For Hulks sake….

I really didn’t think I would blog about Hulk the 5,000 lb dog- but I’m watching BSL advocates rub their hands in excitement over an impending mauling from this very public dog and it’s really irritating me. It’s also really irritating me that I’m more irritated with the unethical breeders that made this dog and the media and people supporting this behavior then I am with the BSL advocates.

What part of working dog don’t you get? It’s no more  weight than a pack, or pulling, this dog is meant to work and one of the reasons he is so well behaved is because he is worked! This 25 pound 3 year old is not hurting this dog….Hulk loves that boy and it’s part of his job!”

WOOT WOOT! Allll aboard the ignorance train! I’m sorry, but there is nothing purebred about the Hulk. He is not an American Pit Bull Terrier and he needs to stop being promoted as one. I’m not saying he’s not a cute dog, but I am saying he is an expensive genetically engineered mutt. I’m also saying that Dark Dynstay K9 (the breeders of Hulk) are working hard at destroying everything pit bull/bully breed advocates have and are building.

I had to do a mental eye roll when the owner of Hulk bragged about turning down a one million dollar offer to buy his dog. Come on, we know why you turned down the million dollars. We know it would actually be a finacial loss to straight up sell your cash cow… err dog.  I’m pretty sure you’ll take in far more with publicity and your over priced, unethical back yard breeding project.

The reality is- this isn’t about Hulk. Hulk is here, he was manufactured by people with a goal, with an intent to make a name for themselves. This is about the sheer greed,ignorance and arragonce of man.

The Ultimate Babysitter”

I don’t even understand how this dog from a back yard breeder is becoming the poster dog and owner for millions of dogs. How is he a hero? How have we taken so many steps backwards that we are applauding such irresponsible and reckless behavior? How is it the media and others are supporting this?

Everything we try to promote to protect our dogs and future dogs is being spit on by this breeder. When is it ever okay to let your child sit on the back of a dog? When is it okay to brag that your dog is a great babysitter? When is it okay to promote this type of back yard breeding? Who could support this  greed? 

I hope, hope, hope that one day a child, an adult and millions of us responsible owners don’t have to pay for this man’s greed.

16 thoughts on “For Hulks sake….

  1. Agree a billion percent.
    As for the kid riding the dog. I remember this specifically when I was hiking with my dog — you should only put 10 to 15% of the dogs weight on an evenly weighted pack. This kid might be close to 15% but he’s putting all his weight on the spine. Dogs are not horses and they don’t have what a horse is equipped with to withstand someone mounting and riding it. This will just add to the many problems this poor dog is going to have in his old age. I’m sure he’s a great dog and I’m sure he loves his people, but I would put money on him not living past age 7 at that size.

    And he’s not a pit bull!

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  2. Its annoying as crap that this dog getting all this attention. He is NOT a pit bull. My dog looks more like one and she is part lab. I’m sure all the foaming idiots are just salivating over the prospect of his huge jaws clamping on someone’s head. Hateful idiots. And I feel bad for this dog. Most extremely large dogs really don’t live that long. His owner’s are irresponsible morons.

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    1. He is a bully breed, most likely mastiff of sorts. Pitbull is a very general blanket term.
      Like you, I, and countless others, are waiting for the story to hit the headlines: 164 pound “pitbull” mauls 3 year old.” I am SO against the breeding these people do. I agree with every single word in this article: Hulk is just a money gimmick for them. It’s not natural to breed dogs the way they are. Morons indeed.

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  3. THANK YOU!!!

    High-dollar designer mutts are a huge pet-peeve of mine, and I say that as the doting owner of a mixed-breed myself. Mutts rule, but the shelters are full of them. Think how many homeless pups you could help for the price of just one of these guys.

    Coming at this from a horseback-riding background, also, this kid-on-the-back stunt is insanely unkind to that poor dog. It infuriates me to think idiot parents will probably copy it.

    The biomechanics involved are so different, as is the size ratio of rider-to-ridden. Good riders know how to hold THEMSELVES, use well-fitted tack to mitigate impact, stretch and warm-up the animal before mounting, and provide massage and other kinds of aftercare to undo the stress caused by being ridden. A toddler can do none of that.

    If anyone still thinks it’s no big deal because the kid is just on for a few minutes, then they should take a look at the damage that being backed too small/too young can do to an actual HORSE, even if it’s “just a few minutes”…especially if it’s happening on a regular basis. : (

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  4. I don’t know who created the picture collage, asking “Witch one is your favorite??” BUT your usage of Witch is incorrect!! He’s not a spell binding magical being. The correct word would be which. Just an FYI.

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  5. I would like to know if Hulk had and siblings and what do they look like. I haven’t caught the whole story on how he was created but I do know that most of the pit/ boxer/ German Shepards are great with kids my kids and grandkids love them! They can climb on them lay on them even stick their faces in the dog bowl while they were eating we never had a growl or snap Nothing !! I really don’t think that child sitting on the back of Hulk is in any danger!! And they do make great babysitters try coming in my yard when they are outside playing! I have never worried at all! I think it’s how you raise them its kind of like raising your kids sometimes they turn out good and sometimes you know at a early age what direction they are going so you take precautions!!


  6. Belinda, I don’t think anyone here is predicting that the dog will definitely hurt the child. Our concerns are:

    1. By sitting on him, the child is hurting the DOG. See my and other people’s comments on the biomechanical differences between a dog and a horse. A dog’s body is not capable of taking that kind of weight without serious damage.

    2. Dogs have the right to basic peace and respect, and NOT to have children “climb on them, lay on them, stick their faces in the dog bowl.” How would YOU like it if that were your life?

    3. If the dog finally does object to being treated so poorly and bite someone, it is the dog, not the child or the parents, who will be blamed and pay the ultimate price. Even the best dog in the world will snap if it’s in enough pain, and this dog is going to be extremely prone to arthritis and back problems because of its size.

    4. The shelters are full of wonderful mixed breeds just like this guy who are desperate for a home, so it’s ridiculous for the breeder to be asking this money much for a mutt.

    5. Dogs should never be put in the position of “babysitter.” No dog has ever existed that has the level of cognitive skills to be in sole charge of a child. Period. Dogs don’t know that children shouldn’t drink bleach, play with matches or talk to strangers on the Internet. How could it possibly prevent those and many other dangerous situations that children get themselves into?

    I’m not trying to be mean to you, because you sound very nice and I’m sure you love your dog(s). But maybe you should stop and think about the dog’s quality of life. It’s not a toy, and it’s not a human. It’s a living being with feelings and limitations, and it has the right not to be treated like a pommel-horse or a teddy-bear or babysitter.

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