Double Edged Sword

It’s heartbreaking when I read about yet another dog being shot, but what angers me is knowing that at the end of the day, it was the owners fault that their dog was shot. Look, it’s no secret there are people that hate (and that’s a mild word)  any dog that might be a pit bull and it’s no secret that many of those people that hate the pit bull type dogs are also armed with guns and will have no issue finding a reason to shoot your dog running loose on their property.


I’m not going to deny it- the “man” (pathetic excuse of one that is…) is a total asshole for doing that and in no way justifiable, but this is one of those moments that we need to start smacking the hard truth into irresponsible owners. IF you knew that YOUR neighbor hated/feared YOUR dog, wouldn’t you make damn sure that your beloved family pet wouldn’t step one single paw on their property?

Not the first time the dog was in his yard and he had reported it before. Irresponsible dog owner and the dog pays the price. Did he go overboard? Maybe… But it was also 100% preventable by you

When is enough enough? As much as I despise BSL advocates, I’ve found that irresponsible owners are responsible for more pit bull deaths than any of those idiots over at and that group has plenty of blood on their hands too. The reality is- we, the owners are our dogs first line of defense. It’s up to us to prevent the preventable which is what this owner failed to do. Just like the excuses that slide off the tongues of BSL advocates, I see the same disgusting trend in irresponsible owner, just shifting the blame from one person to another as long as they don’t have to shoulder their part of the blame.

I hate the idea of anyone shooting a dog, especially if it happened in front of her child is disgusting but like BSL advocates, irresponsible dog owners never tell the whole story:


Who knows what really happened but what matters is: BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DOG. Would you let your child go over and play at a house where you knew a pedophile lived? OF COURSE NOT. Why? Because you are not going to put your child in a situation where they can get hurt- so why not do the same for your dog?

One more thing- the woman who posted this also plastered the man’s name and address allll over facebook- classless, dangerous and uncalled for. Her mission isn’t for justice, its about revenge and the owner of Rebel is just as guilty if not more as the man who pulled the trigger. Now, if any nut job actually follows through with their threats….

“That’s so sad if that happened. To me I would. Kill him I hate people. Like that he needs to be hung on a tree

Mannn he needs his house lit on fire and shot when he comes out

“I’d still kill him

 I would kill him.

Bastard needs shooting

IF anyone hurts that family because she posted their home address, where their children, grandchildren play then I hope she gets thrown in jail and rots.

On a personal note- I know how that feels, to have your home address posted and exposed to a bunch of quacks, Founder of Daxton’s Friends Jeff Borchardt and his buddies have tried that tactic with me in attempts to bully me into shutting up. Why? Because they are scared- which is understandable, the truth can be scary but it doesn’t change the truth. I will never support the behavior of the woman for putting that family in danger. A good friend told me once “people, on both sides, use their feelings to justify their bad behavior.” and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Either way, the whole event is a tragedy…. a preventable tragedy, which is often the worst kind.

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