Eight People

It’s no secret that there is battle being waged in Hastings Michigan about Michigan Senate Bill No. 239, but is it being fought for and against by Hastings Michigan residents?

Michigan Senate Bill No. 239:

“A bill to prohibit a local unit of government from enacting an   ordinance or rule that regulates a dog based solely on breed,   perceived breed, or type; and to provide for the powers and duties   of certain local governmental entities. “

According to released documents, the answer is glaring: the majority of those fighting against this bill are from outside the state.


Daxton’s Friends, anti Pit bull/Pro BSL/ PETA supporter non-profit with board members from Wisconsin,  California and multiple other states EXCEPT for Michigan.

What’s interesting that the 8 letters  written to the council:

“Prior to Monday’s meeting, eight people sent emails to the city, asking the council to reconsider amending the dangerous-dog ordinance to remove the breed-specific language.”

Who are the Hastings Michigan residents that wrote those letters?


Not one single Hastings Michigan resident.


Texas, British Columbia….


Washington, Missouri…


California and Grand Rapids Michigan, yet Mary Belafonte is really Joanie Caldwell…

Minnesota, Washington…

I wonder what the people of Hastings Michigan have to say about some hate mongers from different states and cities attempting to influence laws that would affect their community?

8 thoughts on “Eight People

  1. Maybe this can be put to the local news station, in Hastings? These people will go at anything underhanded just to further their agenda. And they all say us dog owners are lying pos! Go figure. Their day will come. Karma is waiting…

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  2. I see good ol’ Gail Rosbach is sticking her ugly nose in another state as usual. She did that here in NC, sticking her nose in Everest’s reading program. Not sure if she did Elle. Fat lot of good it actually did really but she thinks she won. Ha! She needs to keep her ugly nose in Texas where it belongs.

    So…..I had friend asking all her friends near Hastings to email her last night about this. Hopefully more support and LOCAL voices making their own decisions.

    Underhanded bunch of jerks is what they are.

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  3. Wait. You must be mistaken. Clearly when the locals can vote, they support BSL. When it is overturned it is because the vast well funded (minority) pit bull conspiracy sends its outside influence to sway the council. The DBO/DF minions wouldn’t be hypocrites, would they? Never.

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