[email protected] happens

I’m not going to lie- at times it would just be easier to lay down the almighty righteous wrath but then… I just sound like the very whack jobs that I fight against.

There are times when I have to pause, rewind and read something again and sometimes a few more times just make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me.

When I watch grown adults sit around and propagate terroristic tactics based on power hungry egos… It makes me wonder. So, at first I wasn’t going to ever address Borchardt’s never ending blame post- blaming everyone from rich folks, poor folks, AFF, Best Friends, NCRC, senators, republicans, liberals, conservatives, veterinarians, veterans, the police, lack of police, Walmart, Target, you, me, the mail man….

Oh wait- I forgot. He assigned himself a free pass to be a asshole jackass bully. I, personally don’t care if he hates pit bulls. I can’t say I blame him. I would TOTALLY hate the dog(s) that killed my child. I totally support his right to hate a dog, but my support stops the moment he takes the rightful blame off the owner of the dogs AND the actual dogs involved and started blaming every single person & pit bull type of dog breathing.

The pit bull lobby is held together by one person’s inheritance. Her name is Jane Berkey. And Jane bought the pit bull lobby months after her father died.” – Jeff Borchardt writes.

Well, I for one can state that Jane Berkey does absolutely nothing to support my “pit bull”. Considering I’m a pit bull owner & I lobby for responsible ownership and the banning of BSL, I am part of that pit bull lobby- right along with millions of others who do not, have not and probably will never meet Ms. Berkey. Although I would shake her hand and thank her for what she does to help all dogs (including pit bulls) & rescues. Even if she did want to focus on pit bulls, how is that any different than the thousands of breed specific rescues? It’s not- but you know, reality isn’t huge in Jeff’s world.

One thing is for sure. Jane LOVES pit bulls and she loves to surround herself with other people that do too. Just take a good look at this photo. No, I don’t mean the disgusting duck face. I mean her t-shirt. I mean the nasty, ear-cropped “pit bull” on the wall. It’s apparent to me that this woman LOVES “pit bulls.” In my opinion she LOVES “pit bulls” so much, she might want to see a professional.”- Jeff writes bitterly.

Annnnnd he wonders why people don’t take him seriously. Let’s put it this way:

One thing is for sure. Jeff LOVES DJ’ng and he loves to surround himself with other people that do too. Just take a good look at this photo. No, I don’t mean the weird WTF kind of duck face. I mean his big head phones. I mean the huge, tacky, childish headphones on his head. It’s apparent to me that this man LOVES “DJ’ng ” In my opinion he LOVES “DJ’ng ” so much, he might want to see a professional.”- see how that works?

LOL- I’m sorry, but that cartoon rings 100% true. Do you know how many times I message her and express my disbelief? A lot. How could I not after reading nonsense like this:
The Animal Farm Foundation huge operation costs rely strictly on the Berkeys’ money. Jane Berkey and her family are funneling money through this non-profit organization and getting huge tax deductions in the process. But this should not surprise anyone, right? Isn’t this what rich people do all the time? I’m not saying it’s illegal, and there are plenty of wealthy Americans who donate to worthy causes all the time.”– Jeff rambles.

Right- so, he is mad that the founder of AFF is rich. He is mad that the founder is doing what she wants to do with her billions which include rescuing animals, promoting education and responsible ownership. He’s mad that AFF won’t take the blame & funnel money into his pockets for the irresponsible choices that he and his sitter made that resulted in the death of his son. I mean, basically that’s what it boils down to because that’s his focus. Over, over and over again. He’s furious that the whole big ‘ole pit lobby won’t open their wallets and compensate him for his inability to find and hire a responsible babysitter. I’m not going to lie- I’m almost pretty positive his whole agenda has everything to do with his ego and nothing to do with his son- which is sad….and pathetic.

know, I know. You’re thinking, “this is getting weird.” Right?”- Jeff babbles incoherently and yes, his continuous references to beastality is WEIRD.

These organizations care ONLY to protect pit bulls and animals. They DO NOT CARE about the health and safety of the American public or their pets and livestock. I have to laugh my ass off when the human hate pages continuously bash and try and discredit anyone that speaks negatively against the pit bulls they exist to protect as, “DBO cultists.” Organizations like DogsBite.org and DaxtonsFriends.com are the ONLY nonprofits committed to putting the safety of HUMANS before DOGS, as we are the ONLY source of information on this topic that is not OWNED, CONTROLLED, or FUNDED by DOG breeders, OWNERS, VETERINARIAN or ANIMAL WELFARE GROUPS.

Looks like I just took away all your ammo.”– rants Jeff Borchardt.

Eh? This is why Jeff & whatever he does will fail because he doesn’t understand the concept of what it takes to actually promote and lobby for public safety in our communities- I mean, this is the man that uses the excuse “Well… Not all drunk drivers will kill or hurt anyone…”, which makes sense since Borchardt is pretty skilled in drunk driving.

I’m glad Jeff sits back & laughs his ass off as he a.) exposes children to the known criminal elements of Daxton’s Friends & Dogsbite.org, b.) boasts about stalking people to the point that they feel the need to take legal action, c.) promotes animal abuse and the “pit bull lobby” doesn’t need to do anything to discredit dogs bite.org & Daxton’s Friends- they do that on their own.

Millions of happy dogs with happy families will do what they do every day- show indisputable proof just how wrong Jeff is…. daily.

I’m sorry that Jeff’s choice of a babysitter ended up killing his child- but I’m not sorry for sticking up for my dog and millions of others. I’m sorry that negligence has resulted in a handful of horrific preventable deaths but I’m not sorry for fighting for my dog and millions of others. (FYI- I would save a jellyfish with my bare hands before I even pause to think about saving DBO members from anything, just sayin’.) So, pay attention DBO… I’m not apologizing for having a good dog, but I will continuously apologize for you guys being such assholes.

2 thoughts on “[email protected] happens

  1. Yep…still running his penis port on subjects he knows nothing about, so he just makes stuff up. He’s such a defective I’m really surprised he hasn’t been sent for inpatient behavioral health treatment.


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