What’s the difference?

Let’s compare an actual education that is specifically geared towards animals filled with professionals that belong to the AVMA versus Daxton’s Friends – who informs the public that their non- profit is filled with the leading experts are far superior than AVMA.

Let’s compare!

The Price of Education:


According to the AVMA, veterinary school happens for many after they have their Master’s degree or PhD. While many others may enter a dual DVM/MS or DVM/PhD program, and some go on after veterinary school to get additional degrees and/or specialty training.

Now, let’s look at the cost of education for Daxton’s Friends experts:

I suppose that varies depending on their internet provider?


I’m pretty sure training is provided and offered by Daxton’s Friends is equivalent to the AVMA, right?

Is Wikipedia even a legitimate source?

Education & Training

According to the AVMA- 81% worked 60 or more hours per week during their internship.
Internship guidelines

How about Daxton’s Friends?

Let’s not forget meme making.

Yeah… Totally substitutes thousands of hours of actual college courses.

Makes sense, right? We want the Doctors dealing with our health and our animals health to be trained, certified and was capable of proving their skills before working on our pets.

Any certifications, state licenses by Daxton’s Friends?

Gee- I can totally see how Daxton’s Friends experts TOTALLY knocks out the experts of AVMA.

2 thoughts on “What’s the difference?

  1. Haha….this is the best! And spot on. I know the price, my daughter has a BA in animal science, and is already 50,000 in dept just for those 4 yrs alone. She could not afford to go on to vet school either. Besides even though 2 of her years were at Cornell, there was no guarantee even after paying at least 2,000 to take the tests to see if you qualify to even get into a vet school, that she actually would get accepted! The competition was tremendous! So she opted for the BA, and now has her own business in the animal field. But ya, spouting so called education from Daxton’s friends, is like joe blow walking in from off the street, and saying he is an A1 heart surgeon! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!


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