A picture is worth a thousands words…

Sometimes all it takes is a picture to pound the truth in our faces. A good friend wrote, “Pets are family, damnit” and she couldn’t be even more right.

If you treat a dog like it’s just a four legged animal with no purpose but to bow at “mans feet”, then you will never understand this. Over & over I read BSL advocates preach how “pit type dogs” are man-made with no influence of a higher being, yet it’s those very advocates that preach fire & brimstone and how one day we (pit bull owners) will be going to hell. I guess they can pick & chose what and who is created by God – kind of like how they pick and chose facts.

“On Friday, five dogs died after a fire broke out in the second floor of a northwest Reading, Pennsylvania row home. One of the dog’s owner, Shamel English was devastated at the loss of his pitbull named Gemini. Eleven people lost their home.”-reports the Reading Eagle.

My heart breaks for that man. In fact, after seeing this picture, the urge to pause for a bit and just hug my dog (who did not protest FYI) and throw up a quick “Thank you, God” for my healthy & alive dog because I know not everyone is that lucky.

I don’t understand why BSL advocates don’t understand that we love our dogs, just as much as they love whatever they do love (if they are even capable). I don’t understand why they don’t understand our anger when we read BSL advocates applauding cruelty towards dogs.

A husky & a pit bull were found in a ditch shot in the head. It seems as if someone had killed another dog belonging to this owner by feeding it antifreeze.

When we read pathetic attention grabbing blogs riding the Dogsbite.org hate train like Mommyish.com that write bullshite like “That cute little puppy that will eat your face off” by Maria Guido-(Although the irony is not lost on me when she whines about the super bowl Nationwide commercial about preventable tragedies being fear mongering on her recent blog post.) it absolutely angers us.

Why does it make me and millions of others angry, you ask? Let me break it down for you:

1. Because you are attacking our families.

2. Because you are trying to destroy my children’s best friend.

3. Because pieces of crap like you are trying to kill my dog.

4. Because you are trying to make my family pay for YOUR mistakes.

5. Because irrational fear mongering ( like writing by Maria Guido..) can cause breed bans that offers absolutely nothing but the killing of innocent dogs: like this-


6. Because you think you can a) bully, b) harass, c) threaten, d) kill my dog for no other reason other than you hate the breed.

7.) Because you are butting in our lives and trying to fill them with your toxicity.

You know how we always read the ridiculous meme by BSL advocates that read “Like your pit bull? Thank a dog fighter!”? I have no problem thanking the “creators” of my beloved dog’s ancestors from 1850. Dog fighters used my dog’s ancestors in cruel & inhumane ways, yet- as I sit here and watch my dog laying on the couch snoring as my child watched Dr. McStuffin, I tip my hat to the men long dead and gone. Through all of the pain & suffering my dog’s ancestors went through, they produced the best dog a family could ask for and I’m sure I’m not the only one who that thinks this..

We must police ourselves – not allow extremists who do not even want our animals ALIVE to police us.”- by Diane Jessup

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