Downward Spiral

It’s really sad watching a grown man just totally lose his marbles on a very public setting.

Anyone with the ability to Google can see the unhealthy obsession Mr. Borchardt has for Karen Delise, a member of the NCRC– the founding Board Member of Daxton’s Friends continuously stalks & harasses Ms. Delise and his unstable behavior is really opening eyes among his former supporters. Don’t just take my word for it-

(This former Daxton’s Friends supporter asks that her name stay anonymous. She warns us that even though she unfriended Borchardt, she is preparing herself floor the onslaught of threats & abusive behavior from Jeff & his followers.)

Well AJ, Mr. Borchardt seems unstable because he is unstable. Jeff Borchardt has now stepped up and openly warned Ms. Delise and other well known organizations of his intent to continue his stalking & threatening behavior.


Did you know that 1.4 million people are stalked annually in the United States. 1 in 12 women and 1 in 45 men will be stalked in their lifetime. 77% of women and 64% of men know their stalkers. 87% of stalkers are male?

Did you notice how offended Mr. Borchardt seems that one of his victims dares even like a page that was created to help the multitude victims of Jeff Borchardt? In fact- as he states:

The fact that there is a group of people victimized by Borchardt just pleases his narcissistic personality- that he has victimized these individuals to the point were they need to take action just fuels his obsession.

There have been Several stalker typologies that have been developed, and according to Dr. Michael Zona and his colleagues from the University of Southern California- even though there are three basic types, a fourth important category was created-

False victimization
Claiming harassment and stalking when none exists, this behavior is usually carried on by people with histrionic personality disorders.

According to the FBI’s Crime Classification Manual:
Stalkers tend to be unemployed or underemployed, but are smarter than other criminals. They often have a history of failed intimate relationships. They tend to devalue their victims and to sexualize them. They also idealize certain people, minimize what they are doing to resist, project onto people motives and actions that have no basis in truth, and rationalize that the target person deserves to be harassed and violated.”

It’s not hard to find evidence of Borchardt’s obsessive one sided relationship with Ms. Delise:

Wait- there is more:

Jeff Borchardt has stalked this woman so much via Twitter that she had to block him- which he enjoyed and bragged about:

Let’s not forget Facebook:

I have a question for Mr. Borchardt, does he think it’s wise- as a not yet approved non- profit foundation that is wanting to become the go- to source for families to be seen stalking and harassing individuals that dare disagree with him?

After a brief discussion with Elsie to confirm the validity of this statement statement, which she openly confirmed- it’s safe to say that people are starting to realize what we’ve seen for years. Although, I hope someone has warned AJ, Steve Green, Freda Ward & Sue Palen the dangers of questioning their supreme leader.

Or their former leader….

Check out what started the hilarity here from FoolishFollies- some more here

4 thoughts on “Downward Spiral

  1. He has been losing it ever since Colleen got ahold of him. They both need a great deal of mental health. And if all the others who belong to his groups, and pat him on the back, and feel sorry for him, get taken down with him, I do not in the least feel sorry for them either. Seriously, when they comment, or like comments about killing, shooting, poisoning, ect all pit type dogs, so they become extinct, they will be getting their just rewards!! We all have things horrible that happen to us, but “normal” people do not react with this much hatred.

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