You know, at the end of the day, when Dogsbite.org, PETA and Daxton’s Friends rest their weary heads and dream of annihilating multiple breeds of dogs they know deep down they are fighting a losing battle.

No matter how hard they try to paint these dogs as man eating murdering beasts, they get knocked down.


These dogs alone, by their own nature prove just how wrong PETA, DBO and Daxton’s Friends are every single day and the new documentary The Champions drives that point home.


We know we will never change the mind of PETA, Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s friends, but you know what? We don’t care. What we do care about are the millions and millions of people joining in and standing up telling PETA, Dogsbite.org and Daxton’s Friends #sorrynotsorry that these dogs are here to stay.


Your hate for us and our dogs are never going to change the fact that the overwhelming majority of these dogs coming from all different environments, good and bad will be a child’s best friend, a couch hog, a hiking buddy and a running buddy. They will save lives, comfort, spread joy, soar through the sky and change minds, change hearts and over come stereotypes, fears and hatred one tail wag at a time.


So, while you are choking on your hate and bitterness, millions of these dogs are going to go on living and loving life.


2 thoughts on “Unbeaten

  1. Which is why he is so butthurt. Our pups are here to stay. Always. And Ingrid won’t let him make it all about MeeeeeMeeeeMeeee…..15 minutes…….Poor Susie…..blah blah blah. #sorrynotsorry

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