Mandy Sue… Loud & Proud


Dear Residents,

If a dog winds up dead in your neighborhood and Mandy Sue is your neighbor- go ahead and point them in her direction.

She has no issue:

  1. Buying a controlled substance illegally 
  2. Endangering animals & children
  3. Engage in animal cruelty
  4. Destruction of property (I.e killing a pet that’s not hers.)

Ladies & Gents, say hello to Mandy Sue…. She’s loud & proud… about killing your dog and she just doesn’t care if you know.

3 thoughts on “Mandy Sue… Loud & Proud

  1. Do these people not realise that when they post something on the Internet, OTHER people can see it? Other people like, oh, I dunno, police, neighbours and potential employers?

    Actually, as much as I get upset to see their hatred, I’m relieved that they aren’t bright enough to successfully camouflage themselves…at least it’s an early warning system for those around them!

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