I have to give Foamers credit- it does not take simple words to describe their thoughts, behaviors and beliefs. Granted- it can be easier just to label them as the never ending asshole, or Satan’s unholy pile of crap but that’s the lazy way out.

Foamers posses an INSIDIOUS nature.

It’s like a black (or slime green), vile, toxic, cancerish ooze that kills and defiles anything they come in contact with. Their insidious nature is so depraved and twisted that they don’t even have to physically be near you to corrupt all that is good & meaningful.

Here is a great example: Let me introduce Gail.

Gail is a perfect example of a Foamer with an insidious nature. She purposefully stalks out innocent people and terrorizes them.

She lies. She screams. She terrorizes. Can you imagine how she must scare children and other people?
Can you believe who actually likes and agrees with that insanity?

The founder of a non profit that is supposedly wanting to get into YOUR home. What kind of man supports this? Surely this is one time thing?

Nope and guess who still likes this?

It’s like they can’t help forcing their toxicity upon innocent people. Not only do they LIE but they lie with the intent of spreading hate and FEAR.

Her hope is that a innocent woman gets attacked. Even though this woman’s dog has never hurt anyone, better yet- that woman isn’t even a pit bull owner. She just acknowledges that all dogs bite.

1. Gail lies
2. Gail purposefully terrorizes people
3. Gail hopes innocent people are attacked and killed to satisfy her disgusting belief.

These are the true faces of BSL advocacy & she might live near you.

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