Rachel Simas- The facts about a DBO member

I was attacked by a pit bull on 11/24/95, I was 9 years old. The dog, named ‘Dice’ belonged to my Aunt and was known to be aggressive.

A young child, staying at her grandparents for the night with an known aggressive dog kept “contained” in her aunts apartment. I feel bad for her- her whole family failed her. I mean, why would her family let an known aggressive dog be in the vicinity  of kids? The bigger question- why the [email protected] would her parents put her in that position?

This is what I mean when I talk about foreseeable and preventable dog attacks. It’s understandable that Rachel hates pit bulls, what’s not understandable is expecting millions of people to pay for it. From her own words- it seems her family failed her on so many levels that it explains the broken person she is today. It’s no wonder she’s drawn to the cult like society of DBO and Daxton’s Friends. 

I lost all my friends and my grades plummeted. I gained weight, stopped participating in all social activities and eventually became a completely different person.”

When I really start looking into the history and stories of BSL members, I start to notice the childhood traumas that seem to keep them in a state of chaos. According to Simas- her family was fractured due to the “attack”. Supposedly her aunt & her boyfriend ditched her, her parents minimized the damage according to Simas by telling her she might need stitches (although, I’m pretty sure many parents attempt reassure their injured child that an injury isn’t so bad so the child does not become more panicked which could cause more damage…) and her grandparents helped her aunt who was responsible for the attack.


It’s obvious she felt betrayed by the people in charge of protecting her and the consequences of that have paved the way for a very chaotic and disfunctional life for the young girl. 

Exposure to a traumatic event alone is not necessarily sufficient to seriously traumatize a child. Rather, it is a consequence of how the child experienced the crisis that results in sever distress”.- NASP

Look, Rachel’s family actions after the dog attack was wrong. Not giving her the emotional support she despertly  needed was wrong. Not giving her access to therapeutic support that would have enabled Rachel to learn how to heal and cope with this traumatic event in a healthy and effective way was wrong because until Rachel learns how to function cohesively- she will always be stuck in a 9 year old’s maturity level.


I would give anything to have been in a terrible car accident, or a fire, or something where people don’t try to shift the blame, and downplay the danger. As though being attacked by the dog wasn’t bad enough without continuously being attacked by people who can’t accept that pit bulls are dangerous.”

Now, Rachel assumes that we, as in society, are ordered to pay the price for her family’s failures. But- there comes a time when Rachel needs to start taking ownership for her behavior- for her role in perpetuating her victims status, but monkey does what monkey see’s and she’s surrounded by a crew of monkeys that don’t believe in being anything but victims.


It’s time for Rachel to grow up, unless she likes having failed relationships with cross dressing knife welding meth fueled quacks (yup- she dated a fellow cult member), or  not taking the steps to finish her high school diploma. If she likes sitting behind her computer harassing pit bull owners, harassing their children and demanding people run off and kill their dogs- then fine but she chose to start growing up and being responsible for her actions it would call for taking ownership of her present action and I’ve yet to see one single BSL advocate do that.


(Rachel’s Knife wielding, verbally abusive, substance abusing cross dressing ex- boyfriend-BSL supporter)

She got dealt a shitty hand when she was born into her family, I get that- it sucks. She was attacked by her aunt’s aggressive dog and they didn’t give her the support she needed- cruel and abusive, absolutely. However, I’m not killing millions of innocent dogs for her and she lost her pity card from me the moment she started stalking and harass families who don’t kiss Colleen Lynn’s or Borchardts ass.

Grow up Rachel and be a productive, healthy and happy person- just like millions of pit bull owners. 

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