You don’t say….

“When the fire is on them, they don’t care who you are, how much they love you, how much you love them. The genetic urge is that strong. 

My understanding is that the owner, Mr Wallace, was in bed with the woman on the roof, when he became ill. She went to get the room-mate (the good Samaritan), who came to perform CPR and he was slaughtered at that point by Sheba.

The woman went up onto the roof to escape Sheba, and after that, I don’t know whether Sheba finished off her owner, Mr Wallace, or he died from his heart attack and she never laid a tooth on him. 
Waiting for the coroner’s report now.”-Lesley the Ninja

Nobody knows a thing yet… but that doesn’t stop the bumbling investigators sitting around trying to figure things out….

  1. Stalk the owners profile.

They are on it! However, it doesn’t take long until their investigation falls apart…

    2. Let’s make it racial 

“what is it about black dudes and murderous pitbulls ??? anyone care to wade in here ?”-James Lee

Makes no sense whatsoever… unless he’s saying only black dudes have pit bulls?  

“maybe , i should stay out of the ghetto with my fluffy white dog .  methinks”- James Lee

annnd they will toss around some more racial profiling of the victims…

    3. Bring in some incest comments.

i think the sister will want her for cuddles and snuggles before bedtime .  just like when they were kiddies and daddy came to say goodnite .”-James Lee

Uhh…. I’m not even going to touch that comment.

    4. Throw around some of other theories after getting the investigation back on track….

The dog probably killed them both. It probably attacked the first guy who then had an MI fighting it off then when room mate tried to save him, not by CPR, but from the devil, it attacked him, then when they didn’t fight anymore because they were dead and no fun it went after woman chasing her out the window . that’s my theory.”- Cathy Garcia

So, the guy tried to save the other guy from the Devil and because it was having fun the devil chased the unclothed woman who was in  “bed” with victim out the window?

Considering the couple was… possibly engaged in adult behavior, the owner was undressed, the woman was possibly screaming for help and the other guy was rushing around trying to perform CPR…. It seems pretty chaotic…

    5. Drift back to the Ghetto topic..

what happens in the ghetto should stay in the ghetto .”- James Lee

Notice how they are drifting off the tracks again? Well, buckle up because they are driving this crazy train right off the tracks…

    6. Bring up some beastality….

i think sheba was jealous of the female in bed with her master .- James Lee

…. I seriously can’t make this shit up.

Probably James. You know how they like sex with their owners- Cathy Garcia

The scary thing is… they think this is normal.

sounds like the woman  knew all about jealous wifes …wink , wink .”

“she knew enuf to get the eff outa there while she could”- James Lee

Is it me… or did the whole wink wink  thing creep you out too?

hell hath no fury like a spurned pibbles .”- James Lee

“Haha that’s right”- Cathy Garcia

“we shoulda known some sordid reality would come light …pitbull ppl are so classy .”- James Lee

Right… because BSL advocates keep it sooo classy. Keep up the greeeat victims advocacy.

7 thoughts on “You don’t say….

  1. Geezus H. Cripes!! Could they get anymore disgusting?? These people are safety advocates?? I am actually feeling nauseated now they are so sickening.They must live on some other planet or something.
    Reminding me of a song by Tool. Vicarious.
    “I need to watch thing die..From a good safe distance.
    Vicariously I. Live while the whole world dies.”

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  2. Victims advocacy will never be the looked at quite the same. This is the face of DBO. victims advocacy is in name only.. it’s a witch hunt..There is nothing about this advocacy that claims otherwise.

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  3. These are also the same “victim’s advocates” who joked that Sheba (Mr. Wallace’s dog) was chunky and needed to cut back on “human food” and this was another “darwin” attack. Sick people, devoid of empathy.

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