I love this holiday and I hope you and your families have a happy & safe Halloween!

Even though it’s just an awesome holiday filled with candy, Paw Patrol, princesses and zombies, you can bet your snicker bar that the goblins and ogres over in BSL Land are still frothing away. They are thrilled at finding a new weapon to carry around to try to killing dogs…


A kommando survivor hammer walking stick.. Because THAT won’t stick out as they walk  around being the certified quacks that they are?


Right… Jesus. Can someone call up Sonya’s doctor and tell him to dial back on the ketamine? Can you imagine these quacks running around with these?


They would kill themselves and blame some pit bull in another neighborhood. I could see the Facebook rant now..

“Oh my gawd, I was walking down the street with my knife, bear mace and kommando survivor hammer to protect myself from the possible sighting of a pit bull and I smashed myself in the face with it!! BSL would have TOTALLY prevented this.- Incredibly Stupid BSL Advocate

Lord, Yoda or whoever is in charge… Help these people.

3 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

  1. Good Grief!! Their freaking survival tool belt must a weigh a ton! Bear mace, gun, knife, breaksticks, duct tape, antifreeze, ninja sword, megaphone, cell phone, portable police scanner, long range binoculars, flyers & hammer, pit bull identification handbook, fireworks and now they are going to add this! Good luck making it down the driveway.
    They’re so wrapped up looking for potential pit bill sightings they totally miss possible muggers.
    As far as this tool….my F.U.B.A.R. is 10 times better.

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  2. I hope anyone living within 30 miles of one of these whackadoos is aware of their violent tendencies. There should be a BSL advocate locator map for ALL dog owners. It’s certainly not just pit bull type dogs that are in danger. Any dog taller than 10 inches is in danger living near these people.

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  3. They should be more worried about hurting themselves, than dogs hurting them, lol.
    What a bunch of idiots. They are a danger to society. All of them.
    Too funny!

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