The Plague Of Stupidity


I’m honestly astounded by the lack of intelligence that is running rampant among the media. I mean- is there not enough news in the world? No updates on the large earthquake that shook the other side of the world? Rioting and looting calming down too much for them? 

Hey! Let’s ask reporter Maggie Fox of NBC. What’s her new thought provoking story? 

Pit Bull Spreads Plague to Four People

I kid you not. Good ‘ole Maggie writes-

“It started with a sick pit bull, and its owner, two vet techs and a close personal contact of the dog’s owner all ended up infected.”- 

Well, that’s an outright lie- considering in another story it states: Often the cases come after a domestic animal has come into contact with prairie dogs who are infected.”  If Maggie Fox was a serious journalist, her head line would have been along the line of “Possible prairie dog infected family pet with …” Which would have been the truth. Let’s also mention that the freaking story is over a year old.

I don’t know about you- but I’m a huge History Channel nerd and every once in awhile it shows the Black Death. If you make it through the show (it’s like 3 hours long) towards the end- it brings the Black Plague possibility into the future- stating the states in the west, including Colorado were wild rodents such as prairie dogs were known carriers. 

It’s alllll about making a headline and damn the people it hurts, right Maggie? Never mind that the dog (pit bull- not like the breed matters), a family pet- died a horrible and painful death. Never mind the fear that the owner and other victims felt but yet the relief they also must have felt knowing that all plague can be treated with an antiobotic. 

Maggie Fox goes on to contradict her own disgusting headline by adding-

Both the man and the dog were coughing up blood, so either could have infected her. But the timeline makes it look more likely that the man infected her.”

I think the worst part is- Maggie Fox has found a way to add another layer of fear on a already unjustly blamed breed. I don’t get it- what was the point? The dog died and the humans lived. Way to kick a dead dog, Maggie Fox- how long until a BSL extremists decides to justify killing an innocent pit bull due to your story? Time will tell….


Dear Pit Bull Haters

Originally posted on Ray the Vicktory Dog:

ray sylvia Amazing photo of Ray by Sylvia Elazafon

See this dog?  This little old man of a dog?  He is a pit bull terrier type dog.  He is a former fighting dog.  He is the stuff your insane nightmares are made of.  But regardless of what you believe to be true about his breed, he is our beloved family member.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to take Ray with me to work every single day. We spend all day, every day together. He has met and charmed literally thousands of people.  And never once, in all that time, has he been anything but polite and loving with everyone from littles to adults.

No matter where we go, or how we travel, Ray is always willing to meet the people who want to meet him. He doesn’t know or understand that some people hate him because of his breed or…

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“Pit bulls were bred to fight in the pit, with other pit bulls. So, if you are not dog fighting, what do you expect your pit bull to do? They’re just not that great at anything else.”- J. Thomas Beasley

I suppose this is proof that it doesn’t take a brain to get a law degree- basically the new DBO [email protected] just called us pit bull owners dog fighters.

I don’t know about you, but I expect my pit bull type dog to:

  • Hog the Bed
  • Stare at my bagel while I eat it
  • Sunbathe until it gets too warm and then lay in the living room.
  • Look out the window
  • Bark at a pigeon eyeballing him in the front yard.
  • Pass gas- multiple times
  • Sit at the window waiting for the tween to get home.
  • Keep out of the two year old’s way while she’s driving
  • Lick his butt 😖
  • Crawl on my lap because he thinks he’s a lap dog
  • Possibly play fetch 
  • Watch Supernatural
  • Go for a walk
  • Bark at the pool

You know why  I expect my pit bull type dog to do all that? Because it’s what he does. Now, I know not all pit bulls are as lazy as mine- some people have amazing pit bulls.

They swim, fly through the air, save lives, fight crimes, help children move through the community, comfort soliders, bring smiles to the faces of termanilly ill. Pit bulls are capable of amazing things with amazing people. 

It’s never just about the dog. The dog reflects the person besides them. They reflect the time, effort, love & training that the person invests into them. It’s a team- and they can be a powerful team. They can change lives and change minds- when the right owner with the right pit bull type dog face the world – nothing and no one can stop them. Not even some prick who pretends to be a lawyer.


Actually- Yes, I would.


Actually Lynn– I would prefer to have dogs just like those living next to me. Why?  That’s an easy answer- because history has shown that dogs taken from this environment, rehabilitated and placed into proper homes have accomplished great things.

Audieearned an advanced AKC agility title—Excellent A Preferred. 


Johnny Justice:  certified therapy dog, specializing in working with terminally ill kids as well as children in the Paws for Tails reading program at local libraries near his home. He was named ASPCA Dog of the year in 2014.

Cherry Garcia


Handsome Dan




Little Red

The list goes on and on- these dogs are not just trash. They are not born these indestructible fighting machines, contrary to what dog fighting supporters and BSL Advocates, they feel pain and not just normal pain, but horrific pain. They are put in this environment that requires them to fight or die. Few survive (if you want to call it that…) but even more die.

Those that make it out and are given a  second chance break every stereotype placed on their backs. So yes, I’d rather have dogs that have lived through hell living it up in happy safe homes enjoying and learning how to be just a dog. I’d take them as neighbors before any of those BSL Advocates any day. 

His Heart grew Two Sizes Bigger…

I honestly never ever EVER thought I would be writing a positive post about James Hassinger. You remember him- he’s the guy who would take images of kids and write disgusting anti pit bull memes. I’m not sure if becoming a new father has caused this grinch’s heart to grow two sizes…

But I’m honestly shocked and a bit hopeful for humanity by his reactions to a dog- not just any dog– but a pit bull that was shot and killed by the police.

Be still my beating heart. I can’t believe I’m saying this but- OHMYGAWD, you go James Hassinger! Now, this doesn’t excuse his past behavior but I have to give that white man a fist bump with a thumbs up at the end… “You can’t go around shooting things because they might do something.” Preach it, my brother from some other motha’!

Wait- wait! He’s not done yet. James continues:

Is the world ending? Hold on- I’m checking the news to see if the apocalypse has started. Could I be wrong about BSL Advocates having the ability to change? That they can show compassion? I don’t care if he’s the only one- because it’s one and even one makes a difference. It shows that yes, he may not care for a breed of dog but he refuses to stand by and allow cruelty run amuck.

 Right? Right?!! What the heck is wrong with people? James, I’m woman enough to admit that you are more than the asshole creating disgusting anti pit memes featuring children – you might have some decency deep deep down inside.

The fact that James can reach across and unite with pit bull owners to stand against cruelty shows that minds can change. If the grinch changed, why can’t James?


Challenge Issued

Are you a Pit bull Advocate? Owner/Founder of any Pit bull Rescue? A public Anti BSL Advocate? According to BSL advocates- they are ready for Colleen Lynn, their supreme leader to start going toe to toe in debating facts and statistics with you!

I know I’m ready to see Colleen debate real facts and statistics with actual experts and I know thousands of people who would love to see this go down.

I’m sure Borchardt would love to listen but that’s because he’s to much of a coward to debate or discuss anything that differs from his kill all pit bulls rant. Remember the no-show on a popular pet program because they were anti BSL? HILAROUS.

I am interested in seeing how this goes down on the pro-pit pages.”- Lynne Smith

Well… I’m not sure about everyone but I’m ready for a round table discussion between the two sides. Lay it all out on the table- Facts vs. Myths, community safety, dog bite prevention, Breed specific legislation and what it really means, responsible dog ownership, the real numbers,  let the public decide. Isn’t that what Borchardt says? Let’s let the public decide? 

Fred, Brent Toellner, any takers? Although- don’t get to excited, I have this feeling Colleen will do what Colleen does best…. hide from the truth.


Stephenie Michelle Garnet, former pit bull owner, foster volunteer & fancy backyard breeder is a great example of the cult like mentality:


Now- she previously owner not one but two pit bulls in the past with zero issues- however, once she began chumming with her fellow BYB and current admin in the current hate group The Pit bull Propaganda Machine- she somehow no longer owned the two dogs but if she had- she would have taken those two innocent dogs out in the backyard and shot them.

You know why she’s lost so many friends? Because everyone is noticing what an animal abusing POS she truly is. Never mind she quit her job waitressing at Applebee’s here in Phoenix so she can earn her money by breeding her dogs AND coming up with new breeds for [email protected] and giggles (I’ll get to that in a bit…)– but you know… as long as she’s willing to kill pit bulls than those silly BSL Advocates don’t care about her unethical BYB projects. 


Ladies and Gentlemen… Brittoodles or Pootanies- AKA: over priced mutts.