The Bitter Pill of Truth

No one likes their reality altered- especially when it causes their fabricated fairy tales to be exposed as what they really are- a really big steamy pile of crap. Ladies and Gentlemen- welcome to the world of BSL Advocacy.

It seems as if someone is not pleased with an interview. I know- it’s probably because it’s yet ANOTHER person who calls [email protected] on the ever evolving story of the death of Daxton Borchardt and points out the reality of statistics which seems to elude BSL advocates.

Who doesn’t Mr. Borchardt blame for his son’s death? Well, except for Susan Iwiki of course. So far his list includes-

1. Animal Farm Foundation

2. Best Friends

3. Bad Rap

4. CDC

5. ColoRADo Dogs


7. Nat Geo

8. Ceaser Milan

9. Me

10. You

11. Everyone (except Susan Iwiki)

12. President Obama

13. Michell Serocki 

14. The Brew City Bully Club

The list keeps growing daily- and yet Mr. Borchardt slings his insults and hides behind a block button- He will never speak with anyone who calls him out. He hides behind his computer and cries about how he is hounded over and over again. In his reality that he has created for himself- he is the leading authority on whatever and those in the real world who are authorities have no say in his fantasy land.

“Via a private message, Serocki flat out lied under the auspices of “quasi-credentials” to blame Susan and change the mind of Jeff’s friend.
When Jeff learned about the message from Serocki, he called her out in a new comment: “Detective Michelle Serocki on the case … pay attention cause this is not what the real detective told me… maybe we should reopen the case?” Jeff added: “there was a reason no charges were brought … there was no history of abuse or neglect.” He then suggested that Susan join the discussion, the dogs’ owner and the “only witness to my son’s murder … Let’s do that, shall we?”

Serocki never responded to Jeff’s invitation. (See private message in full.) “- Jeff Borchardt states- but lets look at the supposed “invitation”- (See it in full detail)

dx dx1 dx3


Now- no where in that exchange does Jeff Borchardt offer an invitation- if anything- it shows his usual mode of operandi – have someone else fight for him. In fact- Jeff Borchardt has never faced his critics – ask the founder of Sway Love who has called for Borchardt to discuss the pro and anti BSL movement but as usual- Borchardt hides behind his computer continuously slinging insults and it has not gone unnoticed. He will go as far as to cancel appearances because he can’t twist the facts- the Steve Dale show is a great example.
Even pointing out the ridiculous party scene Borchardt advertises for their BSL party-

“There will be music, dance and theatrical selections – Wow, what a celebration. Since breed bans are the equivalent to canine death sentences – even if the dogs have done nothing wrong, let’s celebrate.”

The stark cold reality is- NOT ONE single person is obligated to sympathize with Jeff Borchardt. NOT ONE person has to even care about the death of his son- how he died, when he died, how it affected a him & Kim- however, strangers have extended their sympathies to him. Strangers have apologized (for whatever reason) for his tragedy and in turn- Jeff spits in their faces- all because they won’t run off and kill their dogs. All because those millions of strangers say- ” We are sorry for your loss but we are not the ones to blame”.

You know why we advocate for our innocent dogs? Turn off your webcam and pay close attention-
Because we can. Because we know insane people like yourself throw dogs away like toilet paper- in fact- Raechel is the LAST person who should spout off about dog ownership- considering she just euthanized her own dog because she won’t teach her own children how to respect the dog.

We advocate for these dogs because of dog owners like Raechel & Susan Iwiki. Millions of people advocate for these dogs because of their potential- their potential for greatness. Because millions of people are hugging their pit/pit type /pit mixes/Bully Breeds and growing old with their family dog. We advocate because millions of dogs have not & will not hurt a soul. We advocate because these dogs have faced the worst abuse by man’s greed and have over come and survived.

So get mad- hate us, resent us, envy us, keep wishing death, pain and suffering on our families-

Because we will always be here showing just how wrong they are.

2 thoughts on “The Bitter Pill of Truth

  1. Hating millions of people is a full time job for this pathetic shell of a human being. What a sad legacy to leave in his sons memory.


  2. I used to have sympathy for Mr. Bochardt. From what I can tell Susan Iwicki’s injuries did not indicate that she was that involved in stopping the attack. She’s been absolved of any wrongdoing. Instead my dog is being blamed. He did nothing. So if he will not blame the one person who was there for the “15 minute” attack then leave my dog alone.


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