Letter to the Ignorant

Dear David,

My dog cares about a lot of things in life. He cares if he can get the best spot on the bed surrounded by pillows. He cares if he can hide his treat before Gustavo (our other dog) can steal it from him. He cares about my oldest daughter so much that he sits by the window at 3:15 pm Monday through Friday as he waits for her to get home from school and I’m always amazed at the unwavering and unconditional dedication, trust and love that he shares willingly with our family.


Now, my Scrappy isn’t as imposing as your 97 lb. full blooded golden retriever. I’m pretty sure he’s 40 lbs. soaking wet and his “lineage” is a mix and mash of many- kind of like his owners. He came from a horrible environment- I mean, can you imagine how it would have felt being crammed into a small cat travelling crate all day? But like your dog, the very beginning of his life didn’t define what kind of dog he was going to be.

I like to think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To me, our big eared black bat dog is breath taking. There isn’t a macho bone in his body, for Pete’s sake- he prances. I will admit, unlike your dog, my Scrappy McScraptser is a bit cowardly. We have quite the bullish pack of pigeons that sometimes land in our large backyard and when they do, our poor Scrappy is usually bullied from his favorite sun spot but THANKFULLY our macho 20 lb. chi/poodle/whatever mix takes charge and runs those bastards right off because that’s what family do, right?


I get it- you must be running out of things to write about and figure bashing a breed of dog will bring a tiny bit of credibility to your name, but fortunately- you failed. Which is what usually happens when you attempt to spread hate. I hate to inform you of this, but my dog was never bred & born to fight, just like your dog obviously wasn’t bred to be a great show dog, especially since you found him dumped in a shelter. Although, I do know dogs like mine that were “bred & born” to fight and they have evolved into the amazing dogs that they are today. I mean, the dogs recued from Michael Vicks literally destroys your whole hate filled theory about these dogs.

I’m sorry you had a horrible experience at a dog park, I myself do not take my dogs since our Gustavo was attacked golden retriever- a golden retriever much like yours. A golden retriever who just wanted to play ball…. with Gustavo’s ball. I feel the pain at paying all of the medical bills because of irresponsible owners, it sucks. I remember  the pain Gustavo went through- the moments thinking he would never make it out of surgery. I remember thinking as I punched, kicked and pryed that pure bred golden retriever that the POS was going to kill him- screaming at the dog owner who stood there with her spilt starbucks latte at her feet.


Maybe I should as you David, why do you keep a breed of dog that can brutally maul, fight, maim and kill? It’s absolutely your right to own a breed that almost killed my Gustavo- but since we are judging an entire breed for the actions of a few, I would ask that you keep your full bloodied Golden Retriever Champ at home. All Gustavo wanted to do was play ball with his buddies.

5 thoughts on “Letter to the Ignorant

  1. Oh, I am so sorry this happened to you! Your poor little man! As a toy dog owner, this is my personal nightmare.

    It just goes to show, any dog of any breed can be “bad” under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Once again, I blame (the golden’s) human for not knowing her dog’s limitations and setting him up for failure by putting him in a situation he wasn’t equipped to handle.

    We don’t have a lot of dog parks in the UK because our leash laws are much more lax, and in that sense every park over here is a dog park! But I do think putting a bunch of random off-lead dogs in a confined space is a good recipe for a bad bite. It’s a testament to the fundamental sociability of dogs that this doesn’t happen more often.

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