DBO Math 101  

Hear that folks? 24 out 25 of you right this very moment are trying to stop your pit bull from just going all homicidal on everything and everyone.

According to Jan Smith- one of the residential  morons over in DBO land- 99% of the pit bulls are plotting to have you for Thanksgiving….. by the age of 6 AND some how the percentage increases after the age 6.

Mine is 3… It’s yet to try to kill anything but according to Jan, I have another 3 years before he goes all cray cray.

Or maybe he’ll be that 1%? Either way- I’ll have 3 years to figure it out…

5 thoughts on “DBO Math 101  

  1. Somebody forgot to give Ray the memo, before he died without living up to this statistic. And our Turtle is at least six. She better get on the stick if she’s going to fulfill her DBO mandated destiny. Well, there’s always hope for Bubba. He’s only about two.

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  2. Geez….Bella is really slacking off then. She was at least 2-3 years old, could be more, when she turned up in my yard. In August 2009. So she is 8 or 9.

    This isn’t the 1st completely stupid thing Jan has said. Jan has said literally *tons* of stupid crap….including calling owners getting attacked winners of darwin awards, listing people hit by cars as DBRF’s, calling all kinds of non-related dogs pit bulls, and just generally being a hateful jerk.

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