Shaming a Grieving Family

Once again- BSL advocates harassing and demanding that a grieving family bow to their twisted demands.

Lovely, the little lad deserves to be remembered by those who loved him BUTTTT….” – Funny how BSL advocates complain if anyone uses that exact word…. But I guess that doesn’t apply to anyone outside their twisted cult.  

Isn’t that sweet of these BSL advocates? Harassing a grieving family?

  Why do these people think they deserve a single thought from this family? Honestly Gail, we know you don’t care about “abother” child much less this child.

Has James been visiting the psychic gerbil again? I mean- no one has said these dogs were pit bulls but we know that’s what it’s really about- it’s not about respecting this grieving family or honoring this child’s memory. It’s about being depraved vultures with a single mission.

Wow- calling a grieving family frauds? 

Riiiiiiiiight- thumbs up on the victims advocacy BSL advocates. Can you stoop any lower?

Ah yes- complaining that someone won’t support her and obviously shouldn’t even have any other animal is she can’t even afford the necessities.

Keep it classy BSL Advocates.

19 thoughts on “Shaming a Grieving Family

  1. Apparently this blog post attracted a troll poster!!! NICE!!! STUPIDITY IN ACTION!!
    You should also point out to the troll that there is a 99% chance that the photo of the father with the so-called beer in his face was taken prior to his son’s tragic death. Also….since when do people use straws for beers?? Because I’m sure I see a straw in that drink. Great use of observational and critical thinking skills there moron!!

    Their unmitigated gall just never ceases to astound me (& gag me).
    1 You are not the FBI, CIA, AC, NCIS, CPS or any members of any investigative board the is taking care of this incident. You are trolls, internet trolls! That is all you are and all you will ever be. No one has to tell you squat. It is time you get that through your apparently dense brains. If the media has not published it, guess what, you just have to accept that until they do. And HassockHead, mixed breed does not necessarily mean pit mix. Stop assuming things, it only makes you look like an idiot. Oh….wait….never mind. I’m not even adddressing Gail, just too stupid.

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  2. When they do things like this… just makes it easier to show how “unhinged” they are to legislators and lawmakers. Keep bullying… I believe this family has affiliations with the District Attorneys office.


  3. Well where to begin……Kris as you know Animal Control will put your dog down. Or if you have a good repore your vet will do it for nothing. As for the rest of you research before you shoot your mouths off about grieving families. SMH


  4. the irony is always off the charts with the DBO cult….they didn’t mind the KFC fraud..which really was proven a fraud…and yet they have absolutely no proof this go fund me is not for real…how sick is this? pissed off because once again they are being exposed for their witch hunt/false agenda….they are shameless walking talking contradictions…

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  5. if they where pit bulls, it would have read “Little boy mauled to death by a pack of Pit bulls.” The media makes sure people are fully aware if it was a Pit bull attack… However if it was a pack of Goldens, it would read “Little boy mauled to death by a pack of dogs”….

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  6. Their comments speak volumes about how much they know about this. It’s clear they haven’t been doing anything but trying to wish these dogs into pit bulls. How do I know?? Because they’re blaming a father who wasn’t there. They’re blaming him for training killer dogs who didn’t even belong to him. They’re blaming him for what happened when he was miles away from his child. Fucking low life scum. They don’t even know the details of what happened. Because they don’t care. All they want is to turn this into a pit bull issue. People that truly care, would know all the details that have been released. They don’t even bother to get the facts before they go on the attack. These weren’t his dogs, the child wasn’t in his care at the time and he has no information on these dogs.

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  7. Number of dog safety education programs designed by dogsbite: 0
    Number of times dogsbite has consulted with law enforcement to design human/dog safety protocols: 0
    Number of experts who agree with
    Number of anti-tethering laws supported/praised by dogsbite: 0
    Internet posts by dogsbite followers: millions.

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    1. AMEN! The last two days I have posted a video and an article on how to prevent dog bites and how to have a dog release. Why am I posting these? As far as fraud, where do their donations go because they are there for the bite victims? A dog bite victim is a dog bite victim including this child. Why does it matter what type of dog did the deed?

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  8. Nothing surprises me with that lot , victim bashing is always by them not us. As for the flinja she should shut it as she us clueless about any bull breed , the shit she spews. Answer me this one Flinja how many Pedigree SBT have mauled or killed ? none so put up and shut up.

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  9. Looks to me like Gail is just a little tipsy there. Maybe it was Billy Boy that served her the drinks. Either way there is no reason for them to be harassing the family in any way, shape, or form. Time to move on foamers and leave this family alone.

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