Lisa Gaffney obviously can not read…

Oh Lisa- once again, you show the world just what an idiot you are….it’s like all that bleach hair dye has just killed whatever functioning brain cells you have.

Former jeweller, 61, who ‘suddenly died from accidental overdose’ was eaten by her own dogs after lying undiscovered for days- Daily Mail

According to the story, “The body had been partially eaten by the Jack Russell and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which are initially thought to have tried to wake her before becoming desperate for food.”

Two dogs- two very different breeds yet somehow Lisa the intellectually challenged makes it allll about one dog and her fellow morons follow right along.


I hate to break it to Lisa- if she were to die and her little chihuahua were locked in the house with her  and was starving- it would totally eat her. Why? Well- it’s ‘cuz that little ankle biter is still a DOG.

News flash: It doesn’t matter what the size of the dog is- it’s still a dog.



Uhmm… Sorry, but we “pit nutters” have absolutely no issue with reality, which is why when we read this story we read the whole story and we gather all the information.  This is just another example of why BSL advocates fail- it’s because they are incapable of telling the truth and society is waking up  and noticing this.


There is approx. 4.8 million people who can think of 4.8 million reasons why they are happy with their pit bulls and have no issues with them in their neighborhoods and communities. 

In fact- there are pit bulls that have achieved far more and have lived a far happier life then the majority of BSL advocates – and this is why pit bulls will never be banned nationwide.

One thought on “Lisa Gaffney obviously can not read…

  1. I’ve owned chihuahuas for about fifteen years. There is not one doubt in my mind that if I died tomorrow, my current little pampered princess would chow down on me if there weren’t other food available. Heck, maybe even if there were! Dogs do like stinky dead things.

    I still remember when I got my first chihuahua, a male friend was so shocked: “She acts exactly like a real dog!” I told him that she WAS a real dog, just smaller.

    Bottom line: a dog is a dog is a dog.

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