidding! #sorrynotsorry that the BSL Advocacy is addicted to me. Although, considering some of the addiction issues that certain BSL advocates face,  :::coughcoughdrugdealingspainkillersboozedrivingwhileinoxicatedonsuspendedlicenses::::: I can see why they can not help themselves.

I wish I could be sorry that they hate the fact that the truth is being shown, but… #sorrynotsorry. I mean, we all know the saying “they hate what they fear” and the fear is strong among them over in the land of BSL Advocacy.

I get it, they want me to shut up. They want me to stop exposing them. They want me to be sorry that I show…. their true message. They want me to stop sharing their words, literally- screen shots of their very own words.  They want to make me sorry that I dare to point out the painfully obvious….


But… #sorrynotsorry. I couldn’t make up 99.99999% of the stupid, hateful, violent, sorry stuff you write on a daily basis if I tried… But I have ZERO problem sharing your stupidity on a daily basis and since you claim you are the #silentmajority- why are you so worried about such a nobody blogger like myself?


The Adventures of Billy

Meet Billy.


Billy is your garden variety grumpy pit bull hating BSL advocate. Poor Billy, he’s never happy unless he planning how to kill pit bulls.

One day, Billy decides to go for a walk.


Billy the grumpy BSL advocate can’t believe his eyes! How dare someone walk a mutant land shark in his neighborhood!


Billy dropped to his knees raging at his God! Alas, his God ignored Billy and possibly thought about smiting Billy..


Poor Billy. He has completely lost his freaking marbles. It would not be a far stretch to assume Billy pounded a few beers back before he left the house this morning…


It is possible the poor pit bull and owner have never seen so much stupidity radiate from one man…


Billy ran as fast as his drunk legs would let him… Which was not very fast….


Billy’s fingers flew over the keyboard as he relived the horrific events of the day! He sobbed in relief has he spews bullshit via facebook.


Poor Billy the drunken grumpy BSL Advocate, he might never leave his house again.

Fanatical Friday

Just wrapping this amazing work week with some of the usual ignorant comments made by our favorite mentally disturbed individuals over in BSL world….


I mean, what is wrong with these people? What normal person thinks of that nasty stuff on a normal basis?


I will admit- I am a horrible speller… But, it’s “pit”… Might want to check your [email protected] before talking about millions of folks…


Yes, I’m going to remind Rachel Simas just how mentally damaged she is on a daily basis. Since she’s a genetic expert without a H.S Diploma- I wonder if her ignorance is genetic? Case of bad breeding?


Right- just kill ’em all, right Jeff? I know some communities that feel that way against convicted drug dealers & drunk drivers…


It’s alllll fun and games when you are just “hypothetically” joking about torturing and killing dogs.


How many infamous serial killers were white middle aged men? Last time I CHECKED- there is no court that has convicted a dog for being a serial killer…


Stay at home dads, pit bulls, vengeful lesbians, rising gas prices, mexicans, muslims, short skirts, Obama, Micky mouse, Bugs bunny, the kardashians… Alllll contributing to the end of the world.


Love it. Love the fact those dogs will continuously be bitch slapping BSL Advocates on a daily basis for the rest of their miserable dog hating ignorant sad little lives. ❤

Everything is a pit bull!

Looks like your everyday, run of the mill mutt right?
Mixed with Pit? OF COURSE IT IS. I mean- the dog experts are all over it!

A better facial view- can you guess what the super sluethy dog experts have come up with?

They just are not feeling the “rottie”part….