…. And they never stop….

Seriously folks…


What a shining example of a “victims advocacy”… right? I mean, they care so much about this grieving family that they are pulling half baked theories right out of their ass…


…. A blunt force trauma now could have killed her? So, according to these bumbling morons the dogs didn’t kill her?


Just making shit up as they go…. Now, everyone agrees that the whole suicide ruling is a bunch of crap BUT no one with a brain cell thinks she was murdered by her fiance’…. which explains why BSL Advocates have jumped to this conclusion.


Just pulling shit right out of their ass…

7 thoughts on “…. And they never stop….

  1. Gee Bogart, now you show the world what we have known all along. Your advocacy is and always will be a farce. Do you really wonder why your family and friends don’t care? This is why you don’t get invited to the lawmaking table. Legislators, and every other normal human finds you disgusting. They don’t want to be associated with you, your Flying Monkeys, or farce of an advocacy. Your child would be ashamed of you.

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  2. Are those morons actually saying that her Boy Friend killed her and threw her into the yard with the dogs after to cover up what he did?? They do understand how autopsies and forensics work don’t they? If she were already dead before any dog bit her it would be discovered…
    There seriously is.something wrong with all those people.

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  3. Omg….what a bunch of assholes….and to think, I actually have family members that are in these groups…Now I know to stay the hell away from them! These people are all sick in the head….

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