August 12, 1991

(Image found on Occupy BSL)

August 12, 1991- the first dog killed because of Breed Specific Legislation and thousands more followed.

The Act ordered all Pit Bull types to be neutered or killed. – Huffington Post

It’s incredibly important we show the impact of unethical journalism. When the media purposefully feeds the fear mongering propaganda machine blood is usually spilled and victims are born.

Dogs were taken from homes and labeled as hell hounds. Innocent dogs. Innocent dogs that never hurt anyone. Innocent families watched their beloved pet be dragged out on a catch pole- frightened and struggling. Innocent dogs taken. Secret kennels for a group of people to figure out if the dog was a dangerous breed. Thousands of innocent dogs never made it back home.

One last wimper… On August 12,1991- the United Kingdom killed it’s first pit bull type dog. The media glorified it. The media rejoiced in it and the media profited from it. Fear sells and innocent families and innocent dogs will continue to pay the ultimate price.

3 thoughts on “August 12, 1991

  1. But, but, but….The Cult says BSL does not mean innocent animals are rounded up and KILLED! This is why we fight. Never again. What happened here and in Denver will never be allowed to happen again. That a cult wants just that matters to nobody. Too bad for them.

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  2. This made me cry! I saw our American Pit Bull Terrier for the first time around 1995. Recall he was approx. five weeks old, a little chubby sweet baby. I was worried about neighbors knowing he was a Pittie. I had him for nearly 15 years. He died a natural death with us at his side about 34 days before his 15 th birthday on Feb. 14, 2010. I have missed him all these years later. He was a treasure!

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