Relax… it’s just Rob Zombie


It seems as if Lori has an issue…


Sadly, their attack on this photo isn’t really about the dog  but more about the woman holding the leash. I think this is why I can’t stress enough how BSL isn’t just about dogs. I honestly think breed specific legislation is really 30% about the actual dogs and 70% about the humans owning these dogs.  Which is exactly why calling breed specific legislation discrimination  makes perfect sense.  Even if it was just all about the dogs, isn’t the whole point of BSL is to discriminate?

“Recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another.”


Oh, for Pete’s sake, that isn’t Charles Manson on her shoulder, that’s Rob Zombie. Although, I’m not surprised that Lori has no clue who Rob Zombie is, nor am I not surprised how she judges Rob Zombie based off his appearance.


Zombie, who also fronts his namesake heavy rock band, has been a vegetarian for 30 years and a strong advocate of animal rights. Zombie isn’t actively the face of any charity, but he supports People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETAPETA) and various animal causes. In 2010, he joined other rockers for the First Annual Humanity Thru Music concert and paw-sta dinner, to raise money for Fur & Feather Animal Sanctuary, resulting in Southern California’s first full no-kill animal sanctuary, medical and educational center.

This next comment alone should disgust any woman, BSL advocate or not, but… it doesn’t. Why? Because it’s directed towards a woman with a pit bull/bully mix dog.


Seriously, these people are disgusting and John Dorrill, you are a pig. A disgusting pervert. I hope to God that man isn’t around children or has access to women.


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5 thoughts on “Relax… it’s just Rob Zombie

    1. I was going to say the same about the “topless” journalist!! Apparently she is still not getting enough attention!! These people are all pathetic. And the pb comment is either Bob Tarpey, or Gary Young. Those two, use that saying all the time. And I am sure Jeff just loves it when they use that saying, especially about women. And the “topless” journalist also uses that saying a lot of the time. Pathetic excuses for humans, all of them.

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  1. Sometimes I think they’re jealous of those women. I am. Lol. I wish I had a figure like hers. Those women and their knitted Christmas sweaters & their polyester shirts & mom jeans. It drives them nuts. They also secretly fantasize about “roughneck” guy. Tattooed&peirced, ripped up jeans, thermal shirts, Carhart jackets, rough rugged hands from tradesman work, a rough beard…Their boring beer gut balding husbands or suit & tie men are just BORING. I knew as a teen I’d marry a roughneck. Theyre hotter!! And Im 23 years married next month. I hate the suit & tie look.

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  2. The topless reporter is jealous and nit picking at a woman with real breasts and young perky ones at that.. add in the slim hips and legs. I be a bit pissy seriously.. its just jealousy the topless reporter is getting older and saggier..:)

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