Cindy Jean wants YOU to give her money….

Cindy Jean is back and she’s ready for you to give her 5,000 bucks. I know, you have to think I’m jesting but sadly, I’m not.

Last time I wrote about this twisted woman, I had written a three part segment on her crazy intractions with her neighbors and how she continuously stalks and harasses the other family involved in the dog fight in- The Twilight Zone , The twisted Tale of Cindy Ryder and The Never Ending Tale of Hope and Love. It’s obvious her train to crazy town is up to full steam and has no intention of slowing down.

Not only is she still stalking a single mother and her child, she is publicly wishing harm to this mother and child.


She wishes for her neighbor to be taught a lesson and not just any lesson- one that will stick in her mind for the rest of her life. One can only assume the obvious and the fact that Cindy is across from this woman and her childish plotting some sort of violence is scary.

To help with Cindy with her vegence, she needs money. How much? 5,000$ worth and she feels like she deserves it…. for free.


What will this 5,000$ cover? Well, let’s see… She wants a new car, wants to move, wants a housekeeper and personal shopper- oh yes, and natural pain treatment because her doctors refused to feed her pain killer addiction with more Vicodin and Oxy Cotin prescriptions.

Why does she think she deserves the 5,000$?

Because she was never offered help from her city or the churches after a dog fight involving her dog. She deserves the 5 grand because- the cremation services for her small dog were donated and the owners of the other dog in the dog fight paid her restitution but it just wasn’t enough for poor old Cindy. Thankfully Cindy’s mom (who’s like 80+ years old..) came up to help Cindy or she just would have never survived. Lord knows you never have a spare hand when you injure just one hand, right?

What else would that 5 grand cover?

The continuous harassment of her neighbor. Since the courts were wrong and didn’t make her neighbor pay Cindy what Cindy felt like she  deserved- she’s going to attempt to take justice into her own hands.

As Cindy says- “God will take care of her.”  and he must be taking great care of Amanda and her family because they are thriving happily! Amanda is happily working and supporting her family and moving on in a healthy fashion- especially considering her dog was euthanized for her part in the fight and has dealt with non stop threats, stalking and harassment from Cindy.

I can’t say the same for Cindy…. It didn’t seem like she had any issue using her hands and wrists as she pounds away on her keyboard in her hate groups…. But maybe that was just the pain pills kicking in?

Check it out here

9 thoughts on “Cindy Jean wants YOU to give her money….

  1. Whoa, and check out the rant! She’s crazy! And she claims her neighbor is getting welfare yet she’s on disability – which is WELFARE!

    I love my dogs, but this woman had an unhealthy obsession with this little dog!

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  2. Wow, look at all her new DBO buddies jumping all over themselves to help her out. She has raised 0 dollars. I thought all of Daxton’s friends and their minions were advocates for victims and here is one in need, and not a soul can toss this crazy bint a fiver to help her move, get more pain meds, get a maid, get a personal shopper and continue to harass her neighbor. Wow she must know how to budget well if 5 grand will cover all that.
    Seriously though, it speaks volumes about how her “buddies” can’t be bothered to help her out. I remember another one of them needed some financial help and got close to none from all her good pit bull hating friends.

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  3. It’s been 2 days and still her fund is at ZERO/ZILCH/ZIP/NADA/NONE. Wow….how generous all the DBO crowd is.
    And is it just me or is at least half that crowd a pathetic bunch of whiners on prescription pain meds, antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds?? I mean really, I broke my foot, drove myself to the ER, drove myself home and *never* took a single prescribed pain pill. In fact I refused the prescription. I slipped on the ice in a parking lot and really hurt my back and still…no prescribed pain meds. Whiners…

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  4. Just a thought, but didn’t the so-called *skank* across the street get what she supposedly had coming when her dog was euthanized and she had to pay Ms. I’m Entitled restitution? Didn’t a judge decide the amount Ms. I’m Entitled should get? Obviously this woman is in a state of arrested development.

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