The 10 Stages of Stupidity

Stage One: The Googling


With the a few hundred clicks, scouring the world wide web- BSL advocates have come across a dog attack story! The rush of glee and joy fills their shriveled hearts!

Stage Two: The Info


Their shriveled heart skips a beat- they can’t believe their eyes… Another breed of dog attacked? How can this be so?

Stage Three: Denial


The BSL advocate can not will not accept this!

Stage Four: It’s a conspiracy!


The BSL advocate realizes that Animal Farm Foundation, Bad Rap, HSUS, ISIS and VENGEFUL lesbians are trying to fool the public!!

Stage Five: Self Pity


It breaks their heart- they might not be able to go on….

Stage Six: They Have an Idea!!!


OF COURSE! Who would dare question the BSL Expert?!

Stage Seven: Verbal vomiting


It’s up to the dedicated BSL advocate to spread forth their hate for these demon dogs!!

Stage Eight: Reality


The BSL Advocate notices no one believes anything they say…

Stage Nine: Meltdown


The BSL Advocate feels themselves fall apart and lose their mind. This has to be those damn nutters fault! HOW DARE THEY QUESTION or CALL OUT OUR BULLSHIT! LEGO LIPS!!!!

Stage Ten: The Perfect Ending


6 thoughts on “The 10 Stages of Stupidity

  1. HaHaHaHaHaHaHa Oh My Gosh perfect analysis and if only the ending were true. (oh dear….did I type that in public???)
    Just one complaint…why are you insulting the best toy in the world???

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t get that at all. Your lips are not colorful interlocking blocks of endless fun….or *are* they.😉


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