The Twisted Tale Cindy Ryder: Part 2

Amanda Williams, describing the continuous abuse she has been receiving from Cindy Ryder, said, “Just last week, she put on my door an article about a lil’ five year old girl who was killed by her family dog, a pit!”

The media forgets the disservice they commit when they do not report the whole event from beginning to end. With this lack of integrity, they are failing the general public. The case of Cindy Ryder is a great example of that. Two families lost beloved pets, and, while one woman feels that it’s her right to continuously harass a grieving family, the media doesn’t utter a word.

According to Amanda Williams, Amanda and her boyfriend asked Cindy Ryder several times to control her dog and stop letting the dog aggressively bark and snap at the children playing in the Williams’ yard. Given the media’s traditional bias, it’s not surprising they failed to share both sides of this tragic story. 

Amanda Williams and her family had been living peacefully in that house for over five years. Jada, their beloved family dog, was involved in numerous dog classes, had no history of aggression and was up to date on all her shots (with vet verification). Due a massive house fire and a quick move, she honestly admits she was three weeks late getting the rabies shot. According to Amanda, “I completely spaced taking her in! Not an excuse but the honest truth!”

She can’t believe how the media AND Cindy Ryder completely spun the story and ignored the truth. She says it was and still is devastating listening to Cindy, the media and some law enforcement officers paint her as a poor, irresponsible dog owner who trained her dog to be a killer. History and reports show her to be the exact opposite. 

The memory of the day of the tragic events always brings tears to Amanda Williams eyes. It was just another day according to her. Jada had gone into heat the day before, so Amanda had her behind the gate as she left for work. Her dad was there watching her son for the day, and her son was outside playing with neighborhood children. According to witnesses, Cindy Ryder was walking her dog by their home when Cindy’s dog started barking and behaving aggressively towards the children. 

Amanda’s father had stepped inside prior to that to use the restroom, and Amanda believes Jada must have heard the barking, knocked down the gate, and pushed open the screen to head out the door and towards the barking dog. According to witnesses, Cindy  “grabbed her dog, flung her in the air, got her dog in her arms and started heading across the street with her barking dog.”  Jada jumped up to snap at the barking dog and ended up biting Cindy’s ear. Cindy and her dog fell to the sidewalk. Cindy’s dog came loose, and the two dogs fought. Obviously, with Jada being a much larger and stronger dog than the small dog, the result was tragic. Amanda’s dad heard the lady screaming and rushed outside, but, unfortunately, it was too late.

Amanda stated that, by the time she returned home, Jada was gone. She described the worst nightmare for pet owners who’s animals are involved in a altercation.  “I went straight to the ER to check on Cindy before I even went home,” Amanda commented sadly.

She said she was confronted by the police and told that checking on Cindy could be considered harassment. An officer then told her to come to his car to receive a few tickets due to the incident. Amanda stated that, “After that, I went to the humane society, and they let me see Jada for 10 minutes. She was locked in a kennel and it just broke my heart seeing her.” 

She was initially informed that, after 19 days, she could come back and get her dog, but that changed the next day when she was told that she needed to find a home outside of Marathon County for Jada.  After some research, Amanda found a rescue facility out of the state that was willing to take Jada. Amanda said, “I didn’t want her to be rehomed with a family because I was scared about how she could be treated, so I thought a pit rescue would be perfect.”  

Little did she know that the everything was going to change for the worse. 

The night before Amanda was supposed to pick up Jada and transport her to the rescue, the police arrived and served Amanda with papers that informed her they were seizing Jada and taking custody of the dog away from her. The police, due to Cindy’s persistence, received court papers that ordered Jada to be put to sleep. “They told me if I just agreed to let them kill her, they would take all my fines away, but I couldn’t do that. I had to fight for her; I loved her like my child.”

So, Amanda did fight. Court date after court date she fought until she sadly lost. 

Amanda tearfully described that gut wrenching moment, “They let me see her for 15 minutes the day she was put down. When I was leaving, I could hear Jada just screaming for me through the glass. It’s been months, but it feels like this all just happened.”

She shares how this has affected her entire family’s lives. Her son still doesn’t understand why his dog was taken away and killed, and she states, “Everytime we get in a little better place mentally and emotionally, Cindy attacks me again.”  

 According to sources, Cindy told the courts she paid 200$ to have her dog cremated, however it was found out that the pet memorial service company donated the fee for the cremation of Cindy’s dog. After further questioning, it was verified that IF Cindy had paid out of pocket, the fee would have been far less than 200$ for her small dog.

She says the media has cut back in the past six months, yet she can’t shake the insanity of it all. As her family tries to move on, Amanda shares that her boyfriend brought a new puppy home for the family. What should have been a moment of happiness marred by Cindy Ryder, who ratcheted up her harassment. “Cindy called animal control and said our new dog was not licensed and that he had not had his shots which was unfounded and proved wrong.”  

Will the abuse end? Probably not, since Cindy has joined forces with & Daxton’s Friends. If anything, the harassment will probably intensify with the possibility of Cindy going as far as hurting their new dog. The fact that Cindy had the balls to walk up to Amanda’s home and tape a news story on it shows Cindy won’t stop her harassment. 

It takes great strength for Amanda to step up and speak out. Her dog was so much more than this one tragic event. Jada was loved, loving, playful, loved walks and snuggling with family members. “The day I picked her out as a puppy, she had this white ‘J’ on her chest, so I named her Jade.”

Come back tomorrow for the ending to this story. 

14 thoughts on “The Twisted Tale Cindy Ryder: Part 2

  1. Scary!
    This Cindy is the one that messaged me over the weekend when I posted I was opposed to such a ban as BSL’s have been shown not to work.
    Holy Crap ! Cussing and swearing at me at told me i was spewing crap out of my mouth and ass and to shut up. She then threatened a friend’s dog by messaging her saying that “her dog was going to be the first one to go”. And that dog is not even a pit-bull.
    And this is the spokesperson that wants the signatures to go on the ballot !!!!!!
    Her messages actually made me lock my front door after looking at her past charges on the public record of what she has done.
    We copied and saved her messages just in case.
    Scary Bonkers !!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow, so you live near her? I would certainly be on the lookout — especially when you see what is coming next on this blog. She hasn’t just threatened people over the internet. Yikes


      1. I lived in the house where Amanda lives now and now I live down the street. I also own 2 pitbulls myself both of them are registered and licensed and up to date on their shots and I keep a beware of dog sign on my property. So all together on our block there are 5 pitbulls. And every owner is responsible nor r the dogs ever running loose nor aggressive . It seems to me that she provokes these situations and I don’t understand y? Or what has a pitbull ever done to her before this to make her hate them so much?

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  2. This woman is nuts!! I live on the same block as her and Amanda. Amanda’s dog was never violent before that day. And had Cindy not stopped in front of her house like she had been asked several times it wouldn’t have happened! Cindy kept stopping in front of her house with her aggressive dog and was talking to Amanda’s son so jayda was trying to protect the little boy. Amanda had a house fire months prior and had just moved so the reminder card for jaydas shots must have been sent there and she was just a couple weeks past due. Also when the house burned down jayda was in the house and the fire fighters had to rescue her and they carried her out of the house and all she did was lick and lick them. I then took jayda directly to a vet and again all she was was friendly towards ppl even after almost getting burned and having smoke inhalation issues. Cindy claimed in court to have paid a large sum of money for her dog that died yet couldn’t provide any proof of that or receipts not did she have any vet records for her dog while Amanda had all that! And how could Cindy have paid 1,000-5,000 for a dog when if u look at her record on ccap she had been sued by several rental properties and owed them money but she could afford an expensive dog!!! Not to mention she claims to still have medical pain and issues with her wrist from the dog bite but we have pictures of her after the incident not wearing her brace at all and doing yard work without any problems! She only wears the brace for sympathy and attention! She now is harassing another family on the block with pitbulls walking her new dog and stopping in front of their house as if waiting to provoke another situation! It’s like she has munch hoisin syndrome but with dogs and she provokes these situations in order to gain sympathy! Let’s not forget the 12 year old girl she threaten with saying she was going to shoot her dog! Finally on one of those court cases if u look she has a open warrant for her arrest.

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    1. Why was she stopping in front of the house? What was her reason for talking to the kid — especially if her dog was aggressive to the kids?


      1. I don’t know what her reasoning is or was. But I know for a fact she was asked to stop doing that. She even after the incident came over to try and give the child some candy. Like wth?? She tries to slander Ananda every chance she can. Amanda has never raised her dog to be aggressive or a fighter nor is she a bad terrible person like the media and Cindy have portrayed her

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I would love to have an anti-pitbull ban parade on our street and have ppl just walk all the way up Washington street with their pitbulls or pit type dogs to show support against the ban she is trying to get. Then that night have a candle light vigual for both Jayda and her dog that died. Cause 2 dogs died in that incident and all because of Cindy and her actions :(

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  4. She will never get the signatures she needs locally. It will never happen. If she would have kept her yappy little ankle biting aggressive dog under her care and control, this never would have happened. I am thrilled to see her “true colors” finally being shown for all to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cindy is absolutely ruthless and has personally attacked me on social media many times. She has told me I am irresponsible and I’m a danger to society for owning two pitbulls. She has never met me or my dogs and her rantings just never end. I am a certified veterinary technician and I worked at the humane society. I have worked with numerous pitbulls and have never had any problems with them ever. In fact they are probably the easiest breed to work with. The dog that attacked her was euthanized and that should b the end of it. I don’t know how she can justify that because of one dogs actions mine could be punished. It’s so ignorant.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. She had court 3 times and obviously they never ran her name cause she has had a warrant since 2004. And it makes me wonder were the police biased in this case? Did they ask to see her dog license was her dog current on it’s vaccinations? Did she have vet paperwork? Amanda had to provide all of that but was she asked for it? And if not how come? She should have been cited too?


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