I don’t get it

I don’t get it.

No relation to the Borchardt we love to hate but I’m pretty sure he’ll tie it into his family tree one way or another. Either way, if we point out the obvious irresponsibility of his mother- it will be declared “victim blaming”. So, I’m going to assume the pit bull lured the 6 year old moderately handicapped child over the fence into his 5- foot pen while another pit bull distracted the mom- chained himself back up and then attacked. Never mind the fact that somehow his mom somehow never saw her moderately  mentally handicapped son wander in a yard and climb a 5-foot fence. Totally unpreventable, right?

Who doesn’t keep 6 chained up pit bulls? I mean, BSL advocates say that every dog OTHER than a pit bull is perfectly safe chained up- so by their logic, if we replace the 6 pit bulls with Great Danes than it totally would have been 100% safer… But once again, I’m sure the 6 chained pit bulls lured the 21 month old into their yard with m&m’s….

One of the dogs killed a stray dog, the dogs were used for security… Obviously not one thing was the human’s mistake. I mean, who doesn’t let their 1 year old wander into the backyard by themselves? 

Napoleon had bitten at least two people before he attacked Pernell, 33, who was living in Roberts` home, the dog`s owner insists that the killing was “a freak accident.“

Bitten two people previously… sure seems like a well behaved dog?

Roberts said he feels remorse but not guilt or responsibility for Pernell`s death.

“I met with a priest,“ he said. “He told me to feel the pain but not the guilt. I had nothing to do with what happened.“

Riiiiiiight. Totally no responsibility for a powerful dog with a recent bite history. I wonder if that guy’s priest is a DBO member…. “It’s neeeever yoooour faaaauullt.”

According to the Dogsbite.org formula:

Kept dogs locked in basement + Dogs attacked before= the poor owners were victim of the Animal Farm Foundation

Makes sense…..?

How does one let their child accidentally run into the path of a chained pit bull? I forgot- somehow the 2 year old sneaked out and made it into another person’s yard without anyone knowing? Granted- that dog should not have been alive of it had that many issues but…. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS??

Honest to god, how are all these young children just sneaking into the yards of chained dogs?  I can’t even keep count…

She felt bad for beating the dog….how nice of her to give the dog a plate of meat and how does that dog thank her for the beating and the plate of meat?

If I’ve learned anything from BSL advocates is:

  1. It’s never your fault.
  2. It does not matter what you do to a dog- it never has the right to attack.
  3. Playing around chained dogs is fine as long as it’s not a pit bull.
  4. You never ever need to supervise your young children. Ever. 
  5. There are never any warnings. Even if the dog has an aggressive bite history. Never any warnings.

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