Bullying because they can-

You know who has absolutely zero issue with bullying, mocking and harassing a young girl and her dog?

Jeff Borchardt, founder of Daxton’s Friends, William Johnson- pseudo selective victims advocate AND father to an autistic child and the frothing abusive followers of Dogsbite.org- have no problem harassing, mocking and verbally assaulting a autistic child and her certified service dog.

Shall we begin?
Who doesn’t love Julie? The creator of the nasty pit nutter circus blog- oh, no fear- she gets nastier. It takes a real coward and pathetic excuse of a woman to pick on a child.

You would think- a father of an autistic child, Mr. William Johnson would step up and say something about the harassment and mocking of another autistic child…

So, William Johnson is the ONLY parent allowed to speak up and defend their child? This child was victimized, illegally discriminated against and now William Johnson, the self proclaimed victims advocate and father of an autistic child is…. mocking another autistic child? (I bet all the autistic pages, groups and support groups he’s a part of would be interested in his selective autistic support. )

Sorry Lynn- this family wanted to take their beautiful child and her service dog Pupcakes to visit Santa- sorry that you dislike the breed they CHOOSE so much that you find it okay victimize a young autistic girl.

If her service dog eats her?

Oh William- Pupcakes is a ADA certified service dog- NOT an emotional support animal. What should worry people is Williams abusive tendencies and as a supposed father to an autistic child- what kind of father is he being?

Oh! You mean like Jeff Borchardt using his dead son as a stepping stone to earn his “fame”?


I know your wondering if these child abusing pathetic excuses for humans can get any more revolting- but rest assured- they can.
Of course Mr. Dennis Baker had to chime in-


And Dennis Baker cares for a young girl too. If he treats an autistic young girl like this- could his grand daughter be in danger?

Newsflash Suzanne- you don’t have the right to tell a child that is not yours ANYTHING about Santa. Thank God Suzanne DOESN’T have children.

I will let the world decide on how authentic this child’s disability is- read about this brave girl here-
Some of these Foamers such as William Johnson & Jeff Borchardt should take note- that family is a example of parenting done right.

13 thoughts on “Bullying because they can-

  1. exploiting? nah…I think johnson was talking about baker and bogart…no way could anyone from the DBO cult say something like that…and mean it? the irony is off the charts as usual!! wow..as for the rest…heck…that’s just the DBO cult members advocating DBO style…aren’t they all just the best model citizens? smh…repulsive ..horrible ..terrible ..people…

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  2. correction: there is no such thing as an “ADA certified service dog”. One of the great powers of the law is that no certification is required and no proof need be provided. There is a clear and precise definition for a service dog (one that performs specific tasks for its disabled owner) that allows for the whole range of assistance a person might need. The haters of course don’t give a penny for the needs of the little girl; they are just using the SD issue as a very poor attempt to cover their hatred.

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  3. Wow! Johnson knows EVERYTHING there is to know about living with a child with Autism… That is quite the feat. Glad to know his limited experience with one child makes him the authority… Or maybe, his child is the only one on earth who really has it? (eye roll) Sounds alot like the dive bar DJ, who is the authority on dogs and attacks and all that… Birds of a feather…


  4. I live with two people with autism (my father and brother) work on an intensive behavioral autism unit in a hospital for children, and am studying autism. We’ve had all kinds of therapy and service animals visit the hospital, including large “dangerous-breed,” dogs (Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pits, Boxers, etc.)
    Any of these cult members who claim they “know all there is to know,” about autism (from their limited experience, I’m sure) and service animals are ableist, and discriminatory to doubt the validity of the child’s disability.
    They’re blinded by their hatred and ignorance, and are causing further damage to the image of not only pits, but for children and adults with autism (and any disability) who need a service animal, REGARDLESS of the animal.
    Therapy and service animals have been everything from pigs, dogs, horses, cats, birds, and countless others.
    These fear-mongering morons need to get with the times.

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    1. The hatred and fear mongering spewed by William Johnson, et al., is simply amazing – particularly in light of Xena “the Warrior Puppy” (a Pit-X) getting the 2014 Hero Dog of the Year award, as a service dog for an autistic child! Her story is truly amazing, going from being rescued – horribly abused, starved, and barely alive – to becoming a service dog for a child with autism. I have seen other APBT’s who have been great service and therapy dogs (also, see Elle, the 2013 Hero Dog of the Year). APBT’s are all individuals, but in general they are a strong, active, athletic, intelligent, working breed – and therefore not for everyone. The key is to match the dog with the right job. When you have a match, these dogs will show you why “APBT” stands for the AMAZING Pit Bull Terrier!



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