It’s personal

How many times do we hear BSL advocates ask “oh my gawd, why do those darn mutant lad shark owners get so upset about us wanting to remove their dogs from their homes and euthanize them? They are just dogs….” Or ” Did that Nutter just say I was prejudice? Don’t they know you can’t be prejudice with dogs? It’s a insult to humans!” Of course, let’s not forget, “uugghhhh…. Humanizing dogs? That’s just so wrong!”- and of course- “they called us racists! Those Nutters don’t know you can’t be racist towards dogs!”

We all know the prejudiced beliefs of BSL advocates extend further than the dogs itself but to the humans behind the dogs. We hear and read their attacks on how a pit bull owner SHOULD look like, what kind of or lack of job, economic status, housing, race… it eventually becomes apparent that their advocacy of hate is not just about dogs but their owners.

One of the main reasons why BSL strikes such a raw nerve with millions of dog owners because essentially it is a attack against our innocent current and future four legged family members and their responsible owners.


“Dogs were the first domestic animal with whom we developed a close association with. In fact, research suggests that most domestic dogs have been genetically separate from wolves for at least 100,000 years, so that means we have associated with dogs for as long as we have been around as a species (Homo sapiens).”- according to Psychology Today.


Human–canine bonding is the mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between humans and dogs that is studied by psychologists, anthropologists, and ethologists.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the human–canine bond is influenced by emotional, psychological, and physical interactions that are essential to the health and well-being of both people and dogs- regardless of the breed.

Is it really a far stretch to see why the fight against breed specific legislation is so personal? That BSL it not just about dogs? That it affects not just the dogs but families?

This is what BSL advocates knowingly refuse to acknowledge. This is why BSL invokes fear, pain and anger from pit type owners. Dogs have absolutely no idea what BSL is or even means for them. They have no idea why they are surrendered and torn from loving families and sit in cold, dirty kennels waiting to be euthanized like the mass euthanizations in Denver.

My dog, who is currently hogging the bed has absolutely no idea that there are people talking about ways to kill dogs like him, but I do. My 40 lb pit type dog who gets owned daily by a fat 30 lb grumpy dog has no clue that a group of people are blaming him for something that has nothing to do with him, but I do.

Yet I hear BSL advocates exclaim, “But they are just dogs!”- but it’s never just an attack on the dogs- it’s an attack on you, it’s an attack on me- it’s an attack on all of us. Are they really that ignorant to think that we won’t take it personal when they talk in depths about killing our dogs.

How many Facebook BSL Hate groups are directed towards the owners of pit bulls? Let’s name off a few:

1. Confessions of a Pit Loving Whack Job (William Johnson)

2. Inside the deep dark sick mind of a pit bull owner (John D Wayne, Henry Peel, John T (same person))

3. Ignorance on the Internet/things PIT APOLOGISTS say (Jeff Borchardt, William Johnson)

3. Pit Bull Einstein (unknown)

5. The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine (Jeff Borchardt)

6. Craven Desire (Dawn James)

7. (Colleen Lynn)

8. Pit Bull Breed Identification photos (Jeff Borchardt)

Last time I checked, pit bulls are incapable of being:

1. ghetto hood rat trash

2. White trash

3. Racist

4. Drug dealers

5. KKK members

6. Poor

7. Uneducated

8. Criminals

9. Negligent

10. Any form of mental illness

I have no issue stating that BSL advocates are racist,homophobic, sexist, creepy, murdering assholes- because they are – towards me, you and our dogs and I have no issue telling them that it will be a cold day in hell before I let them hurt my dog, and I know millions of dog owners are saying the same thing.

4 thoughts on “It’s personal

  1. Here I am chiming in again!

    If people think that racism and “breedism” aren’t linked, they are absolutely deluding themselves! I have a Masters degree in Literature — my specialty was African-American, 20th century — and for a class project I did a presentation on the shifting image of the pitbull and its link to the Black community.

    Pitbulls were popular with the African-Americans going, way, WAY back (see of course the ‘Our Gang’ films, in which Petey belongs to Farina), and back then were seen as “cute”, non-threatening family dogs…just as Black children were seen as “cute” and non-threatening comic figures. But as African-Americans grew in political and economic power, both Black children and Pit Bulls became increasingly demonized…to the point that a Black child will be arrested for a crime that a white child gets a verbal warning for, and a pit bull will get euthanized for a “crime” that a lab would get a smack on the nose for.

    Well, I won’t get any further into details, because I’m spending way too much time on your site lately, but thanks again for all your hard work!

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