Sinking to A New Low…

Do you know anyone that uses the following manipulative techniques?

  • Lying
  • Lying by omission
  • Denial 
  • Rationalization 
  • Minimization 
  • Selective inattentive and Selective attention 
  • Diversion
  • Evasion
  • Covert intimidation
  • Guilt trips
  • Shaming
  • Playing the Victim Role
  • Playing the Servant Role
  • Projecting the blame
  • Feigns innocence 
  • Feigns confusion
  • Brandishes anger

Do you know anyone that might have these similar motivations?

  • The need to advance their own purposes and personal gain at virtually any cost to others.
  • A strong need to attain feelings of power and superiority in relationships with others.
  • A want and need to feel in control .
  • A desire to gain a feeling of power over others in order to raise their perception of self-esteem.

    If you do- you my Friend have probably tangled with a BSL Advocate. Pathological narcissism, consistent irresponsibility, cruelty, meanness, impulsivity, proneness to self-harm and addictions, interpersonal exploitation, hostility, anger and rage, vanity, emotional instability, rejection sensitivity, perfectionism, and the use of primitive defense mechanisms are all wrapped up haphazardly  inside them and seeps through their pores leaving a toxicity trailing behind them.


    They want to create this culture of fear. Almost similar to how the Nazis used fear to support a war that most would oppose with out the blanket of fear. Fear mongering, stereotyping, shaming- discriminating against a population of humans all because they hate the types of dogs that population of society owns. They label and make blanket statements to paint a large population with so much negativity – it’s a discrediting tatic. More often than not it fails because in their delusional state they assume they are the norm and become hostile and aggressive when it’s pointed out just how abnormal they really are and no one- no matter the age are safe from their toxicity.


    This specific BSL Advocate is teaching this 3 year old to blindly fear which abusive and dangerous. 

    Isabella Marie: “What do Pit bulls do?”

    Child: They bite

    Kyle McGill: “How do they bite? Show me.”

    Child mimics biting and laughing 

    Isabella Marie:  Show me again what pit bulls do. Show me.


    Look at her face as her aunt repeatedly asks her- she looks down, unsure and is goaded by the man & the questioning (interrogation) doesn’t end there.

    Isabella Marie: Are pit bulls bad?

    child: yeah! I won’t get pit bulls at my house.

    Kyle McGill- noooooo

    Isabella Marie: show me again, what do pit bulls do.

    Even though fear is one of the most basic human emotion – it is programmed into our nervous system and works like an instinct. Feeling afraid is very natural — and helpful — in some situations. 

    However, how does this benefit the developing mind of a 3 year old? How does installing fear of dogs in a 3 year old help that child and why do the adults find installing an irrational fear in this child funny?  Last time I checked- there was nothing nurturing or healthy about creating a phobia for a 3 year old child to have to attempt to over come years later and to show another level of disfunction, one of the board members of chimes in:

    Wise, and cute as can be!”- Carol Miller

    Wise…? Welcome to the world of BSL Advocates- screwing up the next generation on child at a time. All I can say is- the majority of mothers would be pissed off for not only mentally screwing up their toddler but also exposing their child to a bunch of pedophiles lurking in the BSL Advocacy and yet they worry about our children… 

    Check out the video yourself

    4 thoughts on “Sinking to A New Low…

    1. There is so much wrong with this I don’t know where to begin. For starters instilling fear into a child is so wrong. I hope the parents of this little see this and realize who the true danger is here.

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