Recruiting the Broken



It has begun. While the BSL Advocacy is divided, Jeff Borchardt and Dennis Baker have publically reached out to Alexandria Shalaya Griffin-Heady (the owner of the 3 dogs and the sister of the 9 year old boy killed by her 3 dogs.) with the usual deception of having a safe and blame free haven for her within their advocacy.


It hasn’t been a secret how divided the BSL advocacy is over this controversial move.  Many well-known members have publically supported the very idea of the new prospective member to be tossed in jail and have the key thrown away.

“She appears to have learned nothing. Throw the book at her as an example to others.”- Bill Hyslop

 Aleksandra is now officially blaming her dead brother. Claiming that he was abusive to dogs. Sure, children can be abusive and that is not good, but if he stayed alone with three poodles, or three birds, for example, he would be still alive. That is what pit bulls people do, blaming everyone except themselves. She is blocked by me, I hope, she will be jailed to serve as example, at least.”-Serafima Yan

“Proof enough those were fake tears for the camera when she said she’d “suffered enough.”-Aaron Wood

It’s sad watching the BSL advocacy whisper their lies and false promises.

“People will listen to you because they are you….”

No, people will not listen to her, just like they don’t listen to the disgraced babysitter Susie Iwicki. What people will question is, why is the BSL Advocacy calling for someone who left their 9 year old brother (who, according to Alexandria, was known to behave irresponsibly around the dogs..) alone in a traveling trailer to talk to our communities about responsible dog ownership?

Simple Steps


 You have a oppertunity to save others from the samepropaganda that killed Tyler.”- Dennis Baker

Exactly how does she have the “oppertunity” to save others? Exactly how did propaganda kill Tyler?  Dennis is showing just how easy the BSL Advocacy makes it so appealing for irresponsible dog owners to join their cause. It’s all about passing the blame and erasing personal responsibility. It wasn’t Alexandria that kept 3 unaltered dogs in a small travel trailer? Was it a group of random strangers…? It wasn’t Alexandria that allegedly knew that her brother behaved inappropriately with the dogs and STILL left him alone with 3 much larger dogs?  Who did if not her? What propaganda killed Tyler? Absolutely none. Alexandria, her dogs and CPS killed that child and that is what the BSL advocacy wants the public to ignore.


If You Accept

 Alexandria Shalaya Griffin-Heady, my son was also killed by pit bulls in 2013. I would like to speak with you over the phone sometime if you’re willing? I promise to remain civil with you. The death of your brother has caused a great deal of division within our advocacy. 

I’m going to send you a friend request. If you accept, we will take this conversation offline. If you deny, I will completely understand and won’t bother you further.”- Jeff D. Borchardt


It’s interesting watching the founder of Daxton’s Friends, Poster Child and well known cyber stalker Jeff Borchardt lie through his crooked teeth.  He promises to stay civil…. until she either accepts his invite and becomes a vocal BSL Advocate and does EXACTLY what he and Colleen says or…. she doesn’t and then he will rip her to shreds and feed her to the frenzy of extremists circling her in the water.


Of course she won’t be alone within that movement. She will be right next to Susie Iwicki, both women responsible for the death of a child in their care involving irresponsible dog ownership. Look how well she made out, she gets thrown under the bus when it helps the advocacy yet is also the voice of wisdom within the advocacy. She even became a board member of the non profit after the child she was responsible for died under her watch.


Borchardt can promise that Alexandria will be just like Susie… if she just accepts.

The Price is Right


I have no clue what she will chose, but I really think it should be the last thing on her mind, especially considering the Sheriff is recommending criminal charges.  The fact that everything she types on Facebook can and will be used against her and not just in the criminal court system but also in the public eye.  How will the public respond to her attempting to shake off all personal responsibility in the death of her brother, a 9 year old child? How will she be able to stand in front of a jury and attempt to blame “the propaganda machine” while she openly admits to knowing her brother acted in a way that SHE PERSONALLY FELT was unsafe around the dogs and STILL left him with them?

Alexandria, you have more support than you know. There are thousands of heartbroken people that have had their lives shattered because of pit bull attacks – many of them were their own beloved pets. Tons of these brave people are doing whatever they can to raise awareness so all this needless pain and suffering will stop. There’s nothing that can bring Tyler back, but lives can be saved by sharing with the world what you now know. You and Tyler can join us in trying to save others from such horrendous tragedy- Lori Whelbourne

” So advocate against pit bull and have them banned or put down? I’m am not trying to be rude. I am just asking”-Alexandria Shalaya Griffin-Heady

Sign Your Life Away


Whatever she decides to do, she will eventually have to deal with.  Now that she is messaging Borchardt, it will interesting to see if she morphs into  another self proclaimed “victim” under the care of the BSL experts if she decides to go that route. However, you can’t help but wonder how the whole BSL advocacy will feel about having to refer to her as “victim”, especially when the majority of the movement have called her everything but a victim. What does this mean for the BSL Advocacy? Yet another example of them excusing negligence and denying justice all because they think this voice will help them pass BSL laws?

At the end of the day, Borchardt and his fellow BSL advocates can make all of the empty promises they want to Alexandria. They can make her feel that she wasn’t responsible for her own actions but what the courts can do can be just the opposite. Will Borchardt be mailing her flyers if she does go to prison? Will Dennis Baker and Colleen Lynn put money on her books if she goes up the river? Will Lori Welbourne and Mia Johnson fly from Canada and visit her on visiting days? Doubt it, but what is for sure is that no matter what happens to Alexandria, the BSL advocacy will use and abuse her and toss her away when they have used her all up.

Deliberate Homicide

“DETROIT, MI — The Wayne County Medical Examiner on Thursday ruled the death of a 4-year-old boy, killed after being mauled by pit bulls, an “accident” caused by “multiple puncture wounds (Burns, 2015)”.

I can honestly say I am stunned….and angry. We, as a community should be standing up yelling “Hell, the f@ck NO.” We as a community should be demanding that the death of that child should be ruled a homicide and the owner of those dogs should be thrown in jail and charged with AT LEAST 2nd degree murder or involuntary manslaughter w/endangering children, of course I would prefer 1st degree charges.

Xavier Strickland was 4 years old. Xavier was heading to school, probably excited for what was going to go on in his classroom. Xavier Strickland never made it past 15500 Baylis in Detroit.


Reports of those dogs having been running at large, aggressive and previous issues with the neighborhood children and the medical examiner declares the child’s death an accident? Nope. Sorry, that’s wrong. Those dogs hurting or killing someone wasn’t a if but a when. The brutality of the mauling was deadly which is not surprising the victim was a 4 year old child, if the victim had been an adult, he might have stood a chance.

“He appeared irritated with police after learning they’d shot and killed one of his dogs (Burns, 2015)

The owner of the dogs seems irritated? He probably was, considering he probably was a back yard breeder (which explains the pregnant female dog.) and he just lost his profit. None of his dogs were vaccinated, registered or obviously fixed and he just had them contained in a poorly fenced yard. Again, how is anything about this child’s death accidental?

“The dogs were not registered and the owner could produce no proof of rabies vaccination, said Dan Austin, a spokesman for Mayor Mike Duggan’s office. He said the owner will be cited for those violations (Burns,2015)”

What they need to do is take those citations and tear those up and draw up murder charges and as a community we need to demand that. We need to force our justice system to take a tougher stance on negligent dog owners like the owners of these dogs.

For the medical examiner to call this child’s death an accident is insulting. The very definition of accident is:

  1.  An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.
  2.  An event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause.

The owner of these dogs were deliberately negligent. This child’s death wasn’t accident. The harsh reality is, if it wasn’t Xavier, it would have been someone else… How is that not murder?  This is why we as a community of pit bull “type” dogs need to speak up and our voices need to be louder than the BSL Advocates.  We have to demand that law enforcement step back and really look at the cases that involve fatal dog attacks.  Over and over again, with cases like Daxton Borchardt, Levi Watson, Beau Rutledge where there were apparent negligence that resulted in a child being killed are swept under the rug and labeled just a terrible “accident”. Sadly, many law enforcement officers have to take the word of those at the scene, since many times there are no witnesses, much like the case of Daxton Borchardt, Levi Watson and Beau Rutledge and we need to make it stop and if we don’t, our innocent dogs will always have a target on their back.

We, as pit bull/bully breed type dog owners will always be facing discrimination and forced to pay for the crimes of Susan Iwicki, Angela Rutledge and the irresponsible owner of these latest dogs if our voices are not heard. We have to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and start forcing our Law Enforcement and the Judicial System to do their job and the first step would be changing this child’s autopsy report to murder.

  1. Intent- Leaving the known aggressive dogs intentionally unsecured
  2. Deliberation and Premeditation – Deliberately keeping aggressive dogs and knowingly breeding known aggressive dogs.
  3. “Malice Aforethought”- More irritated that the police shot his dogs than the fact that his dogs just killed a child.
I don’t know about you…. but sounds like it fits a homicide charge.


Walking Talking Contradictions

We get it- you blame everyone. You blame AFF, BF, BAD RAP, CDC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, Billy, Bob, Joe, Sally, Sue, Santa, the Easter Bunny, some random people at Starbucks, the grocery store clerk, a couple of doctors, some nurses, a handful of trashmen, a few rock stars, a gaggle of bloggers, Facebook, a Leprechaun and pretty much everyone except…. one single person for the death of your child. Yourself.



What role do you accept? Responsibility? Somehow, that’s not how your whole tirade reads. I see blaming some unsocialized dogs taken from their mom at 4 weeks old. I see a whole lot of blaming millions of responsible dog owners. You had a healthy hesitation of the “breed” yet you got TWO of them from the same litter?

It’s interesting you write “everything you could do you did“… Which was what? You definitely didn’t respect the parents enough to not take their only son near dogs they told you to keep away from their child. You were so bent on protecting him that you dropped the child and somehow escaped with zero injuries while the child was left in the snow, naked and alone while you somehow managed to get one dog contained and to call 911. According to you, that poor child was in a 15 minute dog attack and you….walked away with absolutely not one single serious injury minus a few little scrapes. No defensive wounds… No bite marks on your hands, arms, or legs anywhere from trying to stop the dogs from biting the child…

I would have a heavy heart too if I didn’t do everything in my power to protect a child I loved. You deserve those nightmares, you deserve those anxiety attacks. You literally got away with murder.


Those dogs didn’t betray that child, they are animals. You betrayed that child. At the end of the day, if you would have respected the parents of that child, that child would still be alive. When push comes to shove, you chose your life over that child’s.

If you were honest and you truly grieved for that child, that sign would say something completely different….


You had that choice to protect Dax… and we all know what you chose.

Come on…..

Come on. Come the f@ck on. Alright, I get there are legitimate breeders out there. Legitimate, ethical breeders that want to better the breeds of dogs that they love. Whatever-  I don’t hold anything against you… but then- you have people like… the Toadline and Iron Mitt Kennels.

You know what, let me just give a great big F@CK You shout out to Iron Mitt Kennels. Seriously. First of all… your over priced mutts (Yes, you read that correctly- over priced mutts) are not a pure bred anything much less an American Pit Bull Terrier.


Hello to the next generation of seemingly legitimate back yard breeders (Yes, that was a purposeful oxy-moron.). Who the heck knows what those dogs are mashed with.  Some American Pit Bull Terrier? Sure! How about some American Bulldog? Well Duh…. Sprinkle in some Mastiff to reach that whopping 155 lbs? Why the hell not? Maybe some…. Mini Schnauzer? Who the hell knows? Great Dane? Could be?!!



You know what I see when I read their “resume” of pedigrees? Blah, blah, mutt, fancy mutt, American Bully, mutt, over priced mutt, American Pit Bull Terrier x with what ever, mutt, some more mutt…. and then the “Top Producing American Pitbull Terriers in the country” nonsense. Gee- Where have I heard that before? Oh riiiiiight… from every backyard breeder EVER. Every back yard breeder will tell you their mix mashed mutts up are top of the line!  I wonder how well that line of bullshit worked out for back yard breeders that created Niko- the over 130 lb mutt who killed a young 4 year old girl in Louisiana.

The scary part is…. they inbred these bad boys. They want bigger. Bigger head, bigger body, more mass, deeper chests, bigger, badder and not one single thought of the damage they are doing to millions of innocent dogs.


One thousand dollars as a deposit….


… and the break down of prices…. but HEY! If you can’t afford that, not a big deal! Iron Mitt Kennels out of Michigan offers a swip swap trade for these puppies.


Let’s talk truth for a moment- As long as we (As pit bull, Bully breed or whatever owners) allow this shit to keep going on, we will be fighting Breed Specific Legislation for the rest of our lives and our children and their children will be doing the same thing. What is the solution? I don’t know- but I do know, that as a community that loves our dogs and know just how awesome, strong, hard working and inspiring they are and can be, we are going to have to be the ones that demand some sort of something to protect not just our dogs, but all dogs from this type of greed.

I know that back yard breeders affect every breed out there, but when something goes horribly wrong with back yard breeders breeding dogs like this, like the case of Mia DeRouen– it becomes deadly and horrific. People like Iron Mitt Kennels are the gas that fuels Breed Specific Legislation.


I mean, are these the people that we want representing our dogs? How many times has this dog been bred? How many people have bought or traded jet skis and what not for her puppies?


What happens if that dog from their “purebred American Pit Bull Terrier” line gets tired of being sat on and bites the child? I can tell you what will happen….millions of families and innocent dogs will pay the price for it. Is that what you want?


When Pet Ownership Goes Horribly Wrong


Honest to Pete…. Some people should never, ever, ever, EVER be allowed to be responsible for another life, whether it be for humans or animals. I’m getting to the point that people should be screened and licensed before they are granted with the privilege of caring for another living soul. Let’s face it- some of the greatest examples of human negligence involves the inability to care for children and pets. Sometimes it’s one OR the other but it’s becoming more common that these cases are involving children AND the pet and many times, some of those cases turn out deadly.


So, according to this mother, the dog put the toddler in the bath and then forced the mother to go outside and get the mail- leaving the two year old unsupervised in the bath THEN decided to lock that poor mom out ON PURPOSE. It’s totally not the mom’s fault, right? What would have happened if that two year old would have drowned? It’s not like two year olds don’t have a history of drowning in water unsupervised….oh wait. They do.



……If your dog eats broken glass- jumping on Facebook and asking stupid questions should not be your first choice. How about picking your dog up, putting it in the car, putting yourself in the car and DRIVING TO YOUR VET? Would you ask that same question if your child decided to make a snack out of broken glass?


“Such a great cat! I let my two year old body slam him, sit on him, treat him like a piece of shit and the great cat has never tried to defend it self!” says this candidate for a horrible mother of the year. You know how children learn how to respect animals? From their parents. This is exactly why children get attacked by the “loving” family pets, because parents think it’s cute when their children treat the family pet like their punching bag. It’s great the cat didn’t rip the child’s face off, but now that the mom let their son traumatize the cat, it’s a good guess that the next family won’t be so lucky if they have a toddler.


What the hell is an unplanned heat? If your dog isn’t fixed then you have to know that a heat is coming at some point. Let me guess, this lovely back yard breeder had no clue that if they put their unaltered male great dane with their unaltered female that’s in heat would equal to ….. PUPPIES! With shelters bursting at the seams with puppies and dogs, what’s another 6 babies?


Since I know my BSL advocate fan club like to stalk this blog (Everyone wave Hiiiii!!!) I want them to pay close attention to this picture. Is this okay with you? Is this responsible parenting and dog ownership? Let’s look at the picture a moment- so, the dog has a cone around his head, which might mean he had some kind of medical procedure?  Could the dog not be in his right mind due to pain or medication? Could that change his normal behavior? Alter how he reacts normally? Now put a small child’s face in it. If that dog were to bite, where would it bite? The face? Of course. It would rip that child’s face open. That dog could easily kill that child- and who’s fault would that be? The dog’s? The child’s or the Parents? Obviously the moron taking the picture.

This is why children become statistics when it comes to dog attacks. Children become statistics because the adults make poor decisions when it comes supervising the interactions between dogs and children. Can someone tell me how BSL would prevent this child from being bit? Please explain to me Jeff Borchardt of Daxton’s Friends how BSL will protect this child from becoming a fatality? I’m sorry- what’s that? BSL isn’t supposed to prevent dog bites from all dogs just a select few? Oh that’s right! BSL isn’t about promoting or educating the public about actual dog safety. BSL isn’t about stopping or teaching families how to prevent dog attacks from all dogs….



I think it’s incredibly important that none of these animals are what BSL advocates would consider “pit bulls” ( well- unless it bit a person, then it could be passed off as part pit bull…). Irresponsible dog ownership and negligence go hand in hand and it’s not breed specific. For every example of irresponsible and negligent dog ownership that involves a pit bull type dog I can easily find one that is not pit bull related and this is exactly why BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) is such a total failure. Irresponsible ownership, back yard breeding and negligence is not breed specific. From those pesky ankle biters to the 200 lb hulking dogs that have children riding them because parents think it’s soooo cute. You can’t even call BSL a temporary band aid because it doesn’t address the real issue. The majority of dog attacks are caused by human failure. If you look at each and every dog attack or animal attack you will find that humans where the core issue.


The problem of strays? Totally human fault. It’s no brainer that the majority of issues involving domestic animals stem from human stupidity. When are we going to stop asking animals to fix the messes that WE created?  If you want to be a pet owner, you should be licensed. You should be screened. You should be held responsible. Animals are not disposable. Our pets should enhance our lives and we should enhance their lives. I remember a blogger getting mad at pet owners that consider their pets their children and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what got her undies in such a bunch. If you decide to take on the responsibility of having children or having pets OR having both you have to take it seriously. The bottom line is- our pets are animals and animals have the capability to maim and kill, no matter the size. As parents, it’s our responsibility to do everything in our power to keep our children safe and as pet owners, it’s our responsibility to keep our animals safe and that starts with regulating and holding the human behind the animal responsible. It’s obvious not everyone should own a pet and we need to stop letting animals fall into those hands.

It’s alright ‘cuz Roger Crawford is White

“It’s alright, I’m white ✊😄”- Roger Crawford

What would you do if you saw a large white man stalking your apartment complex armed with a loaded shot gun yelling belligerently at residents?

Call 911.

It seems like the beer chugging gun toting verbally abusive piece of trash over in BSL land is mad because he is unable to bully his apartment complex into throwing out people who have service dogs he doesn’t like….


An epedemic according to Roger the drunk, which probably means he saw ONE pit bull type dog. So, true to DBO form he’s ready to start harassing folks.


Roger- the piece of walking trash thinks it’s a great idea to walk around a complex with children playing with his loaded rifle threatening people and Jennie Sue thinks its a great idea! These people don’t truly care about people or children’s safety- Roger just cares about looking like a bad ass- but in reality, he’s a racists pathetic excuse for a man… But I think deep down he really knows that.


…. Judge all muslims and pit bulls as dangerous. Hilarious. Especially coming from the man who continously talks about killing dogs and harasses people. Roger is a bigger threat to children and people in his community than any dog.

What should worry the authorities is- Roger is a recently hired truck driver for a company called KeHE and he will be driving through many cities and towns with the mindset of terrifying and harassing groups of people and killing dogs.



You know who else had that mindset and was a truck driver?


Keith Jesperson- just another serial killer who was a truck driver.

I think it’s safe to say Roger Crawford can be and is as dangerous as Jesperson….


….but he’s not worried. He’s allowed to terrorize people with guns ‘cuz he’s white.

Something tells me Sprout and KeHE wouldn’t agree. Would you want Roger rolling through your town?

Go ahead and let KeHE know what you think about it if you want….their email is right here.

Just a Random Thought….

Nature Versus Nurture

It’s like the never ending battle when we talk Nature vs. Nurture in the animal kingdom- especially when we are talking about dogs. However- (((Warning! ::Spoiler Alert!!::))) as I was siting down watching Jurassic World with my 11 year old- it seems as if the argument has been answered, well- a version of the answer, Hollywood style that is…


Alright- it’s no secret I’ve always been a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise. I like the idea of movies showing just how wrong things can go when humans try to play God and each and every Jurassic movie does that.

From birth, the gang of Raptors worked with the Owen Grady, a Velociraptor expert and trainer- its obvious that the closeness was an important fact because during the movie, when discussing the connections or lack of connections between humans and dino’s Owen comments:

“I was there the moment they were born, I was imprinted on them…”

 Towards the end of the Jurassic World, you notice an internal struggle with in the ever deadly raptors. The struggle between nature and nurture. Do they chomp on the man who raised them, respected them, trained them and took care of them or….. do they try to protect him?

(((Warning!! ::: if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know- stop reading now and come back AFTER you’ve seen the movie!! If you don’t care ten please continue!!:::)))

Now, I’m not saying they didn’t kill anyone because they did and at least one was a well deserved blood bath- but what’s interesting is who they didn’t kill and the fact that it was a conscience choice to NOT kill them. Is this Hollywood’s way of telling us that genetics and environment can play a part in animal/human interactions?

“Studies of more than 14.5 million twin pairs across 17,804 traits from 2748 publications, they found variation for human traits and diseases was 49 per cent genetic (nature), and 51 per cent due to environmental factors (nurture).” -University of Queensland scholar Dr Beben Benyamin combined with Dutch researchers for a meta-analysis of more than 14.5 million twin pairs 2015

When it comes to dogs- studies show the something similar:

 “It is critical to remember that both genetics and environmental influences play an important role in the behavioral development of dogs.  Through both responsible breeding and  raising it will be possible to produce puppies that will successfully integrate into our lives.”

Although, one who have to wonder if environment plays a even bigger role? As humans evolved- so did dogs. Humans breed dogs for a job but they also shaped the emotional stabilities of their dogs  When I read about the fatal wild dog pack attacks on reservations-  I don’t see how people can’t tell how environmental/nurture or lack of played a large part. Does nurture somehow counter balance genetics? Do both play a equally important part in having a healthy stable animal?

Proof shows us that the myth “It’s all how you raise them” is wrong when discussing how a dog will ne 100% of the time but what it does show is the myth “it’s all how you raise them” is a small part of  a ever evolving dog. When you have poorly bred dogs whose genetics are a mix and match of instability and place them in a environment that feeds the genetic instability- it’s no shocker that the dog is a hot mess- BUT proof shows us that when you take the same dog and remove them from the poor environment- those same dogs somehow are able to balance out some of those genetic instabilities. I’m not saying those dogs won’t have issues but are those issues workable? Absolutely- the Vicks dogs are a great example of that and they are not the only ones.

Sometimes nature triumphs over nurture and sometimes nurture triumphs over nature but we see its always a tug of war, but honestly- what can you expect from animals? The fact that dogs have evolved to the point of not looking at us like prey tells me that the internal balancing act is real and it was great to see the very visual tug of war in such an iconic movie- not to mention it highlights just how wrong it can go when you stomp on mother nature and create things that should never be created in the first place…. :::coughcoughtoadlinecoughcough::: Capture

Seriously… what could have gone wrong with that offspring?