A Black Eye 

…… Mickey. I swear to God, that one dog brings out everything & everyone bad within our advocacy.

Let’s be real- 99.999999999% of people have no freaking clue what really went on in that back yard. A bone, no bone, chained but never aggressive, chained but killed a dog before, child was supervised, child was unsupervised…. the only thing we do know is a young boy was brutally mauled by Mickey.

This was a moment. This was a moment in time that completely bitch slapped every single hard working pit bull/rescue advocate right in the face. 

Why? Because it brought out the jaw dropping stupidest, ignorant, cruel and embarrassing people ever and they wrecked chaos & havoc on everything we’ve worked so hard for and BSL Advocates slurped it up like a .99 cent slurpy on a scorching hot Arizona day.

I’m not going to debate if Mickey should have been put to sleep because it’s moot. The courts didn’t decide to euthanize him, thousands of people poured money and more money into helping him with the intent of making him the face of our advocacy. 

But, as I sit back and listen, read and watch and I wonder if anyone else just watched our cause take 20 steps backwards. Like it or not- the case of Mickey the pit bull/bulldog/whatever was a monumental controversial event in our advocacy.

I like to think I just don’t advocate for dogs, I advocate for healthy, responsible human & dog relationships. I advocate for dogs that have a chance and let’s face it- Mickey never had that chance when he ripped open a child’s face. I get it, humans failed Mickey and that’s sad BUT we have to remember humans failed his victim too. I have absolutely no clue WHY the owners were never charged, but then again- I have no clue WHY numerous dog owners aren’t charged when their dogs attacks but….

I remember reading a lady compare Mickey to the Vicks dogs and my eyes rolled so far back I was peeking at my brain. Last time I checked, not one of Vicks dogs crushed a child’s eye socket. When I picture dogs to represent our advocacy, I think of Vicks dogs. I think of dogs growing old  with their families, I think of healthy and stable pit bulls with a few fixable issues sitting in kennels on borrowed time- I advocate for those dogs. I think of surrendered pit bulls/bully breeds to shelters because their family has to be forced to chose between a roof over their head or their family dog based on BSL- I advocate for those dogs.

  Now a little message to those POS jerk offs that said the most cruelest of things about the traumatized, mangled little boy- you are not the voice of my dog.  If you POS embraced the boy with just as much love & compassion as you did with Mickey- BSL Advocates wouldn’t be able to highlight plaster your ignorance all over the place. In fact- it would have stripped them of their stupid stereotyping pit bull owners- but noooo…. Now, that child will read alllll of those cruel remarks and become another pawn for those soul sucking parasites at Dogsbite.org. Time will tell….

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