Totally not shocked at all-

A innocent dog was beaten by a violent sex offender for no reason.

In all their glory- and I think it really shows EXACTLY what kind of people they are- they take their twisted belief system one step further. GOOD JOB and The Pit bull Propaganda Machine R. with continuing EMBRACING the abuse and torture of innocent animals!

You know the horrific story of Haden – when this story is brought to their attention they find ANYTHING to add insult to this animal.

This charming member of DOGSBITE.ORG and TPBPMR decides to post a YouTube video of two pit bulls fighting and a man sticking his thumb up -you-know-where:



And then our charming “Victims Advocate” chimes in:




So- there you have it- instead of being disgusted by the abuse and beating of this innocent dog- they MOCK the tragedy. Why? Because the VICTIM was a pit bull.

There’s a special place for people like that and it’s defiantly not Disneyland.

Well/ they can get even more pathetic! I had to add this lovely Woman’s comment:


So- According to Suzanne- this innocent dog deserved it. Stellar job

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