The Borchardt Blame Game- Who Really is to Blame?

Who is to blame when it comes to a fatal dog attack? Bessie Flowers, 86 years old and brutally mauled by her daughters two “pit bull” dogs. Two dogs that have had numerous complaints about aggression issues.


“Neighbors told WCCB that the animals had shown aggressive behavior in the past and had warned authorities about them.

One male neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said: ‘There have been two incidents with those dogs. They attacked other dogs here. No one has done anything about it. I constantly told people that they are going to kill someone.’

Police records show that officers were called to the home once before in 2013 to reports of two aggressive animals, but the reports were not substantiated.”



Most “normal” people would look at the dog owner who obviously continued to own two dogs with previous aggression issues, however there is nothing “normal” when it comes to the bizarre behavior of Borchardt, the founder of Daxton’s Friends (the alleged “educational site” with zero educational material.).  Who does Borchardt blame for this horrible preventable tragedy?

A bunch of random strangers. Strangers that have absolutely no connection to the victim or the victim’s family. Strangers that had zero influence on the behavior of the dogs. That doesn’t matter to Borchardt, because it’s EVERYONES fault.  It’s YOUR fault! It’s that random person’s fault! It’s that homeless man’s fault! It’s hollywoods fault! It’s all of the veterinarians fault! The police departments fault! It’s Obamas fault!


Typical cowardly Borchardt fashion, he take the blame game a step further and encourages the online harassment of a woman (key word… woman) who dared to speak out against his childish tirade:


… and guess who is liking each disgusting and vile comment?


This is just another glaring example of why BSL is fundamentally flawed, because the focus is more about the humans and very little about the dogs and BSL advocates prove this every single day. They have made sure that breed specific legislation encourages discrimination (against the dog owners), it encourages racism (against the dog owners), it glorifies sexism and misogyny (against the dog owners) and educates unstable individuals in ways to hurt/kill/maim both animal and humans. The Breed Specific Legislation advocacy has becomes this festering cesspool of fear, hate and violence and that is the environment that they love.


Thank God we won’t stay silent and we will always speak louder than their hate… which scares them very, very, very much.

How to Avoid “Victim Blaming”- According to BSL Advocates

Victim Blaming. According to BSL Advocates in the Dog hating, human hating community, victim blaming is a growing epidemic- like crack and is just as damaging. The question is- how do you know if you are victim blaming? Well, thanks to the endless amount of complaints by BSL advocates, we are here to help you waddle through the confusing and murky waters of understanding the BSL Advocates version of victim blaming.

Now, according to the real world-  the definition of Victim Blaming is pretty self explanatory.

” A social and psychological wherein the fault in a crime (rape, robbery, assault) is attributed to the victim.”

When it comes to our beloved BSL Advocates, it is a bit different and hopefully we can help you figure out how what BSL advocates mean when they cry victim blaming.

1. You are Victim Blaming if you Disagree with ANYTHING they Say.

mob.PNGDisagreeing is a big no-no in the BSL community and is usually met with name calling, threats, memes, social media stalking and being kicked out of all the uber super secret BSL I hate pit bulls and pit bull owner groups.  It doesn’t matter if what they told you makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. They tell you the sky is green, you better agree that it’s the best version of green you’ve ever seen. If they tell you that a French Bordeaux is a pit bull, by all that is holy, you better agree,  because if you disagree with them you are victim blaming.

2. You are absolutely Victim Blaming if you point out THEIR Contradictions and Hypocrisy.


This is huge and incredibly difficult because BSL contradict themselves all the time. Here is a great example- “When a pit bull attacks it’s never the owners fault- but I hope you can sue the crap out of them.” or “Those nutters have all these fake profiles…….hold on why I log into my other fake profile to admin my hate page.” and of course “Those pit nutters are baby haters but we love children so much that we take pictures of children and make nasty meme’s and plaster them all over our hate pages…”

3. You are Victim Blaming if You Dare to Form Your Own Opinion and Think for Yourself.


Just.. don’t.  Don’t read an article and attempt to form your own thought on it. Don’t consider any outside sources than the 3 that they tell you to read (Animal 24-7, & Daxton’s Friends). Don’t question the mobs behavior, don’t refuse to change your mind, don’t let common sense over-ride bullshit and made up statistics, just nod your head and go with the mindless shuffle. The minute that don’t toe the line, you will be considered victim blaming.

Basically, simplified- Drink the Kool-Aid and question nothing and you will never be called a dreaded victim blamer.



Rising Numbers

Nationwide, statistics show from Jan-Sep, an estimated 26,000 people have been killed in car crashes. Dog bite fatalities in 2015 nationwide? 34. From 2005-2015, in an 11 year period NATIONWIDE, 360 American have died due to a dog bite injury, compare that total for an 11 year time span to the state of Arizona for 2015, which sadly reports that 890 people have died in car crashes. Yet,BSL advocates want to tell you that dog attack fatalities are a rising epidemic and even though dog attack fatalities don’t even make it into the CDC’s leading causes of Death top 10 (Xu, Murphy, Kochanek & Bastain, 2016), they continue to attempt to stir fear and paranoia with skewed statistics and falsified data.

The Bitter Sweet Pill of Truth

Eventually, the truth comes out and the recent article done by Patrick Cain from Global News shares the truth about what every BSL advocate does NOT want the public to see. In 2005, Ontario passes a law to ban and remove all pit bulls and dogs that looked like them from their province.

According the former Attorney General Michael Bryant, this would lower pit bull attacks and cause less attacks by dangerous dogs, and while it makes sense that now that the “pit bull” dog bite statistics have dropped, mainly because there are only about 338 registered pit bull types currently in Toronto, 1,073 less from 2005. Yet it doesn’t explain why dog bites and attacks have kept rising if the real danger was originally  from “pit bulls”.

  (Shaw Media, 2016)



As controversial (and obviously misguided, considering the numbers show that dog attacks didn’t go down after the ban.) as the pit bull ban was and is, Bryant spoke to the Toronto Life in 2011, stating that he doesn’t’ regret banning pit bulls in 2005, but regrets the fall out, even pointing out how much it hurt his former love life with a dog lover he was dating, “she doesn’t know if she can get past it.”

It never is or will be about preventing Dog attacks/bites.

According to BSL advocates, BSL isn’t about preventing dog attacks/bites by all breeds, just by a handful.


Which partially explains why BSL/Bans have been a complete failure in preventing dog attacks and bites. BSL advocates claim “BSL works perfectly if enforced correctly” yet, BSL/Bans haven’t prevented one single dog bite fatality. I  recently asked a BSL Advocate, how effective was BSL in preventing the dog attack fatality of Carmen Reigada in Miami and her response was “Those breeds should have been included in the ban tooo!” and I couldn’t help but wonder now “lab mixes” & Rhodesian Ridgebacks should be banned too, since according to the reports, “The dogs were identified as an American Bulldog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Labrador Mix”

Fighting for the Right to live

Right now, the Canadian province that has a pit bull ban is planning on euthanizing 21 dogs rescued from a dog fighting operation  (The very province that BSL advocates will tell you just how effective the pit bull ban is. ) without giving those 21 victims a chance at a life beyond the fighting ring. What BSL advocates can not do, no matter how hard they try, is to hide the truth on just how successful dogs rescued from well publicized fighting operations like the Vicktory dogs have been. Will Ontario give those dogs a chance to be just dogs? Will Ontario give those dogs a chance to prove their false stereotypical labels wrong? Or will Ontario turn a blind eye and bury these dogs with out even batting an eye? We will find out soon enough…







Jiaquan Xu, M.D.; Sherry L. Murphy, B.S.; Kenneth D. Kochanek, M.A.; and Brigham A. Bastian, B. S.; National Vital Statistics Reports 2016


The Heartbreaking Reality that BSL Advocates Don’t Want You To Talk About

BSL won’t affect anyone but dog fighters and backyard breeders”- Mia Johnson, Founder of National Canine Victim Awareness

That statement alone is absolutely ridiculous and it should insult each and every dog owner out there. If Mia Johnson wasn’t attempting to sugar coat her Breed Specific Legislation propaganda, her sentence WOULD read, “BSL will affect everyone BUT dog fighters and backyard breeders.”, because that is the actual truth, but truth and BSL advocates like Mia Johnson do not go hand in hand. The very idea that BSL will prevent dog fighting and back yard breeders is laughable.  When have criminals every truly cared about any sort of legislating? That’s like saying gun control will keep guns out of criminals hands, making rape a felony (which it is) will prevent rape and discrimination laws will prevent racism. Dog fighters from all backgrounds, couldn’t care less about breed specific legislation because those laws do not apply to them. They will still continue to do the things they do and use the dogs that they do. I’ve yet to see BSL prevent one dog fighter from fighting their dogs or one back yard breeder from breeding their … have you? I have asked Mia Johnson this very question and she has yet to get back to me with an answer. What she does keep saying is the same thing over and over again: “Breed Specific Legislation will not affect one single responsible “pit bull” type dog owner in the United States.” How would a citizen of Canada know exactly what would or wouldn’t affect US citizens?


Dog Fighters Worry about BSL?

Dog fighters won’t sweat an impending BSL or the fight about it. The professionals, hobbyists and the street fighter won’t lose a wink of sleep. (I think it’s critical for people to understand that even though the three types of dog fighters have essentially the same agenda and their outcome is the same but it’s their mind set and views that are all vary, but I will dig deeper into that on another blog post.) Street fighters are usually connected to gangs, fighting their dogs over disputes and taunting each other with “My dog can kill your dog” mentality. Since the majority of their fights are spontaneous, the police and animal control are hardly ever to stop or prevent them (Ensminger, 2010; Boucher,2011; Anon, 2014b,d).  Do you think street fighters will straighten their act up and stop fighting and back yard breeding because they care about following the law? What about the hobbyists?  Those dog fighters, much like Vicks who have one or multiple dogs who fight their dogs for supplemental income and entertainment and network in specific geographic networks, will they be affected by BSL? Now, how about those Professionals? Those that have generations of “game dogs” and unlike the street fighters and hobbyists, they can trace their dogs’ lineage back to God knows when and Charging tremendous amounts of money for stud fees, breeding and owning a large number of dogs, many times, 50 or more. How affected do you think they will be? Since they are already neck deep in illegal activity, operating on a national and even an international level within a highly secret network (Gibson, 2005; Ensminger, 2010; Anon, 2014b,d).  Somehow I don’t think following the rules of BSL will slow them down a bit.  So, I’ve yet to see how BSL will affect them one single bit.


The Cold and Heart Breaking Truth.

Now, who will breed specific legislation really affect? The reality is BSL will affect the millions of responsible “pit bull type” dog owners in the United States, but it will hit low income communities the hardest.  The nations poverty level for 2015 for a family of 4 is 24,250. In 2014, 46.7 million people lived in poverty and millions of those are dog owners who would be affected by BSL.

Breed Specific Legislation targets the poor and punishes them not for being irresponsible dog owners but for being low income. BID (Breed Insurance Discrimination) often not in the spot light like BSL but also creates yet another challenge to low income dog owners and Johanna Falber, founder of Stubby’s Heroes’ explains, “With BID, the tenant may or may not have a lease. If they have a lease, and the lease does not make any mention of breed, even though the tenant is within right to have the dog, we have found that often times the landlords and even some “property managers” have bullied the tenants over their dog. The tenant, not wanting to be evicted (again, they do not have the resources to fight), often gives in. They relocate the dog to avoid any legal or financial troubles. If there is not a lease, we have seen the same happen. The tenant again, is in no position to hire representation, does not often know about the pro bono attorneys, and does not know about the free services that advocacy and activism groups offer. They are a caretaker of a dog; and not an advocate or activist to know of the resources, the services, and the community that can help. “

low income

Low income families are already facing enough stereotyping and discrimination that all BSL does is continue to place more burden on a struggling percentage of the United States population.

What happens when a low income family has to decide between keeping the family pet and putting food on the table? Families tearfully end up surrendering their dogs and those dogs are usually euthanized.  Contrary to what BSL advocates like Mia Johnson promote, the majority of dogs, included pit type dogs are not surrendered due to aggression issues.  The top 10 reasons for dogs being relinquished in no particular order (The percentages do not add up to 100% because they represent only the top ten reasons given by owners for relinquishment of animals to shelters):

  1. Biting (3%)
  2.  Pet illness (4%)
  3. Having no time for pet (4%)
  4.  No homes available for litter mates (3%)
  5. Inadequate facilities (4%)
  6. Owner having person problems (4%)
  7. Cost of pet maintenance (5%)
  8. Too many animals in household (4%)
  9. Land lord not allowing pets (6%)
  10. Moving (7%)


Since some BSL laws allow pit bulls to be grandfathered, they also refuse to allow pit bulls to be adopted out. If low income families are forced to surrender their family pets because they cannot meet the financial requirements of BSL, those dogs surrendered will be automatically euthanized. Healthy, happy family dogs euthanized all because of the financial hardship placed on families caused by BSL.


The3 Big Elephants in the Room

Discrimination, Racism and Stereotyping

I know BSL advocates howling at the use of the word “discrimination” when discussing breed specific legislation and they cry foul when racism is brought up, however, BSL does just that. Breed specific legislation discriminates against dog owners and opens the door for law enforcement to racially profile dog owners. Everyone knows that the dogs themselves have no idea about the controversy that surrounds them, but their owners do and this is exactly why BSL is more about the dog owners than the dogs.  A study done by Northeastern University professor Arnold Arluke in 2003 and recorded in the “International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy” points this out (Arnold, 2003) and shows that police departments have used dog breeds to racially profile and target people from certain neighborhoods. Automatically assuming that a young African American or you Latino walking their pit bull type dog down the street is gang affiliated.  This shows just how racism and stereotyping increase when BSL is brought to the table and something Canadian Mia Johnson, the creator of National Canine Victim Awareness forgets to mention as she attempts to flood the media with her unsubstantiated fake coalition for BSL. BSL advocates like Canadian Mia Johnson openly promote the stereotyping as she and fellow BSL advocates misrepresent pit bull owners as A) poor white trash or B) Black Ghetto hood rats.

Racism openly runs wild within the BSL advocacy and is found acceptable if used to stereotype owners. From calling African American pit bulls owners “N*ggers” to the onslaught against the Latin American pit bull owners, laughing and joking about shipping the “wetbacks back across the boarder and taking their land sharks with them”, it makes it startling clear that BSL Advocates are not just focusing on the dogs but the people. When has this become acceptable? Are we allowing a small group of people to get away with the unacceptable because they hide under the façade of “public safety”?

Time for a Change

It’s no secret that there is something undeniably broken within the BSL community and it shows loud and clear.  If law makers allow a small sect of people who are focused on ostracizing and targeting lower income communities by essentially forcing them to surrender their family dogs because they can not afford unjust restrictions, what message are we telling families? Johanna Falber hits the nail on the head when she says, The issues facing our dogs often stem from social issues that we are not addressing. They start with the issues in local communities, and are spilling over to affect animals.” Maybe it’s time we set aside the knee jerk reaction of what BSL is and start focusing on working with the communities that need a little extra help because it’s obvious that BSL targets everyone but the criminals.



Triggers: What Prompts a BSL Advocate to Attack.

1.PNG – We’ve placed together a list of BSL Advocate attack triggers, routine activities that launch a BSL Advocate into a full-fledged attack. Due to selective inbreeding for the purposes of spreading ignorance and hate– BSL Advocates were artificially selected to attack unpredictably, to “type super fast and stalk multiple internet sites at one time,” and to hide warning signals before an attack — the BSL Advocate  often demonstrates “hair trigger” explosive rounds of verbal diarrhea.

Known Triggers that Prompt a BSL Attack: 



Global Pandemic is on the Horizon:




Let’s face it, attacks from BSL are on the rise. According to our residential math expert, Merrit Senseless writes, “BSL advocate attacks have risen 779% in the past year, that is about 1 BSL Advocate attack per minute. We are looking at a global pandemic and it’s not going to get any better soon until we start pleading the CDC to start taking these attacks from BSL Advocates seriously.”

The Invasion and What you can do to Stop it.


Thanks to social media and internet providers, attacks from BSL Advocates can happen anywhere and at anytime. In a perfect world, the only way to 100% prevent an attack from a BSL advocate is to unplug your life, deactivate your Facebook, twitter and whatever social media platform you use, destroy your cellphone with a sledgehammer and crawl into a cave, but studies have that crawling is in fact just another trigger that can set of the ticking time bomb (AKA the BSL Advocate.).  You may not beable to prevent an attack, but you CAN take control and boot that BSL Advocate right back to the Land of Morons.

How you ask? Simple…. just follow these steps:

How to Deal with an Aggressive BSL Advocate in 4 easy steps.

  1. Remember… you are not alone.
5.3 million people or more are just like you. Living life with a happy, well adjusted pit bull and living life to the fullest. Strength in numbers… and that one thing BSL advocates lack.
2.  Get to Know your Block button.
Block ’em and move on. Any attention, including negative, is great for them. Think of them like gremlins… what’s the rule? Don’t feed them after midnight? Well, for BSL Advocates it’s like that… don’t feed them any form of attention and eventually they will slither back to their groups upset that they couldn’t get a rise from you.
3. Laugh your Ass off.
All of the steps are important, but this probably is one of the most important. BSL advocates will say and do the most horrible and disgusting things with one goal in mind: To ruin your day. That’s what they want to do. They live and breath the idea of ruining your day and spend hours finding ways to do it and the moment you give them that satisfaction… they go in for the kill.  Laugh. LOL allll you want. LMFAO if you want to.. the minute you point and laugh and show just how ignorant they are, they know they have lost the fight.  Humor will be your greatest tool, better than any breakstick out there.
4. Live your Life.
Keep living your life just the way that makes you happy, because you can be positive that those grumpy BSL Advocates are not enjoying theirs and are choking on their envy.



Sending a Message

This city council caved to the 1% who own pit bull type dogs in the U.S. and who could care about public safety. These are elected officials that are supposed to have the best interests, of the people they serve, at heart. Instead they are raising the importance of pit bull type dogs above that of their constituents.”-Julie Wall Volunteer at

Despite the emails from Colleen Lynn, despite the emails typed by Jeff Borchardt, despite the attempts to influence the counsel from Carol Miller (Yet, another Board Member), despite the call for a flooding of emails, letters and harassing phone calls, Shaker Heights Ohio sent a clear message to BSL Advocates…

sdahker heights.jpg

All but 2 counsel members voted AGAINST breed specific legislation, shutting the door in the face of out of state BSL advocacy groups that are attempting to force their unwelcomed views on communities.

After five public hearings over four months for three readings on a proposed pit bull ban, City Council voted it down 5-2 on Tuesday.-Thomas Jewell,

Armed with the usual out of date and inaccurate statistics provided by disgraced and debunked statistical failure Merritt Clifton, BSL Advocates went to bed the night before satisfied that this vote would be an epic and monumental win for them and it was anything but that.

“And I don’t want to see us join the remaining list of communities” that still have the breed-specific ban, Zimmerman said, mentioning Garfield Heights, Lakewood, Parma, and Warrensville Heights.

Zimmerman is absolutely right, more communities are turning away from breed specific legislation in favor for an all breed legislation. Placing the responsibility on owners of dogs which is exactly were it should be. Irresponsible dog ownership is not breed specific and this is what communities are telling BSL advocates and it’s a message they don’t want to hear.

According to Lori Whelbourne, “If all pit bull type dogs were included in their ban, Matthew Brigmantas may be alive today.”, however, if she was being honest in her recent post in the Province, she would have stated exactly what the “pit bull type dog” was exactly, Shar Pei/Fila mix with known aggression issues and that had a history  of biting other people.  Breed Specific Legislation and/or bans have not prevented one dog attack or dog bite fatality, even concerning those dogs that fall under bans. Why is that? Because BSL/Bans only really affect law abiding citizens, which is the majority of all pit bull “type” owners

The death of Javon Dade Jr. shows just how ineffective bans are, once again showing that breed specific legislation has absolutely no affect on those that are purposefully breaking the law in the first place. Criminals, dog fighters and back yard breeders will not be affected by BSL/Bans, if anything, BSL/Bans will flood the streets with off springs’ of unethical back yard breeders with unstable temperament.

“The only thing that ban did was increase the value of (pit bulls) from $1,000 to $5,000.”Gary White, Former dog fighter 2013

We can look across the ocean to see yet another example of how ineffective pit bull bans are when we look at the sky rocketing dog attacks in the UK and in 2010, “Toronto itself backed up the claim that BSL doesn’t  reduce dog bites when in May 2010, the Toronto Humane Society released statistics from a survey they conducted which showed that “the number of dog bites in Ontario had changed little” since Ontario’s 2005 ban on “pit bull” “breeds” was instituted (”

Contrary to the myths told by the pit bull lobby, it is less expensive than what taxpayers pay out when attacks happen. In addition to that, lives are saved and severe injuries are prevented- Lori Whelbourne, member, Blogger for the Province

Not one single life has been saved and not one severe injury has been prevented due to BSL. In fact, it shows just the amount of damage yet another breed can do when it attacks.  According to many cities, BSL is not cost effective, in fact, the price tag for enforcing BSL is rising every year.

The Prince George’s County task force findings are typical of findings in many other locations.

  • In 2001, a Baltimore, Maryland, auditor estimated it would cost $750,000 to enforce a breed-specific ban.
  • In 2008, Omaha proposed BSL that would cost over half a million dollars to enforce.
  • The U.K.’s Dangerous Dog Act, which includes a ban on certain breeds of dogs, is estimated to have cost well over $14 million to enforce between the years 1991 and 1996 (no more recent numbers are available). It has come under fire lately as dog bites (committed by non-targeted dogs) rise despite the ban.
  • Even small cities and communities can spend tens of thousands of dollars annually to uphold their BSL-

Although the battle will rage on, Shaker Heights is just another community that turned a deaf ear to the fear and hate propaganda being offered to them by BSL advocates and decided to work this as a community. They won’t be alone this year and many communities will be working towards throwing out the out dated breed specific laws and start focusing on laws that will actually help communities become safer just like many did in 2015.