Digging a Hole

Besides victim bashing, what else is Daxton’s Friends and Dogsbite.org members notoriously known for?

Saying/typing the most ignorant this ever.


(Feel free to view the post here….)

I am just going to let your eyes adjust and your brain settles after reading such ignorance from the infamous Olympia Washington resident Jeffrey Sloan.

As far as Sloan can tell, alllll the dog fighting, torture and abuse that Vicks inflicted on the dogs is no where near as bad as alllll the love, health care, respect, freedom, the given opportunity to smash  “it’s all how they are raised” myth and just sheer happiness at life the Vicks dog know have.

(Give me a moment, that whole thought concept makes sense to absolutely no one but BSL advocates. )

This is the nonsense that our communities need to see when it comes to BSL Advocates. The sad thing is, Sloan and his fellow Daxton’s Friends morons truly believe that the rescued dogs actually enjoyed fighting. They honestly believe that the rescued dogs enjoyed the abuse. Deep down, those morons think the dogs killed by the hands of Vick and his buddies died a happy death. That those dogs buried in the shallow graves died deaths befitting pit bulls.

I LOVE that the Vick dogs have proven people like Sloan wrong over and over again and everyone gets this…. Modern Dog, Bark Post, People… Everyone gets this but BSL Advocates. It’s like they do not have the mental capacity to realize just how full of dog poop they really are but the rest of the world does…. and that’s what matters.

4 thoughts on “Digging a Hole

  1. This man has no concept of the level of love and attachment those dogs rose to. He has no clue that Ray trusted me enough to step on an escalator, to fly across the country, sitting at my feet on the plane. That he attended public gatherings to protest BSL. That man has no clue of how deep and loving our relationship was. How my world turned dark the day Ray passed away. I don’t swear. I just don’t. But this dickhead can kiss my ass. He doesn’t deserve to even think about my little brown dog.

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  2. I am often amazed at the level of “respect” the foamers seem to have for dog fighters. They often quote them as if abusive felons should be relied upon more than actual science and behavioral experts. It is gut churning to see the promote “game dog pages” to people as if animal abusers should be a respectable source for any valid information. Of course dog fighters talk about how aggressive their dogs are and how bad ass they are – that is what they want. Clearly the kind of POS who engages and supports dog fighting is not going to advertise how sweet and well mannered their dogs could be if socialized, cared for and not abused. Anyone who bases their opinion on a type of dog based on what animal abusing felons claim on the internet is just in pathetic need to justify their intellectual dishonesty.

    I will admit that the Vick dogs proved me wrong. I believed that coming from such a background, they should have been euthanized and would always be a danger. Clearly I was wrong since the vast majority of them were able to live out their lives in loving homes. I am glad that I was proven wrong, though I also hold Vick responsible for the animals that were euthanized to make room for the intake of his dogs. He is a sick bastard who represents the “cult of the athlete” that so many worship – not unlike the foamers who will justify and excuse all behaviors as long as the perpetrator is on board for the pit bull “final solution”. Inappropriate sexually deviant comment to minors? No problem. Fantasizing in sick detail about torturing and killing dogs? Totally cool. Distracted driving (which kills far more people than all dogs multiple times over) its all good. Threatening to shoot, poison, adopt and euthanize? Completely normal behavior. Stalking victims and posting names and addresses that were not posted in the news article (perhaps there was a public safety reason for not posting name and address, maybe a domestic abuse threat). Thats fine. Badgering a family to release the breed of dog involved in the attack on their child before they can even bury him and after being asked repeatedly on social media to give the family privacy. Thats ok too. Making victims the butt of jokes. Completely fine. Blaming the victim and insinuating they “got what they deserved” but then accusing anyone else of victim blaming for suggesting there are ways aside from the eradication of a breed to address and prevent attacks. Thats fine. Using the images of minors who have been attacked for their propaganda even after being asked by the parents to not do so. Hey, its all fair. Using photos that are from a variety of other violent sources such as suicides ect and claiming they are dog bites… Who cares about accuracy when it comes to demonizing dogs? Categorizing deaths by train or other means as pit bull deaths – or arbitrarily deciding a reported breed is *really* a pit bull or pit mix even if reported as lab, boxer, malinois, sharpei ect ect ect. Again who cares about being accurate when you can blame a breed, right? I could go on and on and on and on….again, no matter the behavior, to borrow a phase from one of their idols, picking up a torch and pitchfork becomes a “get out of guilt free card” for all manner of inappropriate and downright deviant behavior.

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  3. Is he serious?? So…..following his logic and applying it to other equally cruel and tortuous situations: the abolitionists were far more harmful to blacks than slavery and the civil war was wrong; the Allied forces were wrong in fighting Hitler because he was far better for the Jewish community than being freed from persecution. My previous statement regarding this idiot needs amending. Apparently he has a hot ramrod of stupidity jammed into that aperture. I would say he is in need of a lobotomy but that procedure seems to have already taken place.

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