Just say No!


Beastality is not acceptable. EVER. But some of our favorite anti pit people are just fascinated with it! Heck- they even change definitions of words to suit their sick fascination.

Here is THEIR explanation:


What the real definition REALLY IS:


I’m pretty sure the word “pit bull” is never mentioned…

Alright- so, another convo:


Really? And of course- the convo goes further down hill-


Yes Ali- The topic of beastality is that fascinating for you?

Sorry John D Wayne- I don’t think Jerry Springer is that perverted…


I sure hope these people don’t have pets….

6 thoughts on “Just say No!

  1. Haha…so Ali Dixon who runs The Truth About the Lexus Project facebook page is into beastiality?? Maybe that is why she doesn’t like TLP? Who knew?


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