“Just Kill them ALL”

Yes, that is exactly what Tony Solesky, Board member of Daxton’s Friends recommends for not just pit bulls- but ALL dogs sitting in shelters.


“Simply gas all dogs regardless of breed that wind up on shelters.. ALL OF THEM.”

I think this speaks volumes of their agenda…. “Just kill ’em all”.

Non-Profit Founder & Friends Call for Support in Legalizing Dog Fighting.

Yesterday, I wrote a post showing BSL advocates supporting the idea of legalizing dog fighting and today, BSL advocates have upped their support in legalizing dog fighting by telling their fellow BSL advocates to call in for SUPPORT of legalizing this horrible crime.


The Pit Bull Problem, a group administrated and created by Jeff Borchardt, the founder of the non-profit group Daxton’s Friends and friends continue to solidify their public stance of supporting “putting the pit’s back into the pits”.



Is it possible that the founder of Daxton’s Friends are funneling the small amount of donations into supporting legalizing dog fighting? It’s possible, especially considering how secretive Borchardt is about were his alleged donations are being allocated.  What’s even more interesting, one of Borchardt’s close friend and fellow admin of the group Pit Bull problem is the lawyer J Thomas Beasley. Beasley, residing in New Orleans, a city dealing with it’s own dog fighting problems, has currently accepted a postion with Jefferson Parish Indigent Defender Program and will no doubt be defending those arrested for dog fighting and acts of animal cruelty.  BSL advocates defending animal abusers and dog fighters? It’s no secret just how involved they are at promoting animal abuse towards certain breeds of dogs and now they are supporting legalizing it.

Dog Fighting & BSL Advocates Go Hand in Hand…

Anyone with a soul and conscience understands that dog fighting is absolutely revolting, repulsive, disgusting, cruel, loathsome, contemptible, abominable and understandably a felony. Pretty much, it’s understand that if you support dog fighting and engage in dog fighting you are pretty much a disgusting criminal POS that should be rotting in jail. So, it’s absolutely disgusting, yet predictable to see BSL advocates THRILLED with an article from a game dog forum that was posted about the idea of dog fighting becoming legal in Kentucky.


Although, after a bit of research (Which seems to be difficult for BSL advocates), it shows just how BSL Advocate Julie Wall has failed to comprehend the legislative piece. Since BSL Advocates routinely stalk this blog, I’ll be nice and break it down for them:

A legislative panel approved a measure today that would amend Kentucky’ dog-fighting law to also make it illegal to promote the practice. Senate Bill 14, as amended in the state Senate Agriculture Committee, would make the owning, possessing, breeding, training, selling or transferring of dogs intended for use in dog fighting a felony punishable by one year to five years in prison.

While to the normal and mentally healthy person with a SOUL, making dog fighting a Class D Felony is great, leave it to BSL advocates to actually advocate FOR dog fighting.


The idea of dog fighting legalized makes the infamous and disgusting Lorde Faust INCREDIBLY joyous as she types in excitement,”Yay! Put the pits back in the pits!” Then there is good ‘ole Gail, she’s totally not opposed to dog fighting, because you know… those pit bulls just love to fight to the death according to her. The only thing she is unsure of is… you know, those pesky dog fights can be a bit…. “swarmy”, that those dog fights can attract those darn criminals…drug dealing and stuff. Not worried about the abuse and torture of the animals involved, but more about the other criminal stuff.

What is interesting is to see Mia Johnson, the co founder of National Pit bull Victim Awareness actually like the possible idea of dog fighting legal. Once again confirming that BSL advocates are perfectly fine with and support criminal and horrific treatment of pit bull and bully breed type dogs. A self proclaimed “public safety servant” supporting dog fighting? I’m not even sure how that makes any sense… you be the judge.



Rising Numbers

Nationwide, statistics show from Jan-Sep, an estimated 26,000 people have been killed in car crashes. Dog bite fatalities in 2015 nationwide? 34. From 2005-2015, in an 11 year period NATIONWIDE, 360 American have died due to a dog bite injury, compare that total for an 11 year time span to the state of Arizona for 2015, which sadly reports that 890 people have died in car crashes. Yet,BSL advocates want to tell you that dog attack fatalities are a rising epidemic and even though dog attack fatalities don’t even make it into the CDC’s leading causes of Death top 10 (Xu, Murphy, Kochanek & Bastain, 2016), they continue to attempt to stir fear and paranoia with skewed statistics and falsified data.

The Bitter Sweet Pill of Truth

Eventually, the truth comes out and the recent article done by Patrick Cain from Global News shares the truth about what every BSL advocate does NOT want the public to see. In 2005, Ontario passes a law to ban and remove all pit bulls and dogs that looked like them from their province.

According the former Attorney General Michael Bryant, this would lower pit bull attacks and cause less attacks by dangerous dogs, and while it makes sense that now that the “pit bull” dog bite statistics have dropped, mainly because there are only about 338 registered pit bull types currently in Toronto, 1,073 less from 2005. Yet it doesn’t explain why dog bites and attacks have kept rising if the real danger was originally  from “pit bulls”.

  (Shaw Media, 2016)



As controversial (and obviously misguided, considering the numbers show that dog attacks didn’t go down after the ban.) as the pit bull ban was and is, Bryant spoke to the Toronto Life in 2011, stating that he doesn’t’ regret banning pit bulls in 2005, but regrets the fall out, even pointing out how much it hurt his former love life with a dog lover he was dating, “she doesn’t know if she can get past it.”

It never is or will be about preventing Dog attacks/bites.

According to BSL advocates, BSL isn’t about preventing dog attacks/bites by all breeds, just by a handful.


Which partially explains why BSL/Bans have been a complete failure in preventing dog attacks and bites. BSL advocates claim “BSL works perfectly if enforced correctly” yet, BSL/Bans haven’t prevented one single dog bite fatality. I  recently asked a BSL Advocate, how effective was BSL in preventing the dog attack fatality of Carmen Reigada in Miami and her response was “Those breeds should have been included in the ban tooo!” and I couldn’t help but wonder now “lab mixes” & Rhodesian Ridgebacks should be banned too, since according to the reports, “The dogs were identified as an American Bulldog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Labrador Mix”

Fighting for the Right to live

Right now, the Canadian province that has a pit bull ban is planning on euthanizing 21 dogs rescued from a dog fighting operation  (The very province that BSL advocates will tell you just how effective the pit bull ban is. ) without giving those 21 victims a chance at a life beyond the fighting ring. What BSL advocates can not do, no matter how hard they try, is to hide the truth on just how successful dogs rescued from well publicized fighting operations like the Vicktory dogs have been. Will Ontario give those dogs a chance to be just dogs? Will Ontario give those dogs a chance to prove their false stereotypical labels wrong? Or will Ontario turn a blind eye and bury these dogs with out even batting an eye? We will find out soon enough…







Jiaquan Xu, M.D.; Sherry L. Murphy, B.S.; Kenneth D. Kochanek, M.A.; and Brigham A. Bastian, B. S.; National Vital Statistics Reports 2016  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr64/nvsr64_02.pdf




Daxton’s Friends Board Members & BSL Advocates Attack Veterans

An ex-Marine, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and a brain injury thanks to a deployment to Iraq finds himself targeted by the warden in the City of Lakewood and now by the board members of the small PRO BSL hate group/non-profit Daxton’s Friends.

veteren3.PNG(Picture provided by thedodo.com)

According to Aurora Wells, writer for the Dodo.com.  Veteran Patrick Boyd adopted his emotional support dog Veronica in 2011, even working with a certification program to get Veronica to receive the training needed to work as Patrick’s emotional support dog. According to the city of Lakewood’s own breed- specific legislation, Patrick was not breaking the law since service dogs are an exception to the ordinance and while the Warden continued to harass him, it seems as if the courts sided with Boyd.


That seems to irritate the failed politician Solesky, Founding board member of Daxton’s Friends. Calling the Iraq veteran irresponsible and fraudulent, he proceeds to mock the injured veteran all because Solesky feels that he should have a choice in the tools that Veteran Patrick Boyd should use- which is what Veronica is besides being a dog- she is a tool needed for Boyd to be able to function on a daily basis.



(Borchardt letting the public know that he feels that Veterans with pit bulls should be excluded.)

This isn’t the first case of board members of Daxton’s Friends mocking and harassing veterans that happen to be pit bull owners. In fact, the founding board member Jeff Borchardt commented that he felt the need to remind veterans that are pit bull owners that their dogs need to be euthanized. It’s interesting that a convicted felon, who couldn’t and wouldn’t even be able to serve their country feels that he should have a voice in what veterans should or should not have.

The Wrath of Dumb & Dumber

::::: Warning!!! This Post will absolutely offend a recently fired fraudulent Examiner Reporter and her Bushy bearded Quack from Down Under!!:::::


Offended those two be. So offended at being exposed for the frauds that the majority knows them to be. So offended they are that they are diligently working on silencing anyone who dares point out their disgraceful behavior, yet thankfully people refuse to stay silent.


It seems as if supporters of a certain disgraced “reporter” and alleged “rescue” owner are dropping like flies, especially since she continues to make herself look like a total idiot by continuing to post fabricated stories and pass them off as the truth.


How anyone took her seriously after attempting to turn a dog attack into a death by falling off the ladder scenario is beyond me. Thanks to her lies and over inflated ego, she has become the laughing stock of the community and it’s only going down hill from there.

The Bearded Idiot from Down Under

It’s a no brainer why the bearded quack from down under is nestled firmly right up her tush. Rejected for his unstable and dangerous behavior towards not just BSL Advocates but also against anti- BSL advocates, the bearded idiot has not only threatened at one time group members of releasing private contact information to BSL Advocates and makes attempts to shut down personal Facebook profiles with anyone who disagrees with his erratic and destructive behavior.  Only one person welcomes his extreme behavior with wide open arms because she herself does the exact same thing and to solidify their working relationship.


She has given him the one thing he has been searching for… a place to belong.

Now it makes sense why the Bushed Quack from down under defends his new partner with such passion. Crazy loves the bat shit crazy.

Threats from the Unhinged

The bearded moron has informed everyone that if anyone out there decides to support the release of his partner from the Examiner for making up stories to line her pocket, he will stalk your personal information and attempt to make your life miserable. His message to you, myself and everyone out there is:

“Keep your mouth shut and I won’t make any trouble for you”- The Beared Quack from Down Under

I don’t know about you guys but my response is pretty self explanatory:


The Twisted Duo


I have written about “She who shall not be named” once before… and to put it mildly, it really got her undies all up in a bunch. However, it seems as if Cindy Marabito has really stepped in it now and instead of putting her big girl pants and taking ownership, she has embraced the extremist Terry Holt and have started a campaign of attacks on anyone daring to speak out against their onslaught of personal cyber attacks.


Fall from Grace

It all began with an article. Marabito wrote an article for the Examiner.com and didn’t do the simple task of fact checking to see if the story was even correct. It’s no secret that Marabito used her position as a “writer” for the Examiner as a means to pay for her “rescue” Reunion Rescue and writing a sob story to pull at the heart strings of readers to garner more click and shares makes perfect sense and it would have been fine if…the story had been true.

According to Marabito, it was just a simple mistake, she just didn’t update/correct/or whatever and instead of owning up to being called out on the incorrect article, Marabito did was Marabito is famous for, throwing epic meltdowns and attacking those that dared to point it out and it seems that this time, her melt down came around and bit her right in the arse. (Check out the article written by imediaethics that exposes Marabito.)  Instead of writing a followup or acknowledging that she, Cindy Marabito made a mistake, she decided to publish the personal contact info of the reporter.



ImeadiaEthics asked Marabito to remove the personal information, which Marabito didn’t. However, what she did do was classic Marabito, calling their lawyers “fucking losers” and and not taking responsibility for her screw up. What Marabito won’t tell you the damage she did to the rescues involved in her sham story.  AmsterDog Rescue, the target of her fake story were drug into the web of lies that Marabito spun in attempt to line her pocket and the fall out of her Marabito’s fake stories is far from over.

Because of her unprofessional behavior, Cindy Marabito was rightfully fired by the Examiner.com while apologizing to imediaethics for Marabito’s childish behavior and removing all of her articles off their site.

Twisted Duo

I’ve kept silent about Terry Holt, Cindy Marabito’s new partner, for a long time. I’ve tolerated him copying and pasting my blog posts for some time, because it really wasn’t worth the hassle but I can’t not sit by and watch Terry Holt and Cindy Marabito attack reputable organizations  and wonderful advocates, like StopBSL.org , Kris Diaz and the growing list of victims that those two idiots are creating all because they refuse to support Cindy Marabitos childish vengeful behavior.  Both Holt and Marabito are notorious for their use of cyber attacks, creating dozens of fake profiles in attempt to stalk people, report legitimate Facebook profiles as fake in attempt to harass  both pro and anti BSL advocates who do not see eye to eye with their extremist behaviors and doing more harm than good for the anti BSL advocacy. This isn’t the first time that Holt has been called out on harassing anti BSL advocates who don’t agree with his behavior and it won’t be the last.


  It’s time that Terry Holt and Cindy Marabito grow up and take responsibility for their actions. Cindy Marabitos temper got Cindy Marabito fired. Cindy Marabito’s unethical and unprofessional behavior got Cindy Marabito fired.  At this moment, Marabito is begging for funds to help fund her “rescue” on a monthly basis and while she blames everyone but herself for her own lack of control, she has painted herself as a victim and the majority of people who have had the displeasure of dealing with Marabito knows just how laughable that is.

More to come…..