Dear Pit Bull Haters

Originally posted on Ray the Vicktory Dog:

ray sylvia Amazing photo of Ray by Sylvia Elazafon

See this dog?  This little old man of a dog?  He is a pit bull terrier type dog.  He is a former fighting dog.  He is the stuff your insane nightmares are made of.  But regardless of what you believe to be true about his breed, he is our beloved family member.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to take Ray with me to work every single day. We spend all day, every day together. He has met and charmed literally thousands of people.  And never once, in all that time, has he been anything but polite and loving with everyone from littles to adults.

No matter where we go, or how we travel, Ray is always willing to meet the people who want to meet him. He doesn’t know or understand that some people hate him because of his breed or…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Pit Bull Haters

  1. I will NEVER not tear-up when I read about Vicktory dogs. And all senior doggies of every breed have a very special place in my heart…

    So I’m sending you my Kleenex bill, is what I’m saying.

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  2. Please tell me the foaming dumbasses have not trolled this posting since I saw it yesterday, made a bunch of assholey comments regarding this posting or anything else. I would probably flip a gasket.

    Those dogs endured so much…and have had remarkable lives since. I feel the same about them as I do all the puppy-mill rescued dogs I follow. These dogs lived in hell and survived and still LOVE. I dare you foaming idiots to be as brave!!

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